Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
28 Oct 2005 Kevin To wait until you die of old age. this site is wrong, im not christian nor religious, but i pity you who wrote this. I hope that some day you will look back on this, and feel guilt.
20 Oct 2005 Brother in Christ I know that a lot of people on this website are looking for a way out. I understand the pain that you feel. I understand the emptiness, the shame, and the complete feeling of hopelessness. But let me tell you, there is an option. No matter what you have done, and I mean NO MATTER WHAT!.....God does love you! Satan is a powerful force and a great deceiver. He wants nothing more than to convince that God hates you! But God is MORE powerful by far. Satan is not the 'opposite' of God, he is beneath God. God has already won the battle. So why do bad things happen? The world we live in is corrupt and evil. God gives us the choice to accept him and wants everyone to do so, but it is a choice of free will. Bad things happen as a result of Satan trying to convince you otherwise. In due time, Satan will be no more, but in the meantime God wants us all to have the chance to make the right choice. The Bible tells us that all have sinned, and that the penalty for sin is death (and the death it refers to is enternal death, eternal separation from God). And there is nothing you can do to overcome that on your own. NOBODY can live 'good enough'. BUT...That is exactly why God sent his son Jesus to die for your sins. For my sins. For EVERYONE's sins. Jesus led the only perfect life ever on this earth. Only he was perfect and could atone for our sins. When Jesus died on the cross, he didn't just feel the pain of the nails, he felt the pain of all of our sins. And still, that's not the end of it! He rose from the grave on the third day and in doing so conquered sin and death! He did this for YOU! By faith you can be saved today. Ask yourself why I am posting this. I don't want anything from you. I want to help because that is what God would have me to do. In some cases, there is a medical reason for depression, that's true. And in some cases it can help. But you will never truly be happy or be really free, until you accept Jesus Christ as your personal Lord and Saviour. It's Free. It's available to EVERYONE. Pray to God right now. Tell him you know that you have committed sins. Tell him you know that you're not perfect. Tell him that you want to accept the free gift of salvation that Jesus has already paid for. Ask him to come into your life and your heart. It's that simple. All of your problems won't automatically go away. In some cases the devil may put more in front of you than you have now. But the good news is that God tells us he will never leave us. He will never allow more to be put on us than we can take, as long as we trust in Him. Speak with a local minister. Tell him of your decision. He/she will guide you in your spiritual growth. Read the Bible and God will provide you with answers. God is real and not just an outlet on Sundays. God is with me every second of every day, and I can feel his presence. Please, before you do something you can't reverse, talk to God. I know there are some that will point to clergymen who have let them down, hypocrites, and false teachers. That's true, there are some of those. But it doesn't change the message God gives us. You cannot place your faith in ANY man. Preists and ministers are human just like the rest of us. But you CAN place your faith in God. He will NEVER let you down. May God Bless you and guide you on your path. The hope of light is a valid one, but you have to trust in God to experience it!
15 Oct 2005 shauny my names shaun and i live in scone, australia. im going to tell all of you people who i am because i know that you cant do anything about it. i have such confidence that i will die that i am willing to do this. three of my best friends have killed themselves in the past 2 months. jamie slit his wrists, bargains slit his wrist and my girlfriend christina od'd on zoloft. i have given up. i dont want to live. the pain is unbearable. i will kill myself. as soon as my sister moves out im gonna do it. i think i might drink a whole lot of metho, or maybe ill just slit my wrists. i couldnt be bothered doing anything that would waste energy. im finished. Goodbye Cruel World
(i fuking know its corny but hey it gets the point across)
10 Oct 2005 anomous hi im 14 years old and ive been through hell almost my whole life. Ive always thought about suicide and one day soon i will get the courage to get a gun and end it. I guess its the feeling of knowing that all the hell im going through it could all be over in a flash. knowing that this pain can be over. I go to the most crappy school and whats bad is its a christian school. i Hate my life. its so ruined. my own mom thinks om trying to take dad away from her. Im always depressed theres not a day that goes by that i dont think about committing suicide. Ive had to keep this from my friends which is very hard to do. Most times ill get depressed without not knowing why. its weired. everytime i try to tell my parents that i have a problem they say oh theirs nothing wrong with you. i want to go to tharepy to get my problems solved but something tells me its not going to work. Then i cant go to the counsolor at my school because i cant trust her. terrible isnt it? Sometimes i want to ask why am i here?To me there seems like theirs no point to it. Yea i need help. but theirs noone to help me. i litterally have no place to go. Im all alone My parents dont think i will commit suicide, but i guess they'll just wait and see wont they. But i beleive i am bipolor someone in my family is but i not saying. but i think i got it worse than them. once agian its about them not believing me. But honestly i hate my life.
