Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
03 Apr 2010 lexa im 13 and i tried to kill myself by overdose of excedrin. very painful. i didnt want to cut myself because people say it hurts but so does this way because it destroys your liver. you vomit a lot, dizzy, weak, cold, SO MUCH pain in my stomach. just dont try it this way
02 Apr 2010 leo machado Technically, cut your veins, but your own body will not let you,your body systems are made for you so you can't hurt yourself without PAIN.
Pain in the heart is far worst than body pain, im 17 years old and i don't want to die yet or die in vain,
IF YOU WANT TO KNOW SOMETHING GOOD; Cut your veins near a hospital to get the experience after that you will se that it's not a joke.
never saw the SAW movie? well everyone diserve a second chance.

Im Leo Machado from Uruguay and i CAN help you just send me a Email i WILL HELP YOU, JUST CALL DON'T be afraid.
PD: There is ALWAYS another way out of the laberynth i tryied to commit suicide 2 times and now i appreciate life more than ever :) and i am happy!
02 Apr 2010 Miserable, Cynical Twat I hate my life, I dream of dying, I have tried, I don't give two shits about my family, "Hey man, you don't have the right to do that to your family", why do they have the right to bring me here, then make me HAVE to live if I don't want it.
Its like getting me a gift of xmas like a set of golf clubs, me playing a few rounds, hating it, and them saying "You don't have the right" when I try to sell them on ebay.
Fuck them.

I'm fucking stupid as hell, I have a tested I.Q of 91, you can probably tell by my grammatical and punctuational errors, I fucking hate my brain!!!, its fucking broken, I come from a genetically dumbassed family, I'm not creative either, I have tried to be, but I'm not, I will never be considered good at anything. many people who are good at stuff and have niche in life have found it by time they are 20, I suppose my niche is the best toilet cleaner in the world.
I can't tell you how much I hate myself, if I was a seperate person I wouldn't give myself the time of day, I hate myself!, I hate my life, I am doomed to just live a lonely, miserable, passionless, braindead life, I'm fucking braindead, I'm a fucking retard, and I hate myself, I have tried to kill myself, but I'm too fucking stupid to even do that right.
With my brain power, its like life never even gave me a chance!, I hate life!!!, I FUCKING HATE IT!!
I can't go to college, I can't be creative like the people who inspire me every day, I never had the brain power to do anything creative.

If you are a young teen and you have nothing but your intelligence, USE IT, PLEASE!, I'm just like you minus the intelligence, and when you are as low on the evolutionary scale as me, you realize if I was just intelligent, maybe I would have a fighting chance, and YOU DO!!, I don't, I have nothing, no social skills, no friends, no chances of ever having a girlfriend, nothing.
You always will if you have that intelligence, and I'm not saying enious level I.Q, I mean average intelligence, you can use it and you will be okay in the end.

I won't that's why I don't plan on sticking around anymore, the 40 cigarettes a day I smoke isn't working fast enough, fuck you to my family and all that bullshit, thanks for nothing, but by time you read this I will be dead.

Fuck life!
02 Apr 2010 Lynden (here for you) Hey, my name is Lynden. I am 19 and a psychology major.
I've been sitting at my computer for the past hour and a half reading these tales about suicide attempts, people hating their lives, hating their evil parents, emo 12 year old "sluts" who contradict themselves... I know that you are all having a hard time and that you think that the only way out is to die.

I'm not here to say, "You have so much to live for" or "Suicide is for cowards"...

I just want to put out there that... The only reason that some of you feel so alone, is because you are MAKE yourselves alone... You are driving people away by cutting your selves, etc. Your behaviours are socially unacceptable.

We ALL want some one to love us and trust us, and we all want our parents to quit yelling at us. A lot o what you people describe happens to me on a regular basis. But I CHOOSE to let it pass... sure I cry over it sometimes. But I CHOOSE to get over it.

Death is not the easy way out. As I've read, most of you know that you will likely hurt a shit ton of people if you kill yourselves. If you REALLY want to disappear, don't die... run away. Sure it'll still hurt some people, but at least when you pull your shit together, and come back.... they will be overwhelmed to see you! You can tell them what you've been up to, tell them the crazy stories about good and bad things that have happened. I and I'm rambling...

Basically, my point is... don't take the stupid way out. You'll just hate yourself even more.

I had suicidal thought at one point in my life... at it was then that i did a little carving in my arm. It says "ani ohevet otah" which is hebrew for "I love you". it is a constant reminder of my stupidity, and of the fact that, despite my flaws, i am a truly beautiful person, and I love me.
If you wanna respond, or talk to me..
01 Apr 2010 CiCi I wish I knew. That's what I was looking for when I found this site. The easiest most painless way to die.
I thought about an anti-depressant overdose, but have found that it rarely works. You just get really sick. I'm trying to end the suffering not add to it.
31 Mar 2010 JemJem Bloody hell.. i was on here 3 years ago when i was 15 in 2006.. im 19 now and i cant beleive i was telling everybody to not to commit suicide and shit.. but looking back now i wish i had commit suicide cos im alot worst than i was 3 years ago.. such a strange life...
31 Mar 2010 Shades Screaming.
And no answers are given.
No help is found.
31 Mar 2010 BetheeBabee So far I have been thinking of what would work and since I am wishing to die myself, I will complete this task when I am done telling you what to do. So.

