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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
12 Apr 2009 ??? i am a 12 year old boy i am gay and i dont no wat to do my parnts spilt up and i live with me mum and i smoke i could never get over my mum and dad spilting up i am trying to kill myselve by smoking
10 Apr 2009 cristina I'm not 13 but I'm 18 nd I'm not happy w my life at all, everytime someone hurts or upset me I hurt myself cuz I don't like to get hurt by others, I don't like to cry so ppl won't think tht I'm weak.. I'm I doing right?
10 Apr 2009 dead inside. if you need help, talk to a professional.

you can email me if you want to as well, even though i am no professional, i will try my best to help.
10 Apr 2009 entry one These days, I wear no socks, I find no need. My spit is mixed with other substances and my nose is always running. I am also convinced a ten year old boy is gay for me, or maybe I'm just very bored. Really, I'm just loosing my imagination, which is a strange process. I'm afraid this might be hard to read because of how often I shift thoughts. Sorry about that. All my money has been spent on friendship, which is starting to take the form of pot.
Today I am not high though. Thinking results in a bad mood, not thinking results in injury. The in-between is very mundane, to me at-least.
Oh, by the way, pardon me, but I haven't yet addressed your question Mouchette, I don't plan on doing it either, if that's alright with you.
I wonder if what I'm doing right now can be called something. Naming things makes them less real.
I'm always apologizing because I'm always confronted with the idea that what I'm doing is not at all what I wish it was. Whatever, I've finally experienced legitimate criticism, which only leads back to my original road of interpretation. If there are such things as parallel universes does the clause of prospective still exist? What I mean to say is:
If this is reality why is it different for everyone?
Please try and think about what you're doing with your life next time you buy coffee or do school work or try to hold a conversation you don't at all have interest in with someone.
If you find your self feeling bad though try and grasp the idea that rules don't exist and everything is only matter, the fact that you can understand the abstract is the reason you might feel miserable.
What if you didn't?
09 Apr 2009 marissa ive thot about suicide for quite a while now... but the truth is, im rly scared. i rly dont wanna die but ppl dont leav me w/ a choice. my parents r abusers and... idk... im tired... idc if im gonna go to hell cuz its a lot betr than here. will anyone giv me some tips?
08 Apr 2009 Niyah Growing up i didnt have the so perfect life that some people have i was raped and abused by my moms boyfriend whos now in jail... i cut my wrist and cry at night cause i feel like no one loves or likes me.... my mom is abusive towards me my dad tried to get me away but she wont let him .... ive tried to commit suicide more den once but i think hard not to do it cause i got a little baby sister and i dont want to leave her behind...
08 Apr 2009 bisous goodbye my love
07 Apr 2009 jenni ash How can anyone actually come to this website and tell someone how to kill themselves? They would know how by experience.. therefore they are dead so your just out of luck
05 Apr 2009 Yssia with saliva
cof cof
05 Apr 2009 Linda-15 the best way to kill yourself even when under 13, is a hemp noose around your neck, with the hangmans knot placed just behind your right ear.
That would have worked forme...if not my dad came to my roome, just as I was kicking the chair away from under my feet.
Now I will try to remember to lock the door properly beforenext time, which in coming won`t be long.
04 Apr 2009 overandout dead inside, can email u. im on the verge of suicide with all the shit im going thoruhg. if i can email can u please email me. thank u.
04 Apr 2009 dead inside. Mouchette, don't post my stuff if you don't want to. I can't seem to understand why your not posting my stuff, I don't think I've ever harmed you.
I just want Kim to know that I'm okay, and that I miss her too.
So please post this.
Kim, I miss you too, and I'm okay. Give me your email and we'll keep in touch. Miss you tons.
04 Apr 2009 Angel Can anyone hear throw me a rope!
Its dark and cold - i just can't cope!
All alone, groping my way, help me get out - i don't want to stay!
I know your there, i can hear your call, but i so afraid if i climb i may fall.
This is my life trapped in a pit,
my pit of despair where alone i do sit.
If i don't get out soon i think i might die, death like a vulture is circling high,
The presence of evil is right at my side, feeding me poison, keeping me tied.
How do i get out God - Help me please!
Before i'm overtaken by this infectious disease...

I wrote that whilst sitting in that hole a few years ago, ever felt like that? email me at
03 Apr 2009 zane remmber mouchette means little fly in french,she thinks this is a game.

thank kurbion post,was posted awhile ago.
has practicial methods on there.

my junkies arm is kaning...;(

theroticaly im already dead,i failed school.

few months back,a close friend was close to dying,was really upset,thought she was really gonna die,cancer,might be the only time i've
seriously bawled my eyes out,i was ready to do it,would of done it in a heart beat if she died...;(

she pulled thru,so im lucky.

i would of taken a car for a high speed
joy ride,into the side of a toll wall.

high speed car crashes,you clock 220,your chances of death are high.

even 150 with a quick halt,your dead
by the time you go thru the dashboard.

speed on a video game,see how far you get,the way the car reacts in a game,is
non realistic,its not like that in real
life,handling has a late response compared to a game.
02 Apr 2009   pls mouchette post my messeges i want to reconet with my people...

DEAD INSIDE i stil remember u n i miss u too..

thxz mouchette..till next time..
02 Apr 2009 done with this shit my feelings letter did not do shit!! i wonder how much more shit i can take before i really pull the plug and end up commiting suicide. im done with people . i'll neer have another mikey. if that damn fucking cancer didnt take him i could have been happy, and married and done with the shit life. fuck this so called mother effing life that does nothing but cause misery. SUICIDE MAKE ROOM HERE I COME
02 Apr 2009 writing life hurts so much.
i cant take this pain of going on.
i want to take as many pills as i can
then hope to not wake up the next day.
this pain is so real
i cant take no more
do i live or do i go?
that is the answer i search for!
there is one thing thing
i hope and long for
but i have only failed
in more ways than thee
I am not sure if I want death
but sometimes I wish it would take me
This life of misery and unknowing happiness
shall soon come to pass.
01 Apr 2009 bahia life is a good suicide...
31 Mar 2009 Papa Smurf Stupid fucking arsehole. Fucking hate her, stupid cow, she's so bloody immature. What the fuck?
Don't fucking respect my privacy and fucking ask me to watch it, fucking cow, bloody fucking HATE HER.
Fuck it
31 Mar 2009 robin u're a dumb. but nice people has answered here and that makes this place valuabale. not youuuuuu

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