28 Sep 2005 Dave Geezes fucking christ, sorry G0d, i never thought there was so much pain out there. I was just surfing the web, sad from being alone ( not dating anyone ) and I run into this. Man i have had some sad days, and they get worse many times, and many times i though about ways to kill myself to just end it and get it ovver with, but shit balls, that one single day, that one day when we run into someone that is attracted to us, the one women who really likes being around you, or for you ladies that one guy who really likes being aorund you, changes your life forever and everything we feel. I dreamt of ways to die, ended up in the hosptial on 3 occasiaons, and never wanteed anything else until i met a women that like me for me. Totally changed me, made me feel wanted, all that crap. Ya it took along time, i am happy i didnt die at the bad times now. trust me, i felt evetyhing ll of you feel. fight it. fight the pain, get away from the bad, there are better people out htere.
19 Sep 2005 x_xTitiannax_x I think a suicide kit is killing yourself and doing a good enough job that nobody finds out or notice you're gone. Well i'm pretty suicide right about now since my life is hell and i wish ppl we just leave us alone. at first i could never kill myself while thinking about the results I would cause on loves ones and my God. But honestly somethings I just think who gives a fuck!?! Later I discovered jumping out of my window while everyone's asleep at nite. But it's not high enough to kill myself on impact so that sucked. Then I tried taking pills which didnt help since my body started getting use to it... so once again another failure. And yet til this very day Moday 19, 2005 at 9:00pm I'm stilling trying to figure out a way to die without ever being noticed, feeling horrible pain, dying slow, or.................::crying:: Im sorry I really wish I would die right now. I even tried witchcraft sorta. Just if anybody out there have a single random ass care of this message before I actually find a way tonight to kill myself quickly please inform me asap and I'll tell you how great your uggestions were. THAT'S A PROMISE even if i have to go to the extremes. anyway you're prolly wondering why a person like me is on here well the same reason the rest have but prolly more simple but complicated. Feel free to let me know a good suicide at me email address: (leave your name and suggestion) Frankly I dont care just tell me what to do. I'll be sure to email you back to let you know it worked okay:-( there's just a coulpe of things i think i should say before dying............................................Chris you know who you are n I'm talking to you: "I tired honestly but erytime shyt happens its a suggestion to --->*******. But if you're not willing to MAKE it work at ALLLLLL cost no matta what then I guess I expected more of myself. I seriously love you with all my heart and I wish you to be happy but that doesnt mean I wont have you at any cost. I dont fucking care wut ppl say or think wut they saw but they're not me nor are they with me at all times so fuck them. Rite now I could care less of anybody except you n me mostly just you. But yeah ery1 here has felt suicidal once in their life. I just never giving up on us no matta wut shyt comes."
And to all the other ppl I know (mostly including my school): "All of yall can fuck off you've done no help to me except cause fucking drama." Anyway I'm bored of talking and half of this message is bullshyt except my true love feelings towards my baby bye..... 4 now!!!
03 Sep 2005 Christine Dobreva Life's definitely a miracle...I'm happy with the person I am now...But I'm surely not happy with the things that surround me. No one can truly understand. Even my fiance seems to be too shallow and non-thoughtful, he doesn't even try to see in me, that hurts. I'm again in a strange condition between happiness and sadness, between love and death. Not that I'm thinking of suicide, no way. I think I finally got rid of those thoughts. Forever. I've promised it myself and I did keep the promise. I feel much better now, somehow my mind has been cleansed. But my soul's still needs to refresh. Who's gonna give me their helping hand?
23 Aug 2005 Jesus I just want to take the time to say to everyone here..... BOO-FUCKING-HOO!!! Oh so my dad raped me in the arse! Oh gee whizz who gives a shit?? Oh so you were beaten and molested as a child! Waa-waa-waa! Seriously, if you listen really closely you'll be able to hear the violins playing in the background. Seriously, listen. I can hear them. They are playing the saddest song in the world just for you. And it goes Waa-waa-waa.
This is how God wanted the world. He made it this way for a purpose. Everything was done by his design, every insect, every movement of every strand of the hairs on your head is watched by him (including when you masterbate in the shower, you sick fuck) so all this whinning is just like giving two fingers to God's plans. And let me tell you, God doesn't take kindly to people giving two fingers to his brilliantly designed plans. He'll be like Cartman and be like *GODDAMNIT, I'M SO PISSED OFF!!!*. And gee whizz, you don't want to piss off God. You will have 2 million right-wing redneck Christian American's coming down on you like... two million right-wing redneck Seppos. Heh.
