Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
08 Oct 2009   i'm sorry love, i'm so sorry. i didn't mean all that stuff, everything was just so bad, and i panicked, and i shouldn't have tried to get a hold of you, im sorry, please, im so sorry isf.
08 Oct 2009 blifeesucksn haven't figured that out yet
08 Oct 2009 zane grab a cup of app juice, and then scream holy mary and toss it at your mom.
07 Oct 2009   roll down a hill and into a lake just make sure its deep enough before hand, and tie some cinderblocks with a rope to yourself so youre sure to drown and not make it back up
07 Oct 2009 your mom Hmm, you shouldnt fucking suicide yourself if your under 13,
Everybody deserves a chance to live,
and your like what.? Barely 13.?
Imagine all the people around the world that are abused, you shouldnt just let a simple joke get to you, suiciding is not the answer,
just fuck your life.
07 Oct 2009 Terry i wrap my willy in my neck and i died, try this way and you are deceased blahhhhlalalala
07 Oct 2009 rio throw yourself into the street when you're walking with your parents so that they feel very guilty when a car hits you
07 Oct 2009 Jesper i would say Cut yourself so you die of blood lost fast and not hurting that much
06 Oct 2009 the dead man they found verry verry dead iv been thinking maybe hanging myself of the bridge over the river so if the rope brakes i mite still drown and maybe fill my tummy with drugs befor i jump incase the unexpected happens and and posibly shooting myself in the head with my 22 after i take the drugs while standing on the outside of the rail over the water with the rope around my neck just to cover all angls
keep an eye on the papers
06 Oct 2009 my name is not important im 15 years old. All i can say is you should not because the christian bible says so. that is why you shouldnt. that is my only reason why you shouldnt... i have thought about suicide not because of my unimportance but me not having the power to change anything. to help anyone. I think i can help other people with there problems and stuff but i cant.wrote this is in depth because i am manic i know how it feels and i want to say i will help you but what can i do?die instead. all i have is God. all i can say is GOD. all you can do is pray, find God, and live for hope. please dont kill yourself if your still alive. i cant help the dead.
05 Oct 2009 Instanteaneous Well, i have had my heart broken many times!, for some reason, to me, love is the best thing in my life. I do care about being successful and what not. I am in college and have a 3.7.One reason why i am doing that well is because i am in love which keeps me going and happy and a reason to be successful and think of my future. Recently, my gf moved to another city becaue of college, a couple hundred miles away. lately, she ignores me and i feel as if shes forgetting me. I am a great bf and i feel that if she breaks up with me i will be depressed and will not know how to handle it. She seems to bethe type that would not cry or care too much about breaking up with a gu since she is very attractive ad knows she can get anyone she wants. I prefer to be in love than to be successful. I wouldn't be surprised if she has been cheating on me :l.Recently, after shetalked to me about breaking up i couldn't stop tearing. I have this small sword maybe a foot and a half long an i cut my chest across to see how it felt and if it would calm me down. i actually couldnt not feel it because of how sad i was. My sadness was way more painfull than hurting myself with a sword.i also cut my throat on the side just to see if it would help fight the other pain i was feeling, emotionally that is. At school when people ask, i would tell them i was in a fight or whatever. I live a normal live and to others i am actually cool. i do not show my emotions, maybe to 2 of my clos friends but thats it. The rest see me as a fun outgoing person when in reality i am sad inside and cannot find the perfect love. I did find the girl of my dreams 4 years ago. She left me and after that i don't think i will find another one like her. The girl im with is nothing compared to her although i treat her like a queen and do everything right while she prefers her friends over me :(. Well if anyone can relate to this in someway reply and try to help? maybe? idk
05 Oct 2009   "Very little experience in the subject".
Oh mouchette. . . after all these years, I can asnwer your question. Well, almost. . . I did it, I died in space. and I tell you dear, It's simple, it's quite simple. Death comes on kindly. As everything fades out you see a life that was. And it looks. . . simple. . . and civil. . . Like watching a movie you've seen a hundred times as it plays on the ignored screen of a crowded room. . .
04 Oct 2009 I want to live in the wild The only way to save yourself is to learn survival skills.

