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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
25 Mar 2010 rotten garbage. am i really that bad of a person? was i really that horrible to him? i give up. 17 calls to tell you i love you, to get your comfort, to tell you i'm coming. and because of that i get to be punished for a life time. an entire life time. every second of every minute. agony. i give up. i thought you said we could be friends? i give up. i just don't care anymore. or maybe i care too much.
25 Mar 2010 Kat I hope that in posting your question you will read, really read this response. Im 28 and I want you to know that the nice thing about how you feel, is that you are NOT alone. With that being said, you have to really start to realize that as you go through different stages of your life, you go through different phases.
Honestly, when you're thinking about suicide, you are in a stage of self loathing (hating yourself) and usually the reason you have this hate for yourself is because there has been an outside source that has been telling you..."your worthless, waste of space, etc" even if you may not have someone like that, sometimes WE can be our very own worst critics, killing ourselves inside with everything we criticize ourselves about.

What I want you to know, for right now...Is that however old you are...13? maybe 12? Today and the situations you are in Will NOT last forever.
You were born, with a future ahead of you where you will make people's days, give them a reason to smile, you will save someones life, you will count, and you count now, but you have to acknowledge it and own your life.

Dont allow yourself to never feel what its like to turn 18, or fall in love, or meet a famous actor that you love!
Theres so much more, than the sad things happening right now around you.

You are so much more powerful than you know, you can change your world.

I hope you change your mind about how you feel about yourself and this decision.
You are too much of a treasure.
EACH of us has a bigger purpose in this puzzle of life.
24 Mar 2010 rotten garbage. each day the pain becomes more and more. the emptiness is so overwhelming. i try to do other get my mind off of's too hard. each second i am thinking of him, and thinking that i lost him and that it was all my fault. it hurts more each day. its been 6 months now. and i still cry every night. there is physical pain where my heart is and my entire body is numb. i can't see a future for myself. he took it with him when he left me. now there is just a black hole. and i am drowning in it. there is no way up. just down.
24 Mar 2010 lil d princess magik OMG i cant believe dis site!! dis is SICK! i never seen this stupid shit b4. u bitches! OMG im gunna tell the press about dis!!
24 Mar 2010 Adiekay1787 The truth is I have no answer. It's a battle and debate I have almost daily now. I'm married with 2 very young children who need me. I've been at the very heights of happiness. Felt my heart and soul so full of life that I'd might burst. I've been to the very depth of despair and soulache. Lately I feel as though my situation and circumstance is something I cannot live to see myself pass it. I do know that the words and the people here probably saved my life today and for another day I survived.
23 Mar 2010 'nessa Truly, the best is to use a thick rope so it don't hurt your neck too much, and then hang. make sure your parents are gone for a least a few hours. they were so arrogant.
22 Mar 2010 Andre I am 21 and the thought of killing myself enters my mind everyday as I can't seem to find a job, I am near homeless because I will not accept help from my parents... even tho my parents love for me has been the only thing keeping me alive. I have gone from suicidal to loving life so much I thought I was crazy for thinking of suicide and now back to suicidal again. It is these extreme thoughts that make us so quick to commit suicide when really life is a roller coaster you must ride to reach the end. Anyone reading this please think about your family, think about your friends, and think about what your life could be before you commit. It can be tough for anyone, rich, poor, healthy, unhealthy but understand life can change for better at any given moment. I am far from religious but I do believe there is a plan for all of us and suicide is not it. It may be hard, and may sound cliche but just try to think of everything as a positive reflection on your life. This philosophy got me thru jail.... Everything that happens in life good or bad is motivation to make you a better human being. Jail made me so motivated that when I got out I did everything I could to make my life better. We do not live in paradise, and life is hard but use that as motivation to be the best human you can be, before you end your chances to better yourself and the people you love.
22 Mar 2010 Gosaku well this isnt really an answer to that question cause I'm older than 13 and I have other options so if thats what you're looking for stop reading this one. I think suicide cannot be over one event. it shouldnt be just something like "fuck lost my girlfriend for a year, gotta die now" or "oh no, my life isnt great at the moment." If its just something like that I donno. I think people can look for better things to do or better reasons. I want to die. Its not even that I want control over my death; I dont care if its suicide or not. I hate the hypocrisy and bullshit of life. that is unbearable. I dont even know if Im a hypocrite because I know there is one person that could change my desire, but I dont want them to be the main reason for wanting it to be that person. It'd make me a hypocrite. But I'd be happy if death just hit my by surprise. And I dont agree that Im brave for admitting the want of death and not doing it. Its fear of death preventing be continued another time. no time now
22 Mar 2010 grace fitch listen i know how you feel. dpnt kill youselves i know you feel bad well more than bad and you think they can only get worse to the girl thats gonna jump infront of a train please please dont im sure there a plent of peaple to make you happy . i have thaught about it done it and believe me it dont make you feel any better . just all im asking just please dont kil yourselves. PLEASE xx grace
21 Mar 2010 deykamol I can't believe this is 13 years old. That means you're 26. You must be alive, because websites don't pay for themselves.
This is such a bizarre website.

I attempted an overdose once. My doctor told my mother I had an ear infection and prescribed more drugs. I laughed at her idiocy, which is the only reason I'm still alive. The need to prove people wrong. I told her her diagnosis was wrong, I was dying, and I knew why.
I should be dead.
I wish I were.
21 Mar 2010 tom you know that is my exact question and sadly i'm not joking i might be 15 years old but i don't think it makes such a diffrence, i'm looking for help.. for answers for my specific life maybe some one else can relate...
20 Mar 2010 Hayley Ballis Perhaps overdosing on pills?
20 Mar 2010 Prezze I believe the best way to kill urself out of the pain u'v been suffering from is not external..coz ur body might die bt what would u do of ur reality which is ur soul n that may keep suffering for so many years until it wil gt inside othr new being and start the same battle all over again..i, as an example, and incredibly so, have been wondering since b4 mid 19th dreams have told me this! Bt the pain has only multiplied over all these decades for all these this birth i am a girl,mentally,as u wud say,weaker than all of u bt soulfully, i have decided, with a firm head..all my sufferings of this lifetime and the previous lives have to vanish now..after fighting for all these 27 odd yrs wid my inner being, i befriended it, to make me follow a path, it choses, whether socially agreeabl or not. Bt i am nt gonna give up this time. 2 emerge as a strong successful being towards the final years of ur life or the nex lifetime, preparations have to begin now, this life n this very moment!! I have survived so far only 2 realize my true goal n that is to preach my old getaways and lead myslf wid heroism from now on. The pain will die wid its natural death whn i'l die naturally bt if i will choke it into a forced death it will survive penetrating into ur soul n paralyse it until all ur future is hurt badly. So dont kill it. Live wid it n discover ur ways 2 let the pain fade off gradually 2 its death!
20 Mar 2010 Tony Intro: Male turned 46 on March 18 2010. History: Parents committed me in psych ward age 14? diagnosis skizzo. symptoms: I wouldn't talk to them or the doctors they took me to. Oh and the kicker my mother asked me if I heard voices and I answered yes because I thought she meant do I think to myself (vocalise internally). Stupid answer. Anyway I wasn't talking to anyone cause I was pissed that Dad wasn't talking to Mum and that was after I attempted to act as some sort of intermediary conciliator. Dad wouldn't have a bar of it and told me to mind my own business. I shut down after that (too sensitive I believe, taking things personally) when really I just shouldn't have given a stuff about my parents relationship. Cause I had everything else going for myself - third in class, great at athletics. One day at school I was simply told to come to the office and that's when they took me away to the psych ward. Some youth counsellor was the one