Anyway, the point is, this is what God wanted, AND DON'T FUCK WITH GOD!! He ain't no bitch. He ain't take shit from a slut like you. And let's face it, you ARE a slut, because otherwise why the hell did you let yourself get molested?? It's your fucking fault that it happened, you slut!! I bet you liked it!! It's people like you who give the world a bad name, and let me tell you God knows this.
So stop getting yourself molested all the time and listen. Just listen as I play you the saddest song in the world, just for you.
Just for you.
And how does it go?
12 Aug 2005 a depressed kid Me again = ) I have a question for everyone out their.. How long does it take to die of starvation or die of thirst? Uh like help me out here. O and if u want an easy way to die jump in front of a train. I cant lol because theirs none by me but of course thats my damn problem. I feel alone in this sad pathetic excuse for a world. Oh and also i dont believe in hell god christianaty heave or any of that religion shiat. I mean once your dead your dead and u will forever will be dead. Hmm also taking over doeses of pills DOES NOT WORK!!.. I know from personal experience. The worst thing that can happen to u is that ull get sick so its pointless. Oh and slitting your wrists rarely works because u have to cut really really really deep. If u dont ull just get lots of scars. Oh ya can anyone send me a gun or cyanide. (both 2 very good ways of killing yourself painlessly and quickly) O ya u can also just jump off a building... But make sure that its atleast 25 stories tall if not ull probaly survive and have to live with the damn fact that u failed. Hey u know what i figured out i never had a birthday party b4 and never went to one. Aint that sad.. Ya i know it is it makes me feel real shity. Oh and by the way if ur from bonsack baptist church i h8 u!!! and everyone else who go theirs. You hate me i hate u it all works out ya know..? Hmm time to start my starvation today iff i dont write back it didnt work and ill be really pissed off o well all i do is bitch and moan anyways i should slap myself with a dead fish. Yay go me and fuck all yall motherfuckers i hate u to dont worry hahahahahahahah!!!! byby
27 Jul 2005 who wants to know The best way to kill yourself when you are under thirteen is flunking out of school, taking drugs, getting pimped by the dealers, catching HIV, getting thrown out of home, and living on the streets of a poor developing country. Then you have until 15 to starve and pat yourself about what a foolproof way you have invented of killing yourself. want more? You want for instance to know how to kill yourself FAST and SURE? Alright that too my little over-dosed teenagers....i presume you want a painless death as well. Go to Baghdad, say you are an american, bleach your hair blonde if need be, wear blue contact lenses, so you look the stereotypical american. Also please dot your face with freckles and be sure to let plaque do its deed. Then say "Fuck Osama..Fuck the religion you practice" or some blasphemous words, by nightfall, I shall be sure to come and collect your bullet ridden body, toss it on a donkey driven cart and give it a propoer ceremonial burial...Christia/Jew/Islam ceremonies if you wish...Perhaps even a cremation and a dip in holy Ganges if you happen to be Hindu or Buddhist.
But if you want to die, why do you read such sites? Only meant for self indulgent bastards like me and you who pity themselves, are too ashamed to tell momma, wish they were something else and have the lazy butts of a salt bag, so they never do a thing about it and moan, while living in pure luxury with a computer and internet access 24/7 "sigh...i want to die"
Fucking bigots you are. I wish you would die, and rid the world of the pitiful adults you will inevitably become when you age...damn you
19 Jul 2005 Christine Dobreva The first time I wrote in here was in March this year...Things have changed a lot since then, I even think I'm coping with my depression...On my own, though. I went to several therapists so they could tell me/give me something so that I could stop cutting myself. No help after all...I continued cutting till the end of May, and thankfully no one found out, because I was cutting over the previous scars and they seemed to even heal easier and faster as time was passing by. During all that time I was having and was sure only in the support of my boyfriend. He helped me so much, I'd never be able to be as thankful as I should be...That's all, I guess. I'm finally seeing where I'm going. Take care all.
17 Jul 2005 Heather I thought life sucked when I was 13, but its only gotten worse. I don't care what anyone says, right now I would be better off dead - aka moving to the other side. I would be much happier there. How do I know this? I've been studying the afterlife for a VERY long time and I am 99% sure of what I know of it.
My journey to this hell we call earth started out rather nicely and was all down hill from there. I'm poor, hungry, very intelligent but no money for college, my mother was murdered two years ago, my recent boyfriend dissapeared off the face of the earth, my family consists mainly of meth-heads and born again christians, I'm beautiful but have chronic depression in which I have to maintain zoloft each day w/out having an 'episode', I ran out of health insurance so I can't afford zoloft.
And, I want to join the military, but they won't accept me because of my depression.

