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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
30 Apr 2009 Dianita My name is Diana, I am 20 years old.
I know it is hard to talk about physically abuses (rape) and few times I have try commit suicide, as well.

About 5 years ago, I was 15 years old, I went back home to El Salvador for summer vacation with my family, during the ending of vacation it turn out to be living nightmare, I was rape by my closest cousin best friend. After the trip, I came back to Canada, I was afraid to tell my mother or anyone for many years...And there were many time I tried to commit suicide to end my nightmare for many issues going on with my household of my parents fought, rape, aloneness, lost of yourself, and noone love me.

I was so lost, and alone for many years, I was acting like I careless and pretend nothing happen, but deep down I was broken, fear of men and fear to be in love or physically touch. As Result, there were so many task that I never suspect that I have changes my life, such as my friend never once met him, have into my life, and understand my pain and sadness, because he have similar suffering. Then slowly he have fought with me for internal issues to let free my pain and sorrow to move on forward in life.

And he have open my eyes to better view of the world for no Negative around me, and he have taught me that my family might have their rough path that have effect into my life but it is important that your sibling are following my pathway because I am older and they look up to me for the strength and wisdom and courage to better future.

If you wonder that I am afraid of men still? Yes, I am afraid to physically touch, but I am still learning my comfort zone, I know you can find the answer to your pain and sorrow. But I telling you that you don’t have to look, that someday a person will come to ease your pain and suffering to lighten your heart to better life.
29 Apr 2009 Alissa Close your eyes and imagine the things that you'll never get to do. You'll never get to open your own store, or have that baby boy. You'll never get to kiss your hubby/or gf as your child gets married. hell, you might not even get married at all. You will rip your soul mates one chance at true love away and you'll be letting those asses who mess with you win. Dont. You have the power to control your own life and mold it into what you want to be. Want to move out as soon as you can? Then pull up your grades, talk to your guidance counselor about scholarships and about how your parents treat you. They Are There For A Reason. I know, it seems stupid, but listen to me. My sister-in-law who ive known for over 13 years killed herself jan. 2009, now my bro is on the verge of doing it too. Please please, think.
29 Apr 2009 dunka the best way to kill yourself is not to.....
29 Apr 2009   could this be uodated plez! i d like to see my recent submissions before i kill myself tomorrow nite
29 Apr 2009 nitesh i am not under 13 but i am 20 years old and affected by everyone in this world and no one trust me and i think i am bad and lier and i dont think that liers must live on this beautiful earth i had tried to suicide before three months but accidently my life has savedbut this time i realy want a serious help from anyone the easiest way to die coz i dont have pistol or revolver so i want a diferent solution from it please mail me i dont have much time god bless you all
28 Apr 2009 Truth There lives a thing inside us who read this blog.

Its sticky and nasty and will never leave us alone.

This thing sleeps. It eats and it breaths.

We hate this thing. We love this thing because it sets us free.

This thing is gift the world has given us for nothing at all at the cost of everything.

This thing is a word that speaks for itself when the lights are off.

This thing is a sentence that repeats itself when life knocks at the door.

This thing is a paragraph that weeps for us when we only want the floor.

This thing is a page in a book that we never bought.

This thing is book on a shelf that we will never reach.

This thing is a house on a hill with slopes to dark descent.

This thing is a planet in a universe that is so cold that we like to say we feel warm.

This place is hatred, folly, disdain and dis-respect.

This place is the ending, the beginning and the set.

This place is vomit and quiet and solace and sweat.

This place is power and destitude, fucking and wet.

This place is nowhere and somewhere I'd like to be.

This person in someone who has the right to be.

This person is standing in a crowd of dust.

This soul is the truth. Full circle. No lies.

This is.

This just is.