30 Sep 2009 Alivelleon Where was I supposed to go when I dyed in the lake that one night over the moon. My body is taken over my people I don't know because of my world crashing overseas in the pale darkness with blue eyes forming red tears in the shallow sight of death. Are you ok when I swallowed my dignity? How am I here when I should be dead under miles of gasoline flames lit by faith in the broad lighning stars? We are artificts of self-indulgent yellow mortay selves. I lost myself under a fishhook when I caught it the wrong way again overseas. why am I still here?
30 Sep 2009 2010 end of world The problem is, if you didn't figure out yet...she already killed herself...
29 Sep 2009 rockbottom i dont wanna say dat i know exctaly how everybody feels.i dont thikn dat anyone does because evrybody has their own reason for feeling the way they do.d only common thing we all got is d pain dat we have to go thru....i hve never felt d way i feel ryt now.i have never thought about suicide.but for d past few months ive started thinking and thinkin about it more often beacuse of d man i was wid...he was d only person ever in my life to make me feel dat i cn actually love someone so much and vice versa...we fell deeply in love and evryhting was fine until i found out dat he was still married (tho separated) and dat we cudnt get married till dat divorce went thru...since he is not in d state where his ex is d divorce took its time...its been over a year and still nothing happend...eventho he took care of it..dat btch was hiding...

anyho we started having more and more fights and one day i come home to find d apartment door open and all of his stuff gone..with a little note saying sorry.

ive never felt so devastated and never had felt dat pain before.i wanted to hve his kids and his last name.i wanted him in my life.veentho he is still trying to be thre for me without being WITH me i cnt tell u how hurt i am.i cnt eat i cnt drink i cnt sleep...

bt ive tried telling myself dat somehow life goes on and eventually one day its all gona be over.i dont wanna rot in hell just beacuse i wnted to end d hell im living in now...

we all hve to go thru dis first hell and see what happens at d end of d tunnel
28 Sep 2009 Aurélia Ecrasée par un troupeau d'éléphants.
27 Sep 2009 Kyle & Jackie-Boy Life it seems will fade away, drifting further everyday, getting lost within' myself, nothing matters no one else. I have lost the will to live, simply nothing more to give, there is nothing more for me, need the end to set me free!
Things not what they used to be, missing one inside of me, deathly loss this can't be real, cannot stand this hell I feel. Emptiness is filling me, to the point of agony, growing darkness taking dawn, I was me but now hes gone.
No one but me, can't save myself, but it's too late, now I can't think, think why I should even try. Yesterday seems, as though it never existed, death greets me warm, now I shall just say goodbye!
26 Sep 2009 coden1ke I understand what this " new toy" is about. No, its not my think But that doesn't really matter. For the people that have to much going on and just want to end that. Well that is their choice. There is nothing wrong with expressing your self. This post is for everyone else. Why do you care what people think. Why are you going to waste your time adding your stupid " I hate people like this " posts? Is this just want you like to do after you beat off at porn so your mother doesn't find the search results in your resent history. Just let it go, and keep all of this to the people it actually matters for. Im not a person who loves the idea of killing someone. But if that is how someone feels. Then it is non of your business.
24 Sep 2009 joanna radner dear,people who want to kill them self dont do it...why whould you want to do that to your self....your just gana hurt the one's around you...if are under 13 what can be that bad...event if your geting abused tell your school or your close friend's parents talk to some one...killing your self will not solve one's wroth killing your self over...i'v been hurt to in meny ways and i thught about suicide to and event tryed it to i tryed overdos cuting event hanging... but i got help...and i dont want to hurt my love one' please think about it call a suicide hot line... heres a nummber to call 211 they will help and if that nummber dont work...look in your phone me if can only get better ...

pss... dont lisen to all these other assholes on thies happy and think about all the happy things...

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