As far as the choices of suicide, I'd rather it look like an accident.

1. Cutting/stabbing/shooting - no, too messy and obvious.
2. drugs - bad reputation for suicide attempts
3. getting hit by a vehicle - too messy, dumb way to die
4. jumping off - too messy
5. Electrocution - Seems to be the most effective method. I might just happen to be listening to my fav cd when the stereo falls in the tub.
13 Jul 2005 God's Little Fuck-Up 13 is way too soon to make this decision.
Life might get better. I won't lie to
you, those who try to GUARANTEE it will get better are lying to you...
I know, because I'm 36 y/o, and it DIDN'T
get better for me.
Everything I've done, has turned to shit. And now I'm a useless old man, who would have naturally died by now if it were the Middle Ages (back then, human life span averaged about 30.)
I am a GENETIC LOSER, simply and plainly. I don't even have the excuse
of being abused as a child, or drug/alcohol addiction.
Since about last year, I've made a daily ritual of saying "FUCK YOU" to Yahweh (the Juseo-Christian God) just in case he exists...
Why, might you ask?
Because I had no pleasure in LIFE, and I want consistency if there is an afterlife... In short, I wish to go to Hell.
Sound perverse?
Well... it DISGUSTS me that I should be miserable and deprived HERE... in LIFE, with its good times, beautiful women, and conquests both personal and profesional. I've been denied these...
And if I were to go to heaven... I'd be this CELIBATE (WTF? That's PARADISE?) hymn-singing DRONE (puke)... and that's the closest to happines I can hope for, in all eternity?
Give me Hell, that I may spit in the face of the One who made me inferior to other men... forever.
I was a good looking guy (till the gray hair came)... I.Q. of 143... and I ended up losing my youth to being a... LOSER. A weakling. A FAILURE.
If I had any cojones, I'd have shot myself when I turned 30... maybe someday, I'll get the balls to do it, and maybe go to Hell... hope so!!!
But back to our original question... DON'T kill yourself at 13 or younger... you don't know if you're gonna be one of life's machine-gun-firing-squad- deserving inferioroid shitbags (like myself) yet! You might end up blossoming into a real bad-ass (or babe.) I've seen it happen to lots of people. You still have hope.
UNLIKE me... it's too late.
09 Jul 2005 chris r well u could go up to to a pissed off black man and talk bout his mom or call him a nigger(unless ur white it wont work)and if that doesnt work eat a hole pound of salt and then wash it down with some salt water
26 Jun 2005 SpookyPenguin Okay i'm under 13 and i've learned that there is no BEST way to kill yourself. Killing yourself is really hard to do even if you got all them fellings telling you you to do it and you really really want to. Taking pills doesn't work half the time because normal pills like Advil, tumbs, and others don't kill you. Dey just almost kill you or make ya feel real sick. Cuting your self or using a knife or blade is hard too. I remember times were i just have tooken anything sharp near me and started cutting at my skin over and over again. I never broke da skin though... Laying on rail rode tracks fucking hurts to... also, you gotta have to be able to live with the fact that you killing your self killed all the people riding that train to. I never have got my hands on a gun I don't know what it feels like to get shot so i can't explain that to you. I sometimes get fucking pissed at myself and the world over the stupidist things... Suicides imposible to describe it's like an emotion with in an emotion. Also when you kill yourself over emotion only you can feel people call you stupid or a "Posuer" or a chiken who can't deal wiht reality ...This really fucking pisses me off some times. There is alot of shit that runs throuhg your mind when you try to kill yourself... I fucking hate it i wish you could just press a button and start a new life and forget about everything...


