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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
31 Dec 2009 iloveyouisf. found a final song.

Did you forget
That I was even alive?
Did you forget
Everything we ever had?
Did you forget
Did you forget
About me

Did you regret
Ever standing by my side
Did you forget
What we were feeling inside
Now I'm left to forget
About us

But somewhere we went wrong
We were once so strong
Our love is like a song
You can't forget it

So now I guess
This is where we have to stand
Did you regret
Ever holding my hand
Never again
Please don't forget
Don't forget

We had it all
We were just about to fall
Even more in love
Than we were before
I won't forget
I won't forget
About us

But somewhere we went wrong
We were once so strong
Our love is like a song
You can't forget it

Somewhere we went wrong
We were once so strong
Our love is like a song
You can't forget it
At all

And at last
All the pictures have been burned
And all the past
Is just a lesson that we've learned
I won't forget
I won't forget us

But somewhere we went wrong
Our love is like a song
But you won't sing along
You've forgotten
About us


i love you isf.
i miss you so much.
i am so sorry for everything i put you through.
i was a very bad girl to you.
i hurt you.
i am sorry.
i will never forgive myself.
i will always love you.
i will always miss you.
you will always be my one and only.
first and last.
please don't forget that i love you.
please don't forget about me.
you kept me alive.
now i'm struggling to breathe.
life is painful without you.
i miss you so much.
i need you so bad.
i love you so much.
alt3 isf. forever and always.
everything remains incomplete.....
31 Dec 2009 LM I used to be normal.
Now look at me.
29 Dec 2009 Read a Book, Please 'I set out two glasses (to St. Algebra? to Lo?) and opened the refrigerator. It's roared at me viciously while I removed the ice from it's heart. Rewrite. Let her read it again. She will not recall details. Change, forge. Write a fragment and show it to her or leave it lying around. Why do faucets sometimes whine so horribly? A horrible situation, really. The little pillow-shaped blocks of ice-pillows for polar teddy bear, Lo-emitted rasping crackling tortured sounds as the warm water loosened them in their cells. I bumped down the glasses side by side. I poured in the whiskey and a dram of soda. She had tabooed my pin. Bark and dining room and spoke through the parlor door which was a fraction ajar, not quite enough space for my elbow.
"I have made you a drink," I said.
She did not answer, the mad bitch, and I placed the glasses on the sideboard near the telephone which had started to ring.
"Leslie speaking. Leslie Tomson," said Leslie Tomson who favored a dip at dawn. "Mrs, Humbert, sir, has been run over and you'd better come quick."
I answered, perhaps a bit testily, that my wife was safe and sound, and still holding the receiver, I pushed open the door and said:
"There's this man saying you've been killed, Charlotte."
But there was no Charlotte in the living room.'
28 Dec 2009 virtual chic by eating at a chinese buffet,and them after by going to eat burguer with fries and a steak with fries and then by eating a bunch of ice cream i bet you diarrea would attact and you would feel like you commited suicide lol you need Jesus in your life as sson as possible :)
28 Dec 2009 almost time 3 more days til my death...........
28 Dec 2009 ScareCrow I don't know how I feel reading all of these posts, although I do know that I couldn't endorse anyone killing themselves at 13. Now at 40, I feel my own will to live slipping away daily. I can't say that I had a bad childhood, or that everyone is against me, or that there is anyone else causing me pain. I went through that phase in my early 20s - suicide was a reaction to the disappointments of ended relationships, but I got over it. Now, however, it is different. I am truly struggling with hopelessness. I keep trying to 'soldier on', but even in that the best case scenario is arriving at a more difficult situation. Even if I win I lose. I am currently living hundreds of miles from home. I have a decent job, although I suspect I will soon be fired. Although I feel that I am constantly working I can't keep up. Part of the reason for that is that I am trying to complete my Ph.D., which would complete an 8 year pursuit. My paycheck barely pays the bills, and I can get no assistance. I have had some other setbacks over the past 2 months and don't know if I will be able to pay tuition this semester, which will terminate me from school and make this 8 year journey moot. But that is just another stress in what has been a constant struggle for the past few years. I'm so busy that I have no time for forming a meaningful relationship, and all my friends are far far away. I'm not crying daily, not bitter or angry, just tired. I feel as though I have already wasted my life and just know that it will not improve, even though I try to tell myself that it will. I do think about people in my life that I will hurt if i take my life, and that may be my only barrier, but I'm just tired of trying to keep going. Ironically, my chosen profession is in psychology, and for years I counseled suicidal patients. The things that I would say to them sound hollow when applied to my own life. I don't think I will end my life, even though I do believe that I want to, but I feel myself stepping closer to that edge. Nothing dramatic, no big statement to make, just want relief.
27 Dec 2009 dead. i pay an 84 dollar cellphone bill, and for the last 3 months, not a single soul has answered any of my calls, or called me.

