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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
12 Apr 2010 Tony What is to die? To end your physical life? The start of your spiritual after life? Does any one actually know what is to come after you cease to breath. It is all just speculation, so to end ones life before the time is right is not right but misleading as to you know what is beyond.
12 Apr 2010 ted hey, i've attempted suicide heaps of times. but im on the recovery, i found the best way to live is to be honest with yourself. im happy to here your stories.
my name is ted, and my email is
12 Apr 2010 Bec Try to erase your birth, make it null and void. Make yourself a ghost, and invisible and gone. You are clear and content, you are shadow and shame. You are death and dare.
11 Apr 2010 BCF A handgun is the best way. All the other way cause a great deal of pain and well we have all expierenced enough pain in our lives. I'd go with a handgun.
10 Apr 2010 cancerofthehead i m alive, i m getting high. don t forget music. all the bullshit i wrote on thi s wall that never was published.
10 Apr 2010 deykamol With magic and fairies and special cow dairies, gnomes and pixies and other such mixies of wonderful items, a concoction of spring. This is the way you end your life without having gone to much strive.
10 Apr 2010 Sarian y just under 24 n i feel i have nothing in my life...ppl around me think i have everthing going on, sum even go to the extent of extreme jealousy...but i feel, i am all alone. had a fe w BFs but the last one i was with, gave him everything...that i became so dependent on his love n approval...and just a few weeks ago, he said he hates me n doesnt care and love me anymore. i know this is a small deal for a lot of ppl, but to me, its a bog deal, because i was never accepted for who i really m....i never felt comfortable w any1, except for him.. and now, he says thinkg like he doesnt care or respect my feelings anymore, he wld rahter lie n spend time w friends than even c my msgs...i feel so lost in this world, i wish i cld take my life away (the only thing i have control off) but i can;t when i think of my mum, and bro and my dogs... i canl;t help falling into depression and crying each time i think abt how low i have gone...i hope i get tht strength to help me come out of these toughts..
09 Apr 2010 Janie Life is so ridiculously boring. Look at me, I'm fifteen years old, my life sucks.I have four sisters and a younger half brother. My father hates me because I don't take care of my health properly, and I'm not nice enough or smart enough or pretty enough or, whatever enough. My stepmother hates me because I'm not...whatever she is, the perfect stupid fucking turkish girl. My sisters hate me because I'm annoying and whiny and I complain, i guess, even though I try to be fucking nice and make so many like, sacrifices to do nice things for them. My one friend who I love would never love me back, because I'm fucking fat and stupid and I can't even date, and even if I could, I doubt he would ask, because he really doesnt like me like that. I know who he likes, and she is 1000000x better than me, in every way. I should die. I deserve to die. I made friends online playing games, because I'm a stupid loser-dork-face or whatever, but it made me happy for a while. Until my sister, who is an even bigger dork than me, god I hate her, started playing too. She literally took my friends away from me, and she made them like her better. They like her better, and I am just the annoying fifteen year old again. No one likes me. Seriously, I've come to that realization. No. One. Fucking. Likes. Me. I don't like me. SO what's left to do but die? Sorry I'm not under thirteen, but fuck, age is just a number, and I'm going to be dead anyway.
09 Apr 2010 cancerofthehead hello. I droped something like a hundred pills 2 days ago (second overdose. two days after first od). abilify, leponex, prozac, lyrica on 6g/L alcohol intoxication. I m scared I will die of kidney failure. I woke up last night at 7.00 sh I was fine. I know that in hospital they give strict instructions for the patient not to move and stay in bed. I ve been through overdosing at hospital once, now I live alone with my dog, noone cares, noone s checking if i m still alive (my phoneline s still not working, and second day only with internet since bills had not been paid). Waking up I felt so dizzy, I could n t walk the line litteraly, I d constantyl be falling on the left or the right, back or front, my inner balance had been disrupted so violentyl I could not walk anymore. I thought I d stay like that all my life, I wonder if that s normal, even though I almost became a doctor, I was expelled from medical school in 3rd year because I prefered to get high on the tuition fees and did not pay on time. I used to be an amphetamine addict. Now I fucked up on my entire life for the rest of my life I ll become the madman of the neighborhood. I considered hanging but don t do that, the pain is so excruciating it s not even human, never give in I failed to attempt, was scared. 1,8% success for pills. that s low. Anyway I m scared I might die in the next hour because I know that kidney failure can occur 48 hours or more after intoxication. Patients are not supposed to move. "don t move": been there already, from now on I ll overdose at home. Know? then they send you to the warp for 6 weeks. I don t want that.
09 Apr 2010 lonely I dont know im 18 im fat im ugly my boyfriend makes me feel like crap he saying he looks around because i am fat and i should lose weight to look my best for him, im stupid i cant do anything i used to be suicidal from age 11 to 15 i was ok then at 16 i got with him since now im ready to die i might really do it tomorrow my families out of town im writing my letters now and i know when where and how i hope i really do because it would be a regret if i dont again they say life gets better but it always gets wrost