I found this site by looking up Easy ways to kill yourself on google caus i got really mad and went insane i was like havin a Identidy Chrisis/depression/boredum/low blood sugar. And then looking to google for the fucking answer...


I'm okay now...
25 Jun 2005 Suicide Survivor "Suicide only makes sense to the suicidal." Specht
"Pain is only bearable if we know it will end...not if we deny it exists." Frankl
We grieve for our loss and for our inability to spare each other a pain so deep and so wide that words fail to express its true size.
~~Robert Smith
When sorrow has no words it expresses itself in the body.
Memories are bitter treasures, when each one is clue.
~~Christine Smith
Who knows the battles they won before they lost the war?
So I find words I never thought to speak ~ T.S. Eliot
"My brother shot himself.
He is dead.
I am a survivor of suicide."
~ Me. (Marna)
Pain so deep and buried within that we don't find out until we bury them. ~ Nancy Hodges
How Many Suicides Does It Take to Change the World?
~~Christine Smith
Oysters accept pain and make of it a pearl.
We should all be wealthy beyond our dreams.
~~Christine Smith

So these are the words of Suicide Survivors. Please take some time nd visit Each person who takes their life die one death, but those lest behind die a thousand deaths trying to put the pieces back together. We must learn to understand why so many turn to suicide as a last resort...we will never understand if we condemn them for making such a decision and we will never understand if we haven't walked in their shoes. In the words of a dear friend of mine: "You don't know hell until you've walked a mile in my shoes on a good day." Calling them selfish, cowards, and weak makes no difference in this world at all. It only proves that there are much weaker people out there who think it is okay to kick people when they are already down.

After all, it is the strong who don't survive. They are lead to believe that they should just 'grin and bear it.' Try treating cancer by grinning and bearing it!

With that said, think twice before you call someone a coward. Who is the real coward? Help someone out of the hole they are in instead of covering them with dirt.