No one calls me to see if I'm okay. No one calls me 17 times because they are worried about me. I had a big heart, and I gave it all to him. He doesn't want it anymore. Now I'm just broken.

i thought i was a good girl. but i'm not. i'm a bad bad person. that's why he keeps leaving me. that's why everyone leaves. they all leave me here to suffer.

thanks mouchette for giving me somewhere to speak when no one else was there to listen.

27 Dec 2009 Cassandra When I was 13 I used pills. It almost worked too, if it hadn't been for my parents. They foiled my attempts at 20, 22, 23, and 30 as well. Why won't they just fucking let me die already? Pills are the way to go, especially mixed with a tasty alcoholic beverage.
25 Dec 2009 JustOneGuy I guess the best point to be writing your confessions here is from the very midst of the abyss, when you have the highest inspiration. I tried to do that yesterday, I felt bad, but apparently not bad enough. Today was a horrible day, and like an hour ago I felt I was just about ready to write one chapter of my little story. But even that inspiration is now passed, cos I'm feeling a bit better.
Damn it, had to do that an hour ago, but my attention was drawn by something else and I forgot... that's what it's like when you're taking 3... what it's name... Ritalin's a day and even that doesn't help your concentration. Well, what concentration can you expect suffering from chronic pains for 10 years, and living on the edge for 2 years?
Let me clear up something here, I'm not 13, I'm at my late 20ies. But I wanted to kill myself when I was 9 years old, I thought of dying all day long. I had a period of 2 years when I started to suffer from acute depression and couldn't function at all, crying all day long, both in school and at home, afraid of everything. People understand such things now, but back then and especially where I lived people were not really aware of such things, and so no one gave me the diagnosis, no one even thought of getting me to a psychologist, no one helped me. I also had acute OCD starting at the same time, and things came to a degree where I couldn't exit the room or stop washing my hands because I was counting or repeating things. No one understood that too, and blamed me. Not that I was a victim, I had a decent family, but I just got no help. Being a recluse as it is and having few friends did not help. Then we moved and I had no friends at all. I had to fight the acute depression and the OCD myself. Everyone else would of probably killed themselves after all those years, but I just kept living the same empty, sorrowful life. Not even my family knew. I kept it all to myself, I don't even know why. I was shy of my drawbacks, maybe? But eventually I succeeded in getting out of both those terrible things somehow with no help aged 14-15. Here's a medical miracle. Not that my life was getting better, I was an odd bird, and at school I was bullied every day, I hated going to school.
Okay then. That's how high school ended. When all the psychological stuff was under control, started all the physical health problems. Again - out of the blue. What did I do to deserve that? Again? Why? Seeing all the other people doing bad things, being stupid, being reckless, and having good luck, and me being punished... Not that I thought about that too much back then. I was a natural warrior. I was surviving. I never even remember myself crying, I got used to that kind of life. Simple survival. I was a smart kid, but somehow I did not asked too much questions about all this. This was a given. Not having a happy day for years was a given. How's that for a life?
So I started that battle with the chronic pains and health issues, going from physician to physician, explaining, getting little or no help. At the end I was just left one on one with all the pains and the problems. It is worse than being a cripple - at least they don't suffer from pain all day long. Imagine, 18-19 years old, having to start my life as a cripple, suffering from different pains, not being able to sleep at night. At some point I had to move my finger or make one single little movement all the time to put my mind off the pain. All night long. Sometimes I would wake up and see my finger moving automatically. No sleeping pills too, never even thought of that. Would you been able to suffer like that for years? Don't think most people would. But then I was not thinking of killing myself, only sometimes joking about it. I still had a lot in me. See how some people are somehow stronger than others? You have people killing themselves over a GF.