07 Apr 2010 Jordan I don't have a reason to kill myself, sure everything around me is horrible at times and might be worse for the person beside me, but i wanted to post on this site just to share what keeps me alive and keeps the door that hides all those bad things locked. Music, for me music is everything and i want to help people realize that it can do so much by just closing your eyes and listening, every emotion, every feeling anything that's ever happened to you can be expressed through music and you can feel it when you listen. It might make you sad, or angry, or even suicidal but in the end music is still there, it never leaves and doesn't care if you're big or ugly or what anyone thinks about you cause it's there for you.
07 Apr 2010 LivingforHim To write Love on her Arms
07 Apr 2010 twiggs I can’t b r e a t h e. I don’t want to. I don’t understand: what did I do to everyone to make them resent me so much? I didn’t mean to hurt anyone, if I did. I just want to know w h y everyone hates me. I guess it’s just because I’m here in general. It’s not my fault I was born. It’s not my fault I loved him. It’s not my fault that he left me. It’s not my fault that my friends forgot about me. It’s not my fault. He left me a year and four months ago. Almost a fucking year and a half. I’m not even strong enough to let go. He doesn’t love me. He didn’t love me, even when he said he did. I still think about him e v e r y f u c k i n g d a y. for a god damn year and a half. Why does everyone leave? What did I do wrong? I’m tired of always blaming myself for everything. I’ve been thinking about it a lot, and I realized that it’s not my fault. It’s everyone else’s fault. It’s their fault that I hurt so badly. It’s their fault that I’m alone. It’s their fault that I have to put on a smile and lie every day. It’s their fault I can’t just end myself. End my pain. End my loneliness. Why can’t they let me? P l e a s e. just let me die. I am so sick of this world. There’s nothing worth living for here. So why don’t they let me? They just want me to hurt more I guess. Wow, I didn’t know they hated me THAT much that they can’t even let me die. The just want me to suffer. I’m tired of sobbing silently; without anyone knowing. I’m tired of keeping my pain all to myself. B u t, no one wants to be a burden. I don’t want anyone to go through what I go through. To feel what I feel. No matter how much I hate them. That’s why I don’t just end myself. I try to hold on for my family, whether they want me to or not. My dad killed himself. The year that he did, I started getting suicidal as well. No one knew about him & no one knows about me. So, you know that theory about how energy never dies but it just goes on from one form to another? [like when an animal eats a dead one and gets energy from it?]. well, what if the same thing happens to emotions? What if when you die, your emotions or energy goes to someone else? What if because my dad killed himself, his energy didn’t die: it just went to me? Oh, god. I sound like a lunatic. Well, I kind of am one. I’m high as hell and depressed as fuck. This should be fun.. (:
06 Apr 2010 TeeAre Do you know how to dance?
I don't.
Will you teach me? Or will you learn with me?
Then we can dance with the Devil.
Or better yet, dance with each other.
I feel the latter is the better choice.
I heard Satan has two left feet.
05 Apr 2010 laura ok this is not why i came on here. I'm 42 yrs old- both parents suicide- my age 13 and 38. I feel seriously bad at the moment. I would appreciate contact from others who feel shitty and even suicidal. No one understands- let's help each other.
05 Apr 2010 stuart overdozes dont work i have tried cleaning chemicals along with vodka and whisky,and every single pill i could get my hands on ,including my exes hormone tablets!,but im still ere with scarred arms sittin ere terrified of other ppl an their opinions and im even iller,wahey!! NOT!! so anyway im reckonin on a train or somethin next time maybe that will wipe me out eh? or maybe not knowin my luck i wudn die ,probli end up in a wheelchair disabled im guessin the only way is to start on a gang of "chavs" maybe ,them and their sick ways would almost certainly leave me dead?
04 Apr 2010 Julie The best way to kill yourself is to seek God, as for his help. Footsteps in the sand is an example. Many of us have adversaries in life, but that doesn't mean you must take your life it's not the end of the world.
We are here for a purpose
03 Apr 2010 sohusoti I wonder.

I suppose I count as suicidal too. That's a long story.
Please do hang in there, all of you. I feel terrible and hypocritical saying that, because I barely do myself.
If anyone wants to talk, I'll also offer my email.


Also, an IQ of 91 is perfectly within the average range
03 Apr 2010 garbage in everything i am a waste, in everything. i cant get my goals,
i fail in everything, no matter how i try

don tyou know how it feels that someone is else is good at least one thing but i suck in everything? no talent at all?

everyone ignores, this fucking boring life, just end already. we're going to die anyways so fuck me. what a waste of space i am. im not good at anything just kil me now
03 Apr 2010 sigh suicide
something thats in me everyday
I am not good at anything
i suck in everything
and my friends arent rly my friends because they never hang out with me, and invite me to other places

i lose in everything, i cant get good grades, and im just lonely.

fuck this world forever

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