Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
09 Nov 2009 Stephanie The most exciting way to go about killing yourself is to burn the candle at both ends. Start drinking like a fish, snorting anything you can get your hands on and smoking like a freight train and finally, when the flame is licking the last of the wick, you'll beg for death to come. The best part is you won't regret a thing.
09 Nov 2009 bored I will climb up to the Big Ben then jump down.
09 Nov 2009 Lennie M Don't you think the people who complain about this website are funny? Hahahahahaha

Maybes you should have DONE something. Leaving. I'm leaving- and oh boy! Am I gonna miss you 'R'!
Are you okay?


Stupid stupid society. Taking away my life. I hate you. I'm leaving. I'm gonna miss you. I really am. Are you gonna miss me?

That's the thing. How will I ever know? How will you?
You know what - I don't think it even matters!


I'm gonna miss you.
08 Nov 2009 dead inside. We said goodbye
Tried our hand at magic
But we couldn't make us disappear
Not a day goes by
I don't wish I had you
So in a way
I'm glad you're still here

It's a bitter sweet, Victory
Loving the ghost in front of me

Now I, can't laugh, can't cry
I, can't run, can't hide
What do I gotta do
What do I gotta do to keep you
What do I gotta do to keep you from doing this to me?

I wrote a couple of notes
One in love, one in anger
They're Lying there dying in the dresser drawer
Lived louder than my voice
Struggled through a stranger
Loved me till I loved you even more

It's a bitter sweet, Victory
Knowing someone else wanted me

Now I, can't laugh, can't cry
I, can't run, can't hide

You get used to the pain
And numb to the sting
Till you can't feel anything

You tried to explain
But I couldn't hear it
As if your words were my tears
Flowing freely
Warm and quiet
From the edges of my eyes in my ears

