Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
20 Nov 2009 shut it down.... you are not famous. you are not an artist. your website is not sucsessful. in fact your site is an epic failure and reflection of how lame you are.
the right thing to do is close your website down. your site is wrong. proof its wrong: if it wasnt wrong you wouldnt hide your identity.
20 Nov 2009 High Fidelity Enzyme, your on a good roll with these songs of the day. Keep the faith.
19 Nov 2009 Nobody Hanging. The materials are easy to come by and you can hang yourself from a doorknob.

Frankly, though, don't be a pussy. Life will kill you in its own good time. Wait that shit out. You COULD make it better. If you don't, life will kill you.
19 Nov 2009 Enzyme My dear darlin’ death-rabbits…

Enzyme, captain of the rotting multitude is back. So much mercury-tainted misery on the forums these days… my poor maudlin angels! Your wings all torn off, soggy with blood and bile… Come into the fold… into the copse of pine trees. I’ll heal the maelstrom in your cerebral cortex… Stand tall little death rabbits… all is not lost.

First off. One towering lament I hear again and again is that no one loves you, lil mouse. No one cares. No one really understands your delicate brainpan’s electric vibrations. You are wretched, ugly, foul and besmirched. Yes? Who will ever hold you to their neck and coo? Who will stroke your greasy hair and whisper soothing words down your raw throat? Who will cook your pancakes in the morning? Who will flip the record over? Who will lick your temples and cradle you in eternal warmth and silver salvation?

But I ask you. What is the true nature of this ‘love’ you crave? Love. Our society has anointed this elusive and brief emotion to the throne of absolute human achievement. More than just a human ‘experience’ we’ve turned it into the “philosopher’s stone”. The rare ingredient that alchemists used to turn base metals into gold. The solution and balm to all our clawing torments. If you just get ‘love’ you’ll be all better. Free from all woe. At peace. Complete spiritual enlightenment. Complete joy and freedom. Those who have it are ascended deities. Immortals living the epic saga you never could. They stare down at us lonely peons, codgers, reprobates, losers, and vagabonds. That’s how it seems, yes? You’re a blip on the radar. You exist not, because no one cares if you live or die. Yes?

But you are wrong, my adorable little persimmon. Dead wrong. This world we live in is but one shade of the entire story. Deep within your migrating being is another, golden universe of the dawn. The universe of your velvet soul, your chattering life force, the cathedral of your emotions, call it what you will. Your consciousness. And this consciousness IS the audience you crave for your life. You really don’t need the love, approval, understanding of another being to be happy and content. Some of the happiest people on earth live in total isolation in Tibet on the tops of snow-covered mountains milking goats. Sure, love, sex and approval from other humans are NICE and fun to have around, and kinda good for us. But they are not what truly sustains us. No one will ever love you more than your own being.

Close your eyes and listen to your life force trembling and pulsating inside you. A radiating harmonium of thoughts and words and beats and dreams and images and demons and nymphs and monsters all part of you. All created by you. That glow, that universe, that place adores you, lil rabbit. Like no one else ever can. Because you sustain it. Because it is completely original. It has never existed in your distinct pattern before, and will never exist ever again. Think about it. No one exactly like you has ever existed before in the history of the universe, nor will ever exist again. You are so damn rare. If you tend to that inner world by creating things, breathing, escaping, imagining, lollygagging in your unconscious, you’ll get all the love you need. And much more.

See, we’ve all been sold a bill of goods. Our social contract is hopelessly pernicious. From everywhere were are bombarded with constant tirades: “Be loved! Get happy! Get laid! Make money! Find friends! Look pretty! Have children! Be a success! If you can’t, won’t, or live with your mom, you’re a failure! Kill yourself! Give up! Life is a game! You lost! Game over!”

Take a breath, lil mouse. Remind yourself. Life is NOT a game. There is no winning or loosing. Only the passage of time and the accumulation of experience. That’s it. And all experiences are worth having. Good, bad, pathetic, tender. It’s all part of the human rollercoaster ride. Take your fingers off your eyes. You don’t want to miss a thing.