Anyhow, I went to study. I was a good student, I was getting good marks even though I couldn't concentrate on studying. No one even knew I was ill in the university. I did not look sick from the outside. But getting back home I would collapse. So I finished my studies with great grades, thought of going to study abroad, thought of making an academic career. All this time I tried to date girls, I had a couple of relationships, I never complained or restricted my GF's in anything because of my problems, they did not even know. But they tormented me, I guess just because some people have it coming, some people are assholes but others love them and fall in love with them, and some decent people just get the worse out of everyone. I was nice, I was okay with them, I liked them as they were, but I was getting criticized for every little thing, getting no real love. Just a make believe, another type of prolonged suffering.
Okay so after finishing school I decided to take a year off to take care of my physical issues and try to sort them off enough to be able to continue living more or less a normal life. Boy, was I wrong... Things turned for the worse, and not only wasn't I able to get back to studies, but I ended up staying 5 years at home, deteriorating and suffering, not being able to work or have a normal relationship with a girl. But not even after those 5 years did I seriously think of suicide! Imagine! Now that's every psychologist's dream, maybe I was immune to suicidal-tendencies. They ought to study my genetic makeup. I was as rational as hell. I guess being too rational, cautious or balanced makes you just suffer more. When I look at things now, there is some point when you should let go. I never even had a single drink, never even thought of taking drugs! What was I doing? Waiting for a miracle like a good boy?
Okay, but there is a limit to everything, I'm not made of stone. My psyche started to give up. I mean, not that I started being weird, but at some point like a year and a half ago I suddenly got the feeling I could no longer. I could no longer. See how different people are? Some get that after 5 weeks of feeling crap, some get it after 10 years of feeling crap. But those are really exceptional individuals, I guess I'm in a 0.1% of the population that has such a resistibility. I started taking anti-depression pills for the first time in my life, and drinking a bit. Didn't help. Don't feel the difference. Well, it figures too - things are probably screwed up for good in this point.
So now I do think of suicide. Ah, I love my life. Want me to give you an example of my regular day? Okay, I ate something. Then my tummy problems kicked in. I felt I had a rock sitting inside my belly. So I puked. The rock inside my stomach did not go away, although I'm taking 2 pills for that not to happen. I was still feeling dizzy from yesterday's sleeping pills. I wanted to sleep bad, my head almost dropped, but the tummy was aching as hell, and I wanted to puke again. Hmm… what would you do? I drank coffee. Wrong. Didn't make me less sleepy, but made my stomach pain worse. So I had to go and lay down, still remembering last night's nightmares. Fell asleep. New nightmares, along with stomach pains during my sleep. But that's not the most funny part. The most funny part is having a reflux in your sleep, when the food goes out from your mouth, and you begin to cough and can't breathe. That's the coolest. So you're almost suffocating. But you're too sleepy too wake up. After 3 or 4 times like that, you make yourself wake up. Alice from the Wonderland should take private lessons from me. The description of such an effort as to itself deserves a try by the best novelist. The coolest is when you're falling asleep in the bathroom in the middle of puking or trying to actually pee, having also prostate problems.
You get up... hey! You feel a bit better. But your head aches like a bitch from all you went through and you now have to take pain pills or something. Your back problems bother you too all during this ordeal, but there is nothing you can do about it. Not talking about all the other stuff. A cool day this is, isn't it? Okay, but enough for now. Let me look at the responses, if there will be such. What would you say about all this?
24 Dec 2009 k keep living
23 Dec 2009 thats all 4 now folks get a broken heart it will kill u instantly. i speak from experience.
20 Dec 2009 Michael Excuse me but even for people who have had experiences like these and who actually have been through unforgivable events in there life you shouldn't encourage this behaviour who dare's to have a dead family member for christmas or loose there only child excuse me I just think this is in appropiate.
19 Dec 2009 Emanuelle hi
i'll share just some more pain with u, sorry.. but i just want this off my chest.
I feel alone. And not alone without people but, feeling alone around other people, being alone in the midst of alot of fun people. Like people form this 'families' but i'm only welcome to watch, not to be a part of it.
I cannot connect with myself or other people, i feel isolated. Ì know it's weak but I think I will never grow in this; enjoying myself with other people, having a 'family' on my own. I just long for a bunch of friends with whom I feel at ease, safe. With who I can dance my feet off, act silly, amuse myself, .. knowing that I belong, that people care and love, and share.

