Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
30 Mar 2018 Orange Overdose on pain killers in school and put your head down and act like you are sleeping. They’ll get a big surprise when they try to wake you!
30 Mar 2018 Cas Cutting
29 Mar 2018 A traveling salesman So recently I traveled to Bangkok. While there I went around looking at monuments. One was called puoontang. Its basicly a statue of a woman with multiple vaginas all over her, especialy on her face. 14 vaginas on her face. After seeing this i stood silent and still for about an hour and a half. I was so repulsed i wanted to look away but so intrigued i couldnt look away. During the last 15 minutes of staring at this menstral horror i decided it was time for me to go back home and leave this place forever.
29 Mar 2018 Homeless in Seattle I keep having these dreams. Planes fly over and drop these containers with clear liquid. The liquid has steam coming off and it kills people. The vapor does not harm me. I do not get the blisters and boils and i dont get sick and start rotting like everyone else in the dream. Every one is running and i am helping a group of people escape but one of the planes comes and nose dives and drops a container next to me and the liquid splashes on me. I am barefoot in this dream also. Hundreds of planes flying over and every one is dying. But me. I had to get away because there was no one left to save. I am going out in the wilderness. Thru the forest. Over hills. And finnaly i come to this abandoned house. Inside its empty and bare. But the last time i went to this house it was stocked with food and supplies. Trucks pulled up outside and people got out. I used to go to this house in my dreams for years. I would sleep there and wake up in real life. Now that the people came i do not visit this house in my dreams. Maybe the giant spiders in that house will swarm them. Cacoon them in webbing and eat on them for days.
29 Mar 2018 Deez huevos So my ex called me today and said we should work it out. Instantly i thought work out deez nutz in your mouth bitch, now, i did not say that. I just thought it. The reason i didnt say that is because i would like if she did give the twins a good workout once again. So i told her to let me see it. Dont just say it. So i said all that to say this... Which is if you kill yourself you will never have the chance to make your life better. If you are breathing, there is hope. Dont throw it away. Get you balls sucked again!!!
29 Mar 2018 Electro-dental crainial cookoff Cut your phone charging cord as close to the end that goes into your phone, leaving as much length of wire as possible. Next, strip the wires of plastic insulation so that its bare wire for about 30cm. Now, wrap each wire around one of your teeth and twist it snug. To do this you must use it like dental floss. Do two teeth. One tooth, one wire. Put a few dashes of salt in your mouth and plug it in, plug it in.
29 Mar 2018 david watch nickle back and eat tide pods
27 Mar 2018 никита порезать венны
25 Mar 2018 Driving instructor Texting and driving. Also, slow drivers cause more wrecks than fast drivers.
25 Mar 2018 Mortimer Jones I have been feeling a bit peckish lately. I made my trip to the moon with my backpack rocket boosters. I have all the pictures and videos soon to be up loaded to youtube. When i re-entered earths atmosphere all of my clothes caught fire and 18 seconds later i plunged into the pacific ocean around 300 miles west of Hawaii. I broke my spine in 14 different places and my eyebrows are completely burned off. I look so funny with no eyebrows. I was rescued by a blue whale. He swam under me and pushed me to the surface and brought me here to the hospital in honolulu. I am laying in a hospital bed on the beach sipping pina coladas with a morphine drip i.v. a nurse comes every 6 hours and gives me a sponge bath and a shot. They said i can not do any fishing right now because of my broken back. I even told them the story how i saved an elephant stuck in the mud with my back broken when i was on an expedition for hunting tigers in India. They still dont want me doing any fishing. Any way my dear friends i will heal up and when i can go on another suicidal journey i will keep you posted. This is Mortimer Jones, and good night.
24 Mar 2018 Kristo₩fur. •••《☆》••• The best way is doing it way out in the wilderness. Some place no one will find your body. If your body is found your parents will have to pay for funeral costs, a casket, a burial plot. This is very expensive. If you want to pay for all of that a cheap way to earn the money is webcam shows. Perverts will pay you 50USD to jerk off to watching you masturbate for 20 minutes. Just get a pay pal account so no pervs track you down and kidnap you and rape you multiple times a day while keeping you locked in a room with a bucket for a toilet.
24 Mar 2018 MARCIO fanculo frocio di questo sito
23 Mar 2018 Juicy and tender buns I wont claim to know the best way, buht sharks is not the best way. Lots of people survive shark attacks. Can you imagine having your ass bitten off and the salt water touching it? It would be hard to swim with no ass.
23 Mar 2018 crappy butthole KFC Steal your moms car and blast the music + bass untill you die
23 Mar 2018 milo if youve gotten this far youre already dead
23 Mar 2018 maria de la resureccion santa cruz en nombre sea de diosy usted violada
23 Mar 2018 KOTAYN_YT help!!!!!!!!!!!
22 Mar 2018 Sergio< Did you know suicide is against the law? This is a marvel of modern socioty in and of itself. This is because cops dont take corpses to jail. It will prove difficult to prosecute someone who is already decomposing. But just for fun imagine all those fat cats and slicksters in a court room and a rotting corpse is on the stand. Everyone vomits adding to the putrid funk of dead body. Yeah. So remember, suicide is breaking the law. And even if you get busted by the cops and make it to court and you get 65 years, it wont matter because you are dead.
22 Mar 2018 Diego Clorox

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