And always remember. Enzyme loves you. Even if no one else does. I do. I’ll enfold you in my poison arms, coo in your ear, give you head, lick your teeth, knit you mittens, braid your greasy hair, draw on your hand, crash your car, kiss the nape of your neck, put on Nick Drake, film you while you sleep, smell your armpits, clean your bathroom, let you doze off, cradle your breasts, eat your food, buy you candy, watch 30 rock with you, clap when you play air guitar, wrap you in a down comforter while it softly snows outside, rent your favorite horror film, and mull you hot apple cider. I will. You know why? Cuz I love my lil velveteen death rabbits. That’s why. Yes. Yes I do.


Song of the day: “Rock & Roll Suicide” by David Bowie.
18 Nov 2009 Ms Mercy If you really want to hear about it, the first thing you'll want to know is how I like my eggs.
I like them scrambled. I like them scrambled so much that I've had scrambled eggs every day for a week. What this is doing to my insides, I don't know. I can only hope that eating lots of eggs is beneficial to ones health in some way. They might give me the lustrous, shiny hair that people advertise on TV- egg yolks are high in protein, after all.
If I were truly a vessel of the universe these eggs would begin some marvellous sort of transformation that would make me irresistable to middleaged lady vicars. Or at least, somebody dressed as a middleaged lady vicar.
Sadly, this is one of my sexual fantasies that will never be fulfilled, even if a shared love of scrambled eggs brings me together with the lady vicar of my dreams and we begin a torrid love affair. If God exists and I am fucked by one of His representatives on Earth (in the confessional booth, natch), there will be no going back- it would be hell for me.
Although, that being said, I dreamt of hell last night and it wasn't so bad at all. I met Groucho Marx.
18 Nov 2009 myself i have feelings for u does that matter at all? what would u do if my dream came true? did u know that i loved u ? did u know that i care 4 u more than anyone u've ever known? well i do . do i REALLY matter to you?
18 Nov 2009   beat urself with a pipe to the head really hard a fwe times an then wait if it doesnt work first time then repete.
17 Nov 2009 I love this quote " The Depressed hath no friends, therefore Suicide taketh over and moves in. It is then that friends start coming around. "
15 Nov 2009 William MacAdams If you’re socially aware and looking for the dramatic slaughter statement, then head for the biggest hospital in town, to the maternity ward . . . you’ll know what to do. And if you manage to save some of those innocents from life’s bitchery and haven’t been killed, then go straight to the maternity ward waitingroom and take out as many fathers as possible since you can bet your life they’re not done breeding. "A father is always guilty," as Leonardo Sciascia says.
14 Nov 2009 Saddening I don't know If im posting this right but oh well. This is going to be a semi-long message. Someone please help. I'm tired. I'm so GODDAMN TIRED! I have been for the past 5-7 years. I'm 15 but this is pathetic. I have a good life, some friends, a family, Materialistic objects. Now at school I go and sit through class getting angry and thinking of suicide or even murder. I'm constantly in pain. My parents say it's just my mind when I say this. They push and Freakin' PUSH for me to get a job. I do well in school and it's not good enough. My dad constantly tells me that I'm going to have to do WAY WAY WAY, ect.. to become an animator. I got fed up at school one day and just cried. I sat outside in the snow in the middle of the night crying. Then I got angry for crying. I, pathetically, have slit my wrists hoping to get a vain. I now have scars. I keep hoping that some silver lining will appear. But one of my biggest problems is Rejection. Not by a girl or by any date or anything. By EVERYONE! I like multicultural things like geek, Spanish, Japanese, ect.. Then I am made fun of and rejected by society and worse, even my own family. I spend a lot of time on video games wishing i could just go there. My life used to be fun but now it's dreary, time consuming and tiring.
Please, I know none of you know me, but please dear god help. I'm so tired, Physically, Mentally, and so on. There is so much more I'd like to say but I can't take everyone's time. Just please help me.
13 Nov 2009 Personne There is only one solution to this problem : You have to let Jesus come into your heart.

