Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
16 Apr 2010 Kate Notto do it at all!
16 Apr 2010 Charlotte I dont even know what to say my heads a complete mess im 18 (turn 19 in may) and my life....well i wouldnt even call it a life is a constant nightmare. I suffer from depression and anxiety to the MAX i have Madd mixed anxiety depressive disorder,im on medication for this im sick of life everyday is pain pain pain felt like this since 12yrs old i didnt finish school due to this i dropped out of college due to this and i cant get a job because this i have EXTREME social anxiety when im around people i get chronic stomach aches and sometimes puke up because of my nerves i also slur my words and get severe sweaty palms around people i dont know why me? Why am i like this? I dont have a friend in the world if i died tomorrow id have about 4 people at my funeral and thats family i have cut my arms i now have scars up my left arm i mean why am i alive whats the point my father has bi polar disorder so to add to my crap life i live with somebody who has more ups and downs than a yo yo god i just wish i get the nerve i need to end my pain...
16 Apr 2010 joe There's a special way to commit suicide, and that is: Take someone else with you
16 Apr 2010 Donte Not to. Get help. There is so much help available today. I too thought of suicide at probably about the age of 13. Throughout my 30 plus years since, I've often continued to think about it. I've had good days and bad days, I never sought the professional help I really needed for this issue and I guess I am really here today because it still plays on mind. With the help of our Higher Power we can see this through. Someone mentioned that life is a roller-coaster ride. Well, I happen to agree. Let's just keep riding it out, doing self help, getting professional help, helping each other to move on to whatever our next mission of the moment or day will be. Good times do not last but neither do Bad times. Even though they (bad times) seem to linger, lets not put our focus there, lets press on to make tomorrow a better day for ourselves, if we do that, surely it will be better for someone else. Blessings to all this comment reaches.
16 Apr 2010 Man A. Ger Play Russian Roulette.
15 Apr 2010   step 1 buy watergun
step 2 paint it black (the water gun and not a red door)
step 3 visit local police store and point it around
15 Apr 2010   Have a shit load of unprotected sex, catch some radical disease and wait.
15 Apr 2010 flipashit The best way to kill yourself is to try not to kill yourself. (Death loves irony)
15 Apr 2010 Savannah You don't.
14 Apr 2010 damero79 This isn't an answer to the question asked more of a response on my suicidal thoughts we can't all be successful in a monetary system of life its impossible because everyone can't be wealthy every body can't have money to do this or do that its cost money to have fun to go see a movie u r actually interested in money to go to aquarium and see the sea's monuments money to go to six flags and get thrills no what about the light bill car note house mortgages to live comfortably we all need a college Education and half of America is not that smart life is just not for some people and I am believed to be one of them
14 Apr 2010 Katiee Im Katiee Miller i am 14 years old and i have tryed killing my slef many times!
i have tryed and thought about killing my self since i was 12 years old! pretty young.
i have never really tolled anyone in my family that i have wanted to do this.
because they may think that i am fucking crazi!
i have asked my mom what she would do is i tryed to kill her and she freaks the fuck out,its pretty funny i think!(:
i tell her how i i will kill her and where i will put her body and every thing! But like i can see in my mind waht im going to do to her and where im going to put her body and shit!
i have asked my mom and dad and my boyfriend if they have ever thought about killing them self or other people my mom and dad said hell no,but my boyfriend said that he has!
so i know i am not alone,and after i found this web sight i was like oh shit there are other people like me to.
I have cut my self for ever i have always coverd it up and no one on my family has ever seen it bt people at school have and i try very ard to hide it bt its really hard when it bleeds alot!
people have goon down to the school people and tell them that i cut my self and shit and that just pisses me off even more!
i have had to go to the ER for shaking and panic atacks and shit like that!
i dont know it i am like depressed or what.
well here is my story. email me is u can help hee please!
14 Apr 2010 celina by staying alive .
14 Apr 2010 not telling there is no purpose for me in this world.
im going to crash my car somewhere.
14 Apr 2010 ruby WHAT! there is no such thing as kids playing suicide R U CRAZY!why not some fun game something appropiate ur such a BAD example and ur fu**ing crazy GET A LIFE! dumb***
14 Apr 2010 Oliver I'm sitting in my room, there is a noose in my bathroom tied to the shower rail and I've been trying to work up the courage to kill myself, guess I'm just apprehensive of the 10 min or so of excruciating pain it will take to asphyxiate myself.