To those of you in pain.....if you have no one to talk to, email me. I will not condemn you for even thinking of suicide. I know how it feels to die alone and to live in pain....alon. Since my son too his life, I am left to keep his legacy alive. So email me if you need any support at all. Every life is a treasure. Don't forget to visit www:// Thanks for reading this. Happiness will come tomorrow if you let it.
04 Jun 2005 Christina what a stupid question.
People that ask dumb shit like that should killthemselves
dumb ass attention seaker
02 Jun 2005 James Dosman All you people that think that things will get better if you follow god are the crazy ones.
oh and by the way the people having a hard time killing themselves that is because when we evolved in order to survive our brains had to come up with a survivle instinct that all of have not just humans the main key to this instinct is called fier it is because you feer one thing or a nother and so you never get on with it you fier the pain the way your family will feel etc. etc. you may also beleave in god and the devil and ever lasting life and all that crap but i will tell you rite here that nothing in the bible is going to change your life there is no god no perpice there is just life and if you want to end it more power to you! but realize that you are not going to go to hell because there is no such place it is because of the fier of death that people have invented all thees gods to try to explain why you shood nstay living etc. etc. none of it of course is true they like to say if you try to explain something with out all this god bull then you burn in hells fires never to come out never for realeef i say bollucks to that if our god was so kind and understanding why would he make people all around the world not just the so called chosen ones suffer what did they do to him the reasen that he does not help is because he is not there there is no god ala buta any thing like that the greek gods around the world are called miths and that is just what jesus and god are miths and as soon as you start beleaving that there is nothing to beleave you will have no worries about hevven and hell and ever lasting life because you will relise that that one title hevin and hell and ever lasting life prooves my point man has always ben so fierful of death because he does not know what happens to him after death that is why one git made the idea of a god that would answer ever thing you asked when realy the answers are so simple and flaud that you would think that humans wer making this up witch of course they are why if you want to live wast your life praying and talking to someone who is not there if you ask your do. if talking to people who arnt there or hearing things that no one else can hear and seeing things that no one can see he will tell you that that is a sign of crasyness so that is why all you who beleave in god and think they will go to hell because killing yourselves is killing a living being and there for you shood ask for forgiveness and you will be deade before you could ever hear the gun shot to the head so there fore you will go to hell for killing someone you are all mad any one who thinks like that is mad and i shore as hell don't i know about gods miths and lies that people try to shove down ower throtes please if you must be a beleaver in god christ what ever please do not wast your time ctrying to comvert us we have just as minny disbeleafs as you have beleafs so do not bother who knows we just may convert one of you with out meening to.
any how i will leave you with a little peese from the auther douglas adams that may explain life in genrel oh and by the way he did not beleave in god just like me just science and what ever man made things that are stable not god with is man made and unstable so this is james signing off good by oh and by the way you are welcome to leave me email but i do not care what it is about it will most likely be removed from my inbox before i even read it and please if i do on the off chanse read it do not send any msgs trying to convert me i will let you beleave and you shood let me disbeleave and i do not even want to hear from you unless you refuse to beleave in god good bye
Anything that happens, happens.
Anything that, in happening, causes something else to happen, causes something else
to happen.
Anything that, in happening, causes itself to happen again, happens again.
It doesn't necessarily do it in chronological order, though.
01 Jun 2005 Jennifer How about not killing yourself and giving it all to Jesus Christ he loves you and doesn't want you to kill yourself that is the devil he hates you he wants you to think theirs no plan for you life but their really is Jesus loves you so much so much that he gave his life for you so you could live eternal with him John 3:16 For God so loved the world he gave his only begotton son for who so ever believes in him shall not parish but have every lasting life Let me share my testimony with you Last year my grandmother had cancer in her neck and they put a plate in her neck that collapsed leaving her paralized the doctors said that she only had a 1% chance of ever walking again and guess what shes doing shes walking and Jesus can do wonderful things in your life if you are willing to let him Just hang in there it won't be too long until he comes back I promise just hang on God bless
31 May 2005 They call me Sir Jesus Tap Dancing Christ there's a lot of boring fuckers on this site..
There's only 2 real options in this world. Live or die. And since we ALL die eventually anyway, why the Hell are there so many people trying to prevent suicide?
I say blow your head off, and if yu can't get a gun, slit your throat from ear to ear.
Now this is the 4th time I've posted something and it still hasn't been shown on the site, so show this fucking post or it may just push me over the edge and I'll be forced to do the "unthinkable"...

Oh, and to whoever said this site persuaded their brother to sniff glue and he died - if your brother was stupid enough to sniff glue and expect NOT to die, then this world is better off without him.

Reb and VoDKa - forever.

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