Then all that disappears

Now I, can't laugh, can't cry
And I, can't run, can't hide

Now I, can't laugh, can't cry
And I, can't run, can't hide

What do I gotta do?
What do I gotta do to keep you?
What do I gotta do to keep you from doing this to me?
08 Nov 2009 Conscious I don't know how to start this. Really, it's cliched, but there's no beginning to this. I've, in my life, cycled through so much thought that I have gained extra years of nothing, pent up as bags under my eyes. My emotional state has become void from over use and experimentation. I drift listlessly through days full of shit. At school I watch the others bite down on the bullshit of the world and force them selves into the position of a cog. The driving engine of society is where they will one day go. This I don't have a problem with. . . I wish I could do my homework too, and drop a 4.0 into my life. . .The only problem is when I sit still I can feel the blood moving in my feet and I can't bare the feel any texture. I find myself spending most of this free and uncomfortable time residing my self to various sides of inexistent deputes. . .Shit I don't know, I'd just like to actually learn something from the education system. Not just attempt to form myself into a rigid schedule that in the midst of I have to plan for an impending future. When I see people talk about college and their plans in life, even just buying a car, I cringe. All of the teachers think computers and the internet are the way of the future. . . All it is is forced consumption. So are most things. Everything is just economics and social trends it seems these days. I hate sitting through people having conversations about facebook, if I tried to discuss how social media wasn't that great of an idea no one would listen, there to busy tagging photos and tweeting to hold a conversation. . .I'm sick of gender roles in society, yet the concept of transgender youth is not appealing. All your doing by claiming to be born in the wrong body is keeping a fat cat surgeon rich and defying a specific role for each gender(in essence creating the divide that made you feel so isolated in the first place) Whatever though, do what you will. . .Post-feminism is a term I recently herd used, I think it fits with my thinking. In childhood, irony was cool, but now I guess it's extended to the teenage years. It's so utterly boring to see. Alas, I feel so shitty not learning in my history class. If only it were geared for people interested in learning, not just picking a number at the grocery store of college. . .But I can't complain to much, as I said before I can't do homework well and on time. . .I'd wish to have a bottle of wine right now, I'd be content with my state of affairs. God, I sound like a Bukowski character(minus the enjoyable bouts of traveling).
Eh, I see people taking them selves seriously and cringe too. Especially the ones that claim to be taking artistic roads, the more depressed ones, I wonder if they hate me. It's sort of a fun game when people who claim to resent society resent me.
I just think about how overproduced and awful their music is, but I just smile and tell them to keep it up. . .Growing up is funny though, you get to better understand people, you know, put them on the same playing field as you and watch how simple they are. I'm really sorry, I'm sounding super pretentious, I don't ever behave like this out loud amongst others, I just have so much fucking anxiety over nothing. . .I'm really sick of waking up in the morning. . .
07 Nov 2009 the best way find someone then get pushed off by them, then take a gun and put it to ur head is best way with little pain.
07 Nov 2009 desperateandlonly at first i thought websites like this were sickening untill i was diagnosed wid depression and i feel like evryday is my last and i always just want to die ive tryed and all they did was send me to a rehabilitaton unit.i carnt seem to do it right.
07 Nov 2009 james hi, im 22 and have been with my girl friend for almost 5 yrs, we have been everywhere and done everything together but now she is telling me she wants to meet new friends and go on a break, she is introducing her self to strangers and trying to become best friends with them. she claims she cant jst spend her life with me, i understand that but i dont understand her putting these strangers before me, we planned to get married soon. She always made the rules and was strict and she limited me going out with my friends, going out places where girls might be around and didnt trust me, although i have never cheated on her she has hooked up with a couple of guys in the past and i have managed to forgive her and work through it, she would loose plot if she found out i was talking to a girl or even messaging one and now she has broken all her own rules claiming she has made a mistake. she doesnt feel sorry or regret wat she has done. she ignores me now, and wen im speaking to her on the phone she jst wants to leave. i feel helpless and this pain that i have done my best to treat her right and now she is like spitting in my face, she has these new friends which are all guys making up her mind and i cant seem to tell her anything as she would jst leave me. i dont want her out of my life and she says she jst wants space while she parties with these other guys. i no i sound jelous but i am.
06 Nov 2009 I have no name,I am dead light a grill, put it in a garage, close the door, lay on the floor, wait to die. Wont be long before I try it.
06 Nov 2009 mystery JUST DON'T DO IT! okay, i have thought about killing my self many times but you get over it and foget about it so if you solve all of your problems on your own then everything should soon go into place.
06 Nov 2009 tom I'm 13, I keep getting myself into shit thinking that i will just get out of it with suicide. I want pity. and i want the fuckheads who laugh at me for being a loner to burn in hell. I've been so close to killing myself before but i never could do it
05 Nov 2009 Piotor Any that's not vompsromised doctos and familiars, en anyother
05 Nov 2009 My name was stolen, sorry Easy... create a website, just like this one, and reveal yourself as the creator publicly to families who've actually suffered through the suicide of a loved one.
04 Nov 2009 shelley Don't do it! Life is hard at 13, you are going to be juged for everything, the way you look, music you listen too, you may do things with the opposite sex that the whole school finds out about and family problems etc... suicide is never the answer, although it may seem like a great solution. Please find someone to talk too. You can even email me! trust me, life is going to throw really horrible obsticals at you, but you can change things,,,it may take a while, but things can change!. Try to smile!
04 Nov 2009 Lennie M I don't think I can't hold on much longer
04 Nov 2009 dead entirely. If your radio didn’t work
And your friends all ran away
Would you let your self fall in love
If only for one day

Are you one of the ones who decides for us all
And would let me touch your face
If I decided not to side at all
Could I be the empty space?

O, darling can I touch your face
And let your skin be my hiding place
I promise I won’t take up too much room

Darling can I touch your face
And let your eyes fall into loves embrace
Forever isn’t far
It’s coming soon

Forgot about the accident
The words you didn’t say
Forgot to call the ambulance
To take your heart away

O, darling can I touch your face
And let your skin be my hiding place
I promise I won’t take up too much room

Darling can I touch your face
And let your eyes fall into loves embrace
Forever isn’t far
It’s coming soon

You’re always watching and waiting
While everyone else’s heart is breaking
Darling, what are you so afraid of?