To do so, you need :
- A small crucifix with the action figure, from Bigorama (3 rue de Bernadette, 65100 Lourdes)
- A big knife

1) Open your chest with the knife
2) Quickly insert the crucifix
3) Then you're dead

Et voilà !
12 Nov 2009 britt well im turning 17 =( and i love this guy really much . we broke up a few times and he left me for other gurls, then when they left him he came back for me... he keeps treating me like shyt everytime =( .. and i cant take it anymore .. every guy does,, i dont think im prety and prolly will never have a gud boyfriend =(.. i just cant fucken take the hurt and the heart brake,, and the crying and the being jelous of every overly pretty gurl.. i just dont want to be alive =[ it hurts too fucken much
12 Nov 2009 post me the suicidal will never find relief til its over
11 Nov 2009 dead inside. one world. one love.

running out of words.
so much for my happy ending.
10 Nov 2009 Titus Kid I'm sorry but you're nuts. I'm 22 I'm gay I'm a furry, I have a shit job, my parents wish I was dead, I feel like killing myself. but kid, why do you ask this question?there is no good way because it's not a good thing to do. Teen's are a cruel and ruthless bunch of basterds but really come on. you know nothing of the world when you're 13 or younger. you know nothing but the hate s and predgeduce(Sp?) of the teens and teachers around you. You're as depresed about this shit world just like everybodty else is. Call a helpline, and take down this site.
10 Nov 2009 dead inside. so much for 21st birthdays and 3rd year anniversaries. had so many plans. all lost in the abyss. you get use to the pain and numb to the sting. baby, why'd you have to go and be so mean? i am weak in the knees for you. hearts were meant for breaking. everything that matters breaks in two. there's apart of you left inside of me. i miss you. i love you. i am sorry for all the stress. i'll never ask for anyone but you.

i'll leave you all with yet another depressing song. i seem to listen to them all these days.


Do you remember when we didn't care?
We were just two kids that took the moment when it was there

Do you remember you at all?
Another heart calls

I remember when we stole the nights,
We'd lie awak but dreaming till the sun would the sky

Just as soon I see, but didn't I, but didn't I tell you?
As deep as I need you, you wanna leave it all

What can I do? Say it's true
Or everything that matters breaks in tow
Say it's true
I'll never ask for anyone but you

Talk to me, I'm throwing myself infront of you
This could be the last mistake that I would ever wanna do
Yeah, all I ever do is give, it's time you my point of view

Just as soon as I'd see you, but didn't I, but didn't I tell you?
As deep as I need you, you wanna leave it all

What can I do? Say it's true
Or everything that matters breaks in two
Say it's true
I'll never ask for anyone but you

But I know what you want is to figure it out
And god knows I do too
What can I do? Say it's true
I'll never ask for anyone but you

I'm sorry, so what!
But you don't think I've said enough
I'm sorry, I don't care!
You were never there

Just as soon as I see you, but didn't I, but didn't I tell you?
As deep as I need you, you wanna leave it all

What can I do? Say it's true
Or everything that matters breaks in tow
I'll never ask for anyone but you

I know what you want is to figure it out
And god knows I do too
Yeah, what can I do? Say it's true
I'll never ask for anyone but you

I'll never ask for anyone but you
I'll never ask for anyone but you
I'll never ask for anyone but you
I'll never ask for anyone but you
I'll never ask for anyone but you
10 Nov 2009 lucy don't
10 Nov 2009 Shanti Get drunk n walk on da road drunk fuck u all my baby,s dad is cheating on me last night i over dose my self thinking i wont see today but i was wrong i just want to kill my self
09 Nov 2009 Wtfftw Eat 260 peeps ur heart will slowly stop and ur brain will See funny paterns. Then try to do the thriller dance and attack peoples brainzzz

09 Nov 2009 That white guy Scratch ur nails on chalk board until ur brain explodes

Make sure ur in a very serious relationship first

or look for manbearpig he'll know what to do

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