Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
03 Mar 2010 matt I think the best way to go would be to Over dose, atleast i would go out feeling good. I am 20 and i think that everything would be alot easier if i wasnt alive. Everyday is a struggle , and i think about how i would do it and who be at my funeral, who would cry, how my family would react. I dont have that much more time.
03 Mar 2010 An old friend Knife. Wrists. It's the quickest, but there will be pain.
03 Mar 2010 JP jump in front of a car on the freeway
03 Mar 2010 broken. i wonder if he calls her the s word. how can someone tell you that they will never forget how much you love them. how can they tell you how you are a prize to them. how can they tell you that they just want you and no one else not ever. how can they tell you it's always just going to be you for them. how can they ask you how you want your first time to be. how can they tell you that they will wait for however long it takes until your ready. how can they do all these things and then just leave you. after all that how can they say its just not meant to be. how can they get mad because you called too much because your care too much. how can they do that??? how??? i just can't do this anymore. knowing he's probabaly talking to someone else now. waiting for someone else's calls. emailing someone else. talking to someone else. phoning someone else. thinking about someone else. dreaming about someone else. it just hurts too much. i remember when the first time he called me his excited and happy i felt in my heart. all that. everything. gone. because i called too much. because the school people were stupid. if it really isn't meant to be, then why does it still hurt??? why after all these months do i still cry myself to sleep??? why do i think of him every second of every day? why? if it wasn't meant to be...wouldn't this be easy? wouldn't it be easy to just forget him. why do i still feel empty? why do i still feel alone? WHY????????? i am so sick of everything. i'm always hoping i'll get hit by something...bus, car. something that will just make the aching end. why do i miss him so much? why do i call him still? why did i fall so helplessly in love with this man??? why? its just too hard. it's just too fucking hard.
03 Mar 2010 broken. i called. someone answered. i panicked and hung up. i think it was him. sounded like he was good. sounded like he was expecting a call. maybe a new girlfriend? probably. he sounded okay. so that is good. i am glad he is okay. i guess maybe this new person makes him good like that. unlike what i did to him. oh it's been 3 months since i've heard that voice. i can still hear it in my ears. that one 'hello' will give the strength to get through a few more weeks. he's probably mad now. he probably knows it was me. i won't do it again. i'm glad your happy with your new person. i'm glad you've destressed of all the stress i caused you. maybe you'll forget me altogether now. and i'll become a nobody all over again. just a sad girl that no one see's. invisible. alone in life, alone in death.
03 Mar 2010 Survivor There is no best way to kill yourself. There is only one way, and that road will always lead to death (obviously). But none of us who ADMIT to want to commit suicide will or should take that road. We are stronger than that; those of us who admit to it, admit to a problem we have: We admit that we are too courageous to do it (and thats why we havent done it, those of us who are on this page have decided not to kill ourselves yet). Death is so welcome, and so easy. Its been more than 9 years since these thoughts of suicide entered my mind, and Im still alive. Its because I cant do it, because I wont, because even though its the easy way out, its not the road I wish to take. We are proud, we who admit to the desire of surrenderring our souls; we are stronger than death itself because not only do we admit to giving in, but we understand the pain that brings living with this burden. Every single day that we live is a day survived, a day of pain, of hurt and of thinking we are undeserving of anything that is good. And yet, we are survivors, we are stronger than your average person who lives their life as a fairytale, or as a "normal" person. We overcome much more than anyone else; and this makes us stronger, it makes us more powerful, it makes us smarter and more perceptive of life, of love, of happiness. Each smile is more appreciated by us, even if no one else knows. It makes us special, because we feel more than people without those feelings (the negative side effect is that we have to live through pain, but trust me when I say no one knows the happiness we know, even if it was just for a second, in a dream, no one normal will come even close to this feeling; how do I know? because Ive seen "happy" people, and they know not what happiness is, what pain is, what sadness is; they are dead in the face of feelings, which is why they dont understand us or care to understand us or the idea of them its a taboo, to us its a reality that eats away at us). Regardless, We are lost souls, but we are so many, just read what people have had the courage to confess in this website. Its not about family, its not about friends or boyfriends or even God; its about you, or in my case, me and my willing and ability to survive in a world that wants me to die or commit suicide. They say, kill yourself, I say, make me; and everyday they try to but I will damn well laugh in their faces and say: if you were me, you would kill yourself, but I will survive whatever challenge you force upon me, not even your evil will of self destruction will murder me for I will overpower my self hatred, my own desire to die, my incapacity of dealing with the pain in this world. I will survive, even if I dont want to, only to prove to myself and the world that these feelings of self loathing will not overcome my desire to defeat them. Its so easy to die, its harder to live with the desire, and YES, that does make us better people. Are you a survivor or another statistic? Because, believe it or not, its your choice. You can choose to be better than everyone else or be just who they expect you to be.
02 Mar 2010 alexis I think its fun to know that people out there are killing themselves. The truth is, we as consumers are really messing up this planet. The best way to heal the planet from the damage we done is if we all kill ourselves. The real heroes the the ones that died by their own hands. Congrats to you all! I hope one day I'll be able to follow in your footsteps!
02 Mar 2010 claurio Lose your imagination,lose your invisible friends,lose your castle in the clouds, lose that curiousity to plunge plunge into the rabbit hole...Lose that and naturally one way or another the rest will follow.
02 Mar 2010 BuffyDecember This message is for LOST WANDERER.......I read your post and sympathize with your pain and disgust with life. But suicide is not the answer and neither is cutting. If you haven't cut in 3 months, DO NOT START AGAIN. Please visit a website I found that has been a real help to me. It is Help is here and hope is real.
01 Mar 2010 Messenger Ending your life will not be the end of the road! It will be the beginning of an eternal suffering that you cannot even begin to imagine. There is an internal being inside of each of us called the spirit and this being is eternal. If you kill yourself now your inner man will instantly transition into hell. Before God suicide is a SIN and if you die through suicide you die in sin, and you will suffer the concequence of eternal condemnation. That's the bad news, but yje good news is that no matter what you're going through God can and will in the name of Jesus Christ. Jesus? Yeah Jesus, only through the name of Jesus can God really connect with humanity. Pray in the name of Jesus and ask God the father to reveal himself to you through his Holy Spirit. He will do it and everything (all the pain, hurt, confusion, and anger) will go away. You have nothing to lose! Trust and give God an oppurtunity so you can recieve his love.
01 Mar 2010 broken. i wonder if he still hears me.
01 Mar 2010 Max I have no idea how the best way to kill myself is under 13. I'm 19 and still trying to figure it out. I got taken out of school right before my exams so I'm basically screwed when it comes to getting a job. We also moved to a country which doesn't speak English. Left behind my friends, my girlfriends and even half of my family. I literally have no access to pills or a gun. Just a knife and a high balcony. Each one looks tempting and scary a second after. Like a chick staring down a cupcake but remembering she's on a diet. I've decided to jump off my building on the 27th of March. A day before my birthday. It's the deadline for me trying to get a job or else I move again and work with my dad who I despise. I'll try and find over alternatives, if all fails though. Geronimo!
01 Mar 2010 broken. it's funny how life can feel so short when your happy and then so long when that happiness goes away. i feel so trapped. so suffocated. so lonely. everything hurts, and i just want it to stop. atleast i tried? didn't that mean anything? i guess not. as soon as they mention the m word, i'm going to have to make a choice. none of the options i have are good ones. if your waiting for love to save you, don't bother. there is no knight in shining armour, there is no light at the end of the tunnel. it was stupid of me to think that someone would save me. would love me. would care for me. it was stupid of me to fall this hard and this deep for someone. i am not loveable. i am no prize. just a stress. i am stressed out with myself even. what's the point in getting out of bed? nothing matters. i feel dirty and broken. if your special to someone, consider yourself lucky....not everyone get's to be special. i feel like rotten garbage. the headaches won't go away. the emptiness is becoming unbearable. i have no where to go. no one who will listen. i don't know what to do anymore. i don't know how to save myself. i am so tired. so much for fighting for love and freedom.
01 Mar 2010 Mike Hawk Listen to me. I stumbled onto this site accidentally but I'm so glad that I did. I really think that it is sick that people are advising a teenager the best ways to kill themselves rather than finding a more rational solution.