I was at a party tonight and there were alot of people I used to know, some of them I used to be friends with. I never felt so unimportant. they really became a family with each other, and i was just so uninteresting for them. This really hurt bacause in the past I introduced some of them to each other. This, for me, is the ultimate proof for me that i'm worthless. They were all having so much fun with each other and i just couldnt, i was just standung there, boring fat)ass

I really don't mean a thing for anybody in this world. I was born in the coolest town on earth with alot of interesting stuff going, i had so many chances and still .. i can't be 'Someone'. I turned into this 'background-girl'

I just Suck, imm a real loser, nobody loves me and yet, i know alot of people: that says enough!

It's not that that i'm ugly and therefore rehected before people really knew about me, it's purely my inner: i cannot seemm to make fun, act easy.

I feel so left out: my family, my 'friends', they all got their own life, enjoying theirselves, appreciating each other, making the best, being able to make fun.
I hate myself for not being abble tyo make fun.

Sorry for this bullshit,
i just don't want to spend my life alone, i better end it now
18 Dec 2009 Rebekah oh darlings!! My heart is breaking for you all!!... I so badly want to just give you the love that you need; that your heart is searching for. I've been down that road of harsh depression, I use to slit my wrists to escape the pain - heck, I just wanted to end it all. It's not worth it - there's so much to live for. You're all beautiful people and there are people out there who care about you and love you.
If you feel so bad that you just want to kill yourself or hurt yourself, talk to someone about it. If you talk to someone, there is a 50% chance that you're less likely to commit a suicide (that's a huge difference!!).
Find someone that you trust and have a quiet moment with them - tell them how you're really feeling.
Take care :) and remember that you are important!!
16 Dec 2009 tomas duke Oh sweetheart - if you have some painful thing that may happen, whether your 13 or 63 and you believe that finding a way to end it before your anticipated painful disease - go for it. Like the world of soccer players - most people say do the 'honorable thing' - let you painful fate take it's course. But I have seen to many people suffer so much because they must be brave. If you love your kitty or golden retriever and they faced inevitable pain - would you not want them to suffer and give some sort of love drug? Oh sweetheart I hope you're really not facing a horrible thing when you should be dating someone dashing young friend (but of course that might also be horrible - just kidding). And maybe if you taught me French - our pains might be more compatible. Best of luck to my so young of heart to go through pain!
16 Dec 2009 for al Al, You didnt put a contact email. how can i get contact to you?
16 Dec 2009 d............... i wish that could work for me. i wish i could say to him, "if you leave me, i'll kill myself" and he'd stay so i wouldn't. but that wouldn't work. not in this case. because in this case, nothing matters. not life, not love, not death nor peace. nothing matters. there is no secret to life. it's just existence. all you do is exist. numb, broken, but breathing. your still existing. can't laugh anymore, can't cry anymore. just keep pretending. keep existing. keep hurting, but keep breathing. HE has a plan for us all. None of us will ever know what HE has planned for us. But we can count on one thing, death. Everyone will pass. Existence will never last forever. I promise you that. HE promises you that. So keep breathing, keep hurting, keep trying if you want, or give up, but just keep breathing, wake up in the morning, go to sleep at night, fake all your smiles, keep pretending so noone tries to snoop in your business. breathe. the end of the world is near. there is far too much wickedness in the world right now for it to keep going on much longer. people are less shameful, everyone is a killer, a rapist, a molester, and no one cares to stop it. HE is getting angry. The earth itself is tired of humanity just taking and taking and never giving anything back. So just breathe. Keep breathing. There is only so much oxygen left. It's running out folks. Just enjoy the way it feels when you breathe it in and let it out. It's a simple pleasure. breathe.
16 Dec 2009 thsone Conscious Conscious Conscious Conscious Conscious Conscious Conscious ConsciousConscious you know one way to decide not to kill ureself. find someone who feels exactly the way you feel and talk, talk talk, if talkings not enough, live life how the fuck u want it, even though im really fucking tired, man, U ALL know tired doesnt even begin to describe it, but Conscious im trying to get ure attention. get my small insignifigant point ppl......
15 Dec 2009 Ali I feel I am the only person that has a true relisation as to the inconsequentiality of everything.

Everyone just 'plods' on in animalistic moronity without thinking. Are we that unevolved that we do not question the meaning or purpose in life??!

I am devestated to find that I am a member of a species that has somehow managed to destroy it's own habitat (has any other species in history managed this feat before??) and not only that but has developed technology to such a degree that we have almost regressed to depend on it. Well bloody done to humanity!

I feel like a single cell of a virus. An overpopulating self destructing organism.

Seriously, someone please tell me what is the point of our existence? Surely mass suicide would be the most beneficial course of action for the planet?
12 Dec 2009 faeith Live life, and deal with whatever crap Fate throws your way. Dealing with this pain is the definition of 'living a life'. Happiness cannot be achieved without a price, even if suffering is the price you pay.

I am a 21 year old girl, turning 22 in two months, and half my life I am in engaged in an epic battle with Fate. I am living with a KillerPainful-LifeLong-disease, a family that is too far away, a boyfriend who is at times as heartless as heck, and friends who are too busy with their own life. Many a times when I am just too weary, and tired of hurting, I sit with a blade in my hand contemplating death. A sinful bliss.

As purpose rewrites the hopelessness
pain cancels out the burning anguish
calm takes over the rampage insanity
while numbness creeps in boisterously
silence replaces the stifling sobs
as death sets in, disguised as tranquility...

But this not how I want go down. I boast to myself, and who ever cares to listen that I am not the kind of person who gives up too easy. So I sit here contemplating death, but not doing anything about it. I think 'this is not going to achieve anything in the end except for ending my suffering, and life is suffering so deal with it'.


There’s always going to be a moment
That’s going to make life go out of control
no escape, forced to bask in its raiment
stay and fight, try again to be whole

... Don’t wait till everything around you begins to fall.


And, I sit here with a blade aimed to my jugular as I contemplate life...

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