Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
16 Feb 2010 Joanne why does he call me fat and hit me when i have given everything?why does he feel the need to beat me and call me names then laugh when im lying on the floor crying.He calls me worthless,pathetic,ugly,not worth his time but yet he says if i leave him he will kill me.I just want all this pain to end i just wanna die.I have already tried twice and he rang an ambulance and saved me just to give me shit again.
15 Feb 2010 Disturbed First off, I love America but we've obviously come to the point where we're gonna have to make some revisions to what can be allowed as "Free Speech". Words that can cause one to harm another, including oneself should not be allowed and should be viewed with the same regard as hate speech or direct threats. Sites like this one should be banned and removed from the internet. Those that defy the regulations and maliciously try to cause harm regardless should be arrested and jailed just as readily as someone commiting physical assault.
14 Feb 2010 kurac od ovce kurac jebo te otac u usta jebo te cijeli svijet šta šalješ spam na mail jebo te glupu
14 Feb 2010 Leon Suicide you foul temptress; you whore on the corner of rash decisions and unbearable loneliness. You strut in your sanguine dress in the depths of night when the moon and stars are too choked by fog and foul weather to give hope with your profess of false love and release. A walking sin, tempting to the weary weak and unwanted; to those wavering in the wind or walloping in the wanton. All they wish for is saccharine stability. They see the beauty in what you offer and the ease and promise of your service. I know it is a lie, your nothing more than a snake waiting to strike. A snake hissing menacingly in a slow stance awaiting the moment to steal the soul and sanctity of those drowning in sadness. Though your body smooth and sultry I know how malicious your mind is. The eye is gullible and easy to please, but your scent gives way to your intent. The scent of tainted flowers and smoke. How willing you are to take and how patient you are in your methods. When you steadily penetrate the Cimmerian agonized mind of a man extend your bony hand to offer an apocryphal paradise, a permanent escape, an eternal night of vain surrender. Many will take your hand. Those who do are prematurely ushered in to the unknown leaving behind a burden of grief to kin and close ones. Does not the world have too much pain without it? Your pact an exchange from the sufferings of one to the sufferings of many. I pray not for you to end your service, for you are eternal, a sister to Death and a harbinger of dark reverie. No. I pray for those who are in the aphotic depths of sorrow to abstain your hand your call your sight your smell your offer. I hope when you reach for them they will hastily decline and ignore you. I hope they will create a bastion of stone and steel to harbor there hope and keep you away just long enough. Just long enough for another to reach with loving hands and pull them from the darkness into the light. I know how strong and sinister you are, for I remember your persuasive proposition, but I also know how naïve you are in doubting the resilience and vivacity of man.
14 Feb 2010 XxEmOxX Okay, I was going to read all these posts, but there's too many. So I'ma just say what I'm thinking here. Y'all are saying that life is so awesome and there's always a birght side. I don't care about what will happen if my life goes on. Really, there's no point. The only reason I'm not dead yet is because every time I had a chance, my dumbass tried to commit suicide with my best friend right in front of me. I think that it felt better that way. Knowing that atleast one person would know what really happened. I've put a shotgun to my head. I've put a butcher knife to my throat and shoved. But my best friend bitch-slapped me and took them away. I mean, I'm your typical emo. Black hair, scarred wrists, black clothing, continous dark thoughts, always listening to screamo. And on top of that I'm anorexic. But, apparently, everyone alse thinks I'm so damn special. I can't take it. I was going out with someone. And I dumped him. He's suicidal as fuck now and it's all my fault. I can't believe I did that to him. This is one of my websites:
I want to die. By the way, I'm 12 years old. I'm one of the sluttiest, "dont touch me or your gettin your ass kicked, bitch", most suicidal 12 year olds you'll ever hear of, but still. Please look at my website though. Also, a ton of preppy freaks always ask me why I cut, why I'm like this, why I don't get help, why I'm not on pills. I cut because I've had my heart broken to many damn times. I'm like this because I can't take this shit anymore. I can't get help because apparently my parents don't think I'm fucking depressed enough. And if I did take pills, I would OD 'till I die. I'd talk to one of my friends, but I can't trust people. Not that much. I'm not looking for sympathy either. And for all you pussies that are saying suicide is a way out for cowards, I bet you don't have the fucking guts to do it yourself. If you want to argue, come and say it to my face. A broken jaw never killed anyone, I don't think.
13 Feb 2010 severed. someone can't just hurt this much and then just keep living can they? something has to break eventually right? the stress in my head, and aching in my right, at some point it will kill me right? or destroy me? especially if it keeps going on like this. to the point where i havent slept in weeks, i eat just to throw it up, take god knows how many effing excedrin to stop my head from pounding. it has to stop? something has to stop right? i mean, there will be relief at some point right? there has to be. the rest of my existence can't be this pain and just this pain, can it? tommorrow will be my first valentines day without him. first in 3 years. the thought of it makes me sick to my stomach. there is no where to go to escape the pain. it is inside me. and i can't seem to make it go away. i'm going to go crazy soon. i'm going to snap. somethings going to happen. it has to. if it just keeps going on like this, i'm certain i will snap. it's just too much. there's no way to make it stop. who knew this was what life was? i mean, when your a kid, and you think about your future, you have all sort of plans. who knew this is all it would be? just pain. even death won't stop the pain. because after death is judgement, and after judgement is punishment for your sins. my sins are so much. the punishment will never end. who knew this is all it was? i can't believe this is life.
12 Feb 2010 Mary j0nes Hmmmm i dnt kn0 im 17 and trying ta find da best way ta kill myself s0 ... i dnt want ta liv tis lif n0 m0re
11 Feb 2010 princess I would not like to see someone under 13 kill themselves. However, IF thye ar eunder Extremely trying circumstances as I am, and feel despite help, they cannot survive depressed and crying anymore. If they feel their problems are so much greater then their coping skills, then feel like me. And I want to die. I found this website by searching for non frightinig ways to commit suicide
11 Feb 2010 all dressed up Mouchettes house, oh the comfort of your childish watery home. The morning will come and I will be drunk on red wine with you and have to go to school. When I get there everything will seem strange and bright and convolutted but when I sleep in your livingroom, mouchette, amongst the warm paintings and mirriors and maps and books, well I'll feel the depraved madness of my youth escape me happily in z-waves of memmory.