It pains me to read all the posts that are revealing the pain and suffering that some of you feel. Some may be fake, but I know some are not.

To those that believe in God, always knwo that he is there with you no matter hwo lonely you feel. However, God cannot force you to be happier, you have to to get up and make an effort yourself. My those of you who have families, always remember that suicide hurts them more than it hurts you. There is often a chain of depression and potential suicide of those who love you after you die. They will dwell on your death and be tortured forever, please think about them if you don't care about yourself.

Try to have faith, and know that hurting yourself is NEVER the way to go.
I hope everyone eventually finds the path that leads them away from self harm and to a life of happiness. I sincerely do.

Your friend.
28 Feb 2010 Kevin West Mouch you are obviously not well as seen by the stuff here. I dont condone this type of web site, its up there with hatred as far as i am concerned. yes free speech is all and well, i agree there but not trash like this.I use my real name and i am not hiding how i feel. And i hope my comments and others are read by all.
I have family and friends who did commit suicide, this web site wont help stop this.
27 Feb 2010 BuffyDecember I hope you don't figure out how to succeed at rendering yourself extinct. There can't be anything that is so bad or a life that is so awful that this is the fix. Trust me, I have tried twice and I am glad I didn't get it right.
27 Feb 2010 Lost Wanderer i have no one and could care less. im alone and can no longer see. I want out but the misery is shooting through me. My life used to be good back when I had him, school, and everything. but now my life is a total drage that i know longer care to live. theres pain everyday with darkness inside. I try to live but I want to really DIE!! I put up a fake front so no one knows my true feelings and its then that I feel some dignity. When im around people my life is so alive but then I am left alone again and just to be waiting to die. there is no reason I should write this but feeling my insides being why. I need help but Ive got some already but I still feel like scrap and wanting to cut. I haven't cut in almost 3 months but everyday I think about making just one more. soon I will start but soon couldnt be soon enough. i hate this guy for everything he told me was a LIE and now I hope that he will DIE!! If I could die right here and right now I would take this person with me so he can feel the pain that I do. I dont like feeling this way but its all that I have for everything and everyone has left me in this world of despair where I am to fight to live or die on my own.
27 Feb 2010 Aaron If all the cool people like yourselves kill yourself, then us people who want a better world are going to have to fight it through with one less person on our side...
27 Feb 2010 Ktm Well i found this website after searching the best ways to commit suicide for atlest the 15th time ive been battling depression for well over 5 years and im only a teenager. I have tried suicide many times within these 5 years and each time my best friend is there to stop me. Ive been to cousiling for cutting and i havent been back because i hate it. I know i need help but i just dont feel like i deserve it.
26 Feb 2010 Davis Imperatore Probably poison, but it is hard to find. I think a lot of teens cannot tie a good rope or find guns. Exposure is painfull. So to jump into traffic that is good.

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