27 Apr 2009 Code 199863689278 Are you stupid or what?
This is against the law, did you know this psycho!
You will be hearing from us!
26 Apr 2009   by heartbreak. its the worst way to die because ur no longer happy
26 Apr 2009 Phoebe Take about 100 panadol/asprin With A WHOLE bottle of vodka.
slit ur wrists for good measure
25 Apr 2009 lifes a pain, suicides the game list narrowed down for dying i say its either gonna be cutting, overdose, or drowning. its the least planning in any of them. drowning, just go out somewhere when no one on the street and tie a rope around ur feet and attach a cinderblock or something then jump over into some water, cutting make some huge a$$ cuts down the wrist, on your thighs, legs, hands and bleed to death, if 2 much comes out at once DONT attempt to go to the hospital, just let it flow, or 3 overdose, take enough pills of some kind (vicodin, percocet generic, oxycontin (painmed), or 40 ibprofins one night and then pray that you wont wake up the next day. thats what my list of suicide ways would be. one shall work if not take a huge overdose, make some cuts down your wrists, and then go jump in a lake, ocean, river, stream somewhere to drown yourself and that way u do a suicide using all 3 methods. brilliant huh?
22 Apr 2009 entry 420 Chinese children, automatically, your imagination can perceive this. Thats a fact! But if you can invent so easily, why can't you channel this? Start your brain up people! your vocabulary must expand, you color scheme must change, your concept of life has to step back. You have to tear through the archives of your mind ripping up and coulaging everything, smearing paint like some post Warhol pissant. it's the 20 ist century people are chilled out on prescription drugs, what you did doesn't matter to them. Unless you can sell it, being cools not that hard, you just have to be a lucky good looking asshole who likes to take advantage of people with his slightly intelligent schemes. Truely though, we give away love like it's buying a new pair of underwear, smehhhh, your actions don't matter in the artistic realm, as long as you are always swift confident, and different. always under estimate your actions, if it kills you, fiend of the energy, bite down hard on this and all realization that may crumble your drift from the real realm on. I write this to you after a five day pot smoking and valley dwelling, jam sesh, which is starting to become routine. I even rolled a great joint tonight after watching 2 hours of discovery channel, before witch i got high and jammed, playing this beautiful somewhere over the rainbow cover with this interesting eighteen year old girl who lives down the street from me. now im listening to this nice forest music. It makes my sentence a frost and my brain a shotgun for ambition.
21 Apr 2009 zane says

has been
Online Since

technically, if thats correct, mouchette isn't almost 13 at the present
she would be presently, almost 23
17 Apr 2009 Ken G Hi. I'm a 51 year old guy. No I'm not going to tell you how to kill yourself. Because I know you and everyone else thinking about doing that..

Rooftop of an 18 story building? Been there. Standing on a ladder with a rope around my neck? Yup. Confined for 72 hours against my will in a lock down ward? 3 weeks inpatient therapy at a mental hospital? Done those too. And about 20 different meds.

And then one of the meds started working. I'm lucky. For some people meds don't work or have awful side effects. There's no way to tell except try them. And that takes time. Took me 18 years. No they're not happy pills.

But they can take away the desperation. And then you see new ways to think.

When we were young we wanted to put everything in categories with names. But that limits how you see and think. "Am I gay or straight?" 2 categories. But you can be sometimes one, or the other, or both, or in the middle. Sex is like a game. If you say to yourself "I'm totally a football player." Fine, play football. But that doesn't mean you can't enjoy baseball too.

So many times I hear depressed or stressed people say "Such is the only way." That's limited thinking. Without limits the horrible can be seen as just an annoyance.

I owe my life to a guy named Matt (I don't even know his last name) that talked me out of jumping 31 years ago. It's been rough at times. But worth it.

I hope before killing yourself that you'll consider maybe your thinking could change and whatever reasons you have might not be fixed in stone. And that maybe, someday, you'll like yourself and the world.

I'll check in here every once and a while. Feel free to ask anything either here or in email.
16 Apr 2009 sandra I think you are fucken crazy to put all these ideas on the net you must be all fucken real sick'os
16 Apr 2009 alexandra um i dont think killing urself is gonna help becuase if u kill urself ull go straight 2 hell.&hell iz wayy worser than ur lyfe or iz iht???? i cnt i cant compare iht i never been 2 hell haha and hopefully i nevr do.although my life is pretty shitey i hate iht iam madd confused ugh... fuck iht! i kn0 how u pplz feel! trust me i juz wanna get the hell out and neva come baqk! but i cant ugh... but datz juz how life iz i guess wat yew gys can do iz smoke sum weed and try 2 relax datz wat iam about 2 do
15 Apr 2009 kasey just do it. gun in the mouth. rope around theneck. pills in the stomach. do it. do it. do it. do it.
14 Apr 2009 moo By accident, I suppose.
13 Apr 2009 Gil When they take all the fun away from you while being a child. when you're abused
you're already dead
13 Apr 2009 vint sit in a bathroom take a shower and look out the window
dont open the door to let your cat in, dont make any noise
13 Apr 2009 entry two Hello Mouchette, I hope you're well. I'm disregarding your prompt again, sorry. There's a baby dying outside my window. Then again it's probably just a cat murmuring, with help from overtones of my imagination. I wish I slept in a bed with lots and lots of strange people, now that's the way to live, or sleep, rather. These things I say are all bullshit. I will continue to contradict myself while fearing each new utterance and creation. Thats preposterous, I'm sorry, I'm not helping any cause. I show my true colors in cyberspace and bleed into blurbs, watching the green flicker of text as badly spelled sentences of someone not thinking mind(out loud!, in text,) types out their strongly one sided yet poorly worded argument of "ballsack". I apologies, this is non sensible, and would surely offended any English teacher. Just remember, your preconceptions magnified is what sculpts your society into a strict rule book. Just laugh at what is and carry on with your indifference in the world of what's not.

P.S. It's my birthday today. Huzzah I'm dying!

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