Its not a new problem for me, I am 23 and I have been clinically depressed for about 5 years, I've never fully attempted suicide but i've come close many times. Recently I have become so introverted and hopeless, I've always had high hopes for myself, I wanted to be a filmmaker and/or a musician and/or an artist, I've spent years cultivating the technical skills for such endeavors, but my own obscurity and insecurity has ruined my chances of doing anything with these skills. I just dropped out of art school for the second time, and I am bound to be evicted since im in student accomodation, my student loan has been cut and I've got no job and a lot of debt, also dont have any real friends and the one person I loved says she has never hated anyone as much as me and is glad i'm miserable. If anyone can tell me why I shouldn't kill myself please email me:
14 Apr 2010 ro drinking bleach
13 Apr 2010 Ed I think of killing myself daily and at night just pray that it's my time to go in my sleep. My life has completely fallen apart the last two years and it's just a mess. My teen years were horrible, my 20s were a mess, I lost my job, lost my apt because of it, can't find work, living unemployment check to check and now basically ran out of money. I'm 11k in debt and had to move back home and hear nothing but shit from my parents on a daily basis..Life really isn't worth living, is there a point? No, I don't think so. Some people were born for greatness, some are just put on this planet for no reason. I can't catch a break. I just can't get that one chance I need. Life truly fuckin sucks, it is true..when your down you just get stepped on..The rich get richer, the poor poorer. I'm just so sick of it all already..One day I will have the balls, I just hope it happens naturally or in a car accident first. If shit doesn't get any better...I really don't know anymore. Life is so unfair, how are some people happy and some never get an opportunity...I'm such a loser
13 Apr 2010 Chris To all of you who have "attemted" suicide i say your a bunch of posers. It is unbelievably easy to end your own life. To have failed at doing so means you did not really want want to end it. You simply crave attention which is the reason you probably wanted to kill yourself anyway because you did not get enough attention.
13 Apr 2010 Jay I read everything.

The posts,the forums,the pages,the words. And suddenly,I don't feel as alone as before. I think I mistakened suicide as a solution to my problems. Let me explain. You see, you want the never ending pain to end. It's draining your energy,it's depressing you,you hate this feeling. You mistaken it for life. Yes,life is unfair,but if you died,life would go on. And it wouldn't have solved my problems,either. Mom would have still hit my siblings,she would have still threaten to call the police if we didn't agree with her,and she still would have thrown things at them,objects and words. It wouldn't solve anything; But I still wonder to myself,'Is it really selfish of me to want to be happy?' Mom says it is. She says she should be happy,because she deserves it. I don't deserve anything. I'm selfish,ungrateful,ugly,lazy,fat,et cetera.. But I don't care,because I already know I am all those things.

You're probably thinking to yourself 'Are you completely mad? You're none of these things,she shouldn't call you that!' But the thing is,I don't know what to think anymore. Everyday,I'm isolated from everybody,hiding in my room,pretending like mom doesn't mean the things she does. I hate it. I want it to end. Everything. But it's only now I realize it's not life,it's this. I just want everything to stop,like the 'pause' button on my remote,and think. Think clearly,full of clarity,not of influence and judgements that I was raised with since birth. But please,don't kill yourself. At least,for the 'wrong' reasons. (But hey,everybody is entitled to their own opinion.) What I mean is,calm down,breath a few times,and let the pain fade away. Even if it's just for a moment. It doesn't matter if you're thirteen,nine,twenty five,or fourty. I love you. I don't know who you are,or your name,but I do. I love you, because you have decided you don't want this. The never ending pain. (You're fucking awesome.) Thank you for making me feel like I'm not alone in this seemingly cold,cruel world.

Thank you.

13 Apr 2010 robert i always think of that song "theres always someone more fucked up than you" when im feelin shitty. dont remember what it was about or who by, i think its just the title puts things in perspective or something. ive been through all that shit when i was younger, but i didnt have a hard childhood, well, not in comparison to some people, try living in iran or palestine or saudi arabia, theres plenty of hell holes out there. but i didnt realise my problems were so small. its because of the society we live in i guess where the different are penalised and we're all led to compete and we're so focused on ourselves its hard to see things from an outside perspective. but now looking back on all that i can see how it has changed me and made me who i am, and we all wouldnt be such interesting people if we didnt have our ups and downs, even if the downs go on for years and the ups for days. its funny, for the last 4 months ive listened to nothing but Elliott Smith he makes me smile behind my eyes, and id reccomend him to all who visit this site. anyway if anyone wants to talk
oh and to answer the question i always thought skydiving without a parachute would be a good way to go.

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