Darling can I touch your face
And let your skin be my hiding place
I promise I won’t take up too much room

In you

O and, darling can I touch your face
And let your eyes fall into loves embrace
Forever isn’t far
Forever isn’t far
Forever isn’t far

It’s coming soon
It’s coming soon
It’s coming soon
Its gonna come for you
02 Nov 2009 ryan there is no best way, I am 23 myself...tried to make myself overdose by snorting 4 8balls of cocaine..just got me all fucking high..tried cutting, not for me i hate blood and getting cut, hanging myself forget that, Im 24 i have no job and havent for a year, I am a 5 time college drop out, I have a criminal record, I cheated on my wife with a guy and than went and had sex with her 4 times, i smoke too many cigs and smoke weed when i shouldnt, i mean theres nothing wrong with smoking weed other than part of the reason i cant get a wife is pregos and its prob not mine, i live with my mom, I steal, and lie..i wanna stop but i cant idk y, i gained weight and my face is breaking out, yet the only thing that keeps me going is how much i love my wife still and the biggest 10 month old son...I look at his smiling face and just couldnt imagine what i would do without him, and that if i did it i wouldnt be any better than my dad when he killed himself in 2006 never once did he see me, he married my mom and took off when i was 2 months old, I cant be him, I refuse to...I will do whatever it takes to be the dad I always wanted..not the drunk step dad that used to hit me and yell at me all the time and say what a piece of shit i all u guys and dolls that want to kill yourself, ive tried and tried but finally after what ive seen on here it made me think and take a glance at my life, its a journey u have to make it what you tyler perry movies hes a smart guy, on madea goes to jail she says, "your parents had ya, there job is done, you have to make your life it can either be good or bad you make the decision" i know its not exact but yea my life has been full of dissapointments and jail time and shitty situations but yet there are so many good times that i know there will be more idk i need to see a therapist I have some crazy issues but I guess we all guys please think about what you are doing life sucks but there are some good parts and who knows we could cross paths one day and have one of those good parts together? i know im weird and odd but who cares, im not here to please everyone, some will like me some will not but this is who i am.... possibly manic, possibly bi-polar, very depressed, adhd, bi-sexual native american lol and damnit i decided today that no matter how bad shit will get id rather stick it out than risk the chance of failing at suicide fuck it I love you all from all your different walks of life!!! poor/rich/lesbo/gay/black/white/mex/idc ur all perfectly imperfect and id have you no other way =) put it all down...smoke some weed or drink a couple beers and than play some video games ha ha thats how i made it through my teens lol smokin weed and playin playstation in my room remember someone will love you no matter what you do or say or how you are ugh i lost myself damn adhd i love you all take care
01 Nov 2009 a rose by any other name smells just as sweet I am 13 years old. But I live a life that's painfull. no one understands me,I have no one to talk too about my problems, because no one is willing to listen.In my house I am a cinderella.I do simple tasks that can be done by everyone just because they don't feel like doing it. They say I have a life that every teenage girl dreams of. But, is it a life when your constantly expected to make others happy despite your costs? Is life important? I'm known as the good girl. I'm a straight A student who is a runway model. Isn't that what most girls dream for? I'm alone. I have no one but myself to hold when I'm sad. My mom takes nothing seriously and my step dad is just un sensitive.I don't know my biological dad. Its hard for me to express how I feel because I'm consantly putting on a smile to hide the fact I'm dieing on the inside. I'm afraid of the dark because the dark give to many answers. I lay there in my bed wondering why I was created, why can't I do anything right when I literally put my tears and blood into things that benifet others. I'm like an infant. I trust too much. And it always hurts me later. I recently came out of a 4day hospitialization for over dosing with more then 120 pills. I wanted to die and refused to tell doctors why. The entire time I was in that bed my intentions never changed. Then, I was put into a phyciatric center and lied to them making them belive I won't do it again. I've tried countless occasions on commiting suicide. None is easiest and non is best. Most say I'm a girl beyond my years. But when your alone, in the dark, your mind can be your worst nightmare. But you can't get rid of it, so your sitting there thinking. And suddenly you know more then you expected yourself to know. Death hurts, but no where as much as life does.
01 Nov 2009 loser im a worthless piece of shit and i deserve to die! no one gives a fuck about me. please help me to die! i have tried cutting, and holding my breath. my next plan is to drown myself. need help please?!
29 Oct 2009 Rouchette Okay, so, I'm walking down the street dressed as Napoleon Bonapart, at like around twelve at night, you know, minding my own business, walking my dog. As usual, I Start looking about, imagining all of the ghosts following me, getting awfully spooked then forgetting the whole ordeal. . . and after some walking I see this old woman standing across the street looking at me, and she just smiles and waves to me, at first I thought she was a ghost, so I was like, "Awe, shit..." Then I realize she probably found my presence as a person from the 1700's comical and just need some method to justifying her feeling, so I uhm, sort of half wave then duck behind some car. Keep walking. I don't know, I hope she had a good time. . .

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