Oh these nostolgia trips, this night will be like everyother restless and empty.
10 Feb 2010 steven pill
10 Feb 2010 death is a comin' im gona kill myself i act all friendly in school but realy im depressed so i'll probably be gone next month or so.
10 Feb 2010 Dan Pain
heavy stone in my stomach, strings attached pulling all corners of my insides into the middle of my body, then the tears, they don't stop, chest heaving, breathing heavy, everything getting heavier, then the darkness, dark thoughts, dark moods, no light, no light to be seen anywhere, looking searching for a way out, but the pain oh the pain, no end in site, there must be an easier way to stop the pain.Death, then silence ahhh peace at last.

selfish, whos being selfish, the people who resent you for ending your life, as if you were living purely for their pleasure, they should be glad that you found a place of peace, because at the end of the day thats all you want is the peace.No more thoughts, no more pain, no more voices, no more pretending, no more noise just the peace.
08 Feb 2010 Jennifer Children suffer many things that most people don't understand. Before I was thirteen I tried to kill myself on several occasions. i thought i was alone and had nothing to really live for. It was the only option and all i could think about was how great it would be to finally get some sleep. But in all honestly no one is qualified to tell people how to kill themselves because anyone that is capable of typing it obviously has never been successful. I'm 17 now and haven't tried to kill myself in over a year which is a huge accomplishment for me because i usually don't last 6 months. So if anyone needs someone to talk to please email me at know its not the most inspiring email but i will lend anyone an ear. Please don't hesitate, i'm here for you
08 Feb 2010 inès vous avez tt la vie devant vous !!!!!donc restez en viiiiiiiiiiie !
07 Feb 2010 almost there the best way to kill yourself is to drink yourself to death. I mean, fuck, you'll have some good times, right? you'll go nuts at the bar and dance on tables and get into fist fights and crash your car (if you're lucky you might even kill yourself in a car crash) you'll have sex in stinking toliet cubicles and you'll try to kill your best friends for no reason. well, i know i did. and guess what? if you're hanging around piss heads no one will even raise an eyebrow! hooray for uncontrolled alcoholism! as they say drink until you can't feel feelings anymore!
i mean, life can suck balls... hell, i know. i won't go into it, my point is that the best way to make things better is to make a change in lifestyle. no one said it had to be a change for the better.....
06 Feb 2010 Biscuit Melvin You know when you see other people who are happy? I hate them. How can they be happy?

But it's because they're pretty and rich,
they have nice clothes,
and a car, a perfect boyfriend,
they're smart and
they've been places
all over the world.
They can talk to people
it isn't a problem for them,
they have friends
and that's why they're happy.
05 Feb 2010 Gennifer The problem with suicide and choosing the right way to die is the fact that you will never know the right way. I'm not afraid of dying, in fact I would embrace it at times, but I'm afraid of not dying the right way. I want to feel pain, feel life leaving my body when I die- like dying of cancer from smoking to many cigs. But I also want to feel the intense pain of being shot or stabbed. The idea of pills and sleeping would also be amazing. But if I had only one choice, one choice at all it would be jumping. To feel freedom. I used to spend all day thinking about this stuff even though my life was fine. Recently things have gotten better but you always remember those thoughts. Breathe deep, forem.
04 Feb 2010 Keenan You only got with 30 months, so live it up, live what you call life, and hopefully you may survive, but i doubt ill meet you. ill be away from the corpse filled streets. bye (:
03 Feb 2010 Rupa Plz suggest how to make a suicide appear as a accident.
02 Feb 2010 daphnee At the age of twelve I made may first attept by which I swallowed a bottle of over-the-counter sleep aid and cold medicine from the medicine chest. I then was place into pyschatric care and on medication. After my parents divorce some years later I began cutting. I have a ladder of scars tattoed on both my arms. I have attempted suicide another six times since. I have over-dosed on heroin and clonipine cocktails three times.

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