First of: Go through all your cupboards in your kitchen, bathroom, shed, everywhere, and find all the "Do Not Swallow" cleaning products around ("Do Not Swallow" written on the back of the bottle under the bold title "Caution")

Second: Mix them all in a bottle or so and stir or shake a little (Some may cause foam, you want to aim away from that)

And Third: Drink up :]
The toxins in the products will act as an acid and most likely rot your stomach and all around it.

Hope you have a happy afterlife :]
31 Mar 2010 chinse rat eveyone thinks about it, of course they do.. but is it the right thing to do? i don't know. tell me? i feel like everything would go away if i did it. my mom says always take sare of yourself before others, so if i was killing myself that's exactly what i'd be doing.taking care of myself. and only myself..
30 Mar 2010 Stephanie nobodys life sould end when your lil. people are going to say bad things about you all the time and you will mess up i did all the time i messed up in school. because people talked crap but i did nothing till thay steped and then thats when you deal with things but you should not just find the right person to talk to someone you dont know or someone nobody knows. when i found the school that was right for me i tried to make my life better i tried rode 3 hours one the bus to school and 3 hours back home and if i mist the bus i was stuck if you think im lieing e-mail me and i will have some my teacher tell you but no move bout me back to you. just look at the good things when you do good in life you can look back at the bad and look at how far you came in life. you know life is not all colm waters some times a big ass wave comes and distoys every thing so you have to rebild. if you dont under stand sorry you wasted your time reading and pleas lisen to somebody luv all e-mail me at bye
30 Mar 2010 Blake I suggest eating McDonald's Food Five times a day, 7 day a week, 365 days or until it kills you. Why not enjoy eating and dying at the same time.
30 Mar 2010 Sophie hanging
30 Mar 2010 Ben Joy can only come after pain. The next time a cop stops you pull out your cell phone and the cop will shoot you.
30 Mar 2010 mrxphatman Why at 13 are you even considering this. I am married and have been for almost 16 years now, my marriage is falling apart, I am in debt so much I can't see the wood for the trees. My partner is taking our two kids back to her home country, she tells me she wants me to move out so that she can have her space. All this and I am so in love with this women that it destroys me when she tells me she cant stand me touching her. Trust me, I have and still am contemplating it as I can't see this pain ever ending. Right now I just live each day as it comes as I have no hope for my future.
30 Mar 2010 Sierra. I'm the same way, and I've been thinking about suicide a lot lately.
What I would do is take Benadril or Nyquil and then wait until you're just about to pass out and then get into a pool. Lay on the top step and strain your neck so just your nose is above water. You should pass out soon, and then you'll go limp and your nose and mouth will be below water. Then you'll drown and die.
That's how I would do it, at least.
29 Mar 2010 amanda im confussed. since when is suicide a joke?
29 Mar 2010 Betsy The sky is the limit on ways to die. It depends on what your goal is. No pain, or a big show, or very little fanfare.

But, before you decide on a method, also do a few other things.

If you're going to kick it, you should spend your last days doing all the things you always wanted to do, but were too scared to try because of the consequences. I mean, if you've got nothing left to lose, then you have everything to gain.

Afraid to talk to someone you like, or tell someone off that you hate? If you're going to die anyway, you have nothing to fear. And it can be fun.

Always wanted to swim, or dance, or gamble, or give someone a wedgy, or save someone's life? Don't be afraid of what anyone will say to you or think of you. You can do it. You've got nothing to lose.

And by the way, if you haven't seen a live bear outside of a cage, you should definitely do that before you die. It is one of the coolest things you'll ever experience. Just go to a national park (they are free to the public)in bear country and go for a hike. You'll be amazed at the wild animals you see. Some of them are dangerous, but you have nothing to fear from them, because you're on your way out.

And make sure to do all the things that would make the people you hate jealous of you, because they are too afraid to step up and get what they want. They deserve to see you succeed at something that they want for themselves. Stick it to em!

Oh and make sure you visit any of your long lost relatives and get to the bottom of all their stories. Their legacy may end with you, so you need to get to know them and document their lives for them, so that someone will remember them. Hopefully, you'll be remembered too.

Good luck!
28 Mar 2010 Gangotryi ...that one asks this question is implicative enough of the fact that one is already much dead. I am another mortal (well above 13, but that is just a translational change in the co-ordinate of time and matters not greatly) who has been in the thresholds of self-destructive thoughts more than once, and in periodic bouts of a plethora of unbearable blueness. And therefore I know, when this question surmises one is then not much of alive. So maybe a thing you can put in your boon-box is a small little round mirror, so that one can look at oneself, look at the destruction, the wreckage in front of him/her, the reflection of the dilapidated existence of oneself, look at the already almost dead state he/she is in, and maybe then can have a flicker of life-force that will make the person shove aside this box of temptation which we so lovingly present to him/her as the suicide-kit.. or maybe seeing how near he/she is too the final full-stop, go ahead to write the finishing statement...

Long-live hope, though, even if it is a misleading mistress. My love and nothing else, for all who wandered and were lost.
28 Mar 2010 ana i am really plannin to commit suicide. please provide me some way to get a gun. i am in india
26 Mar 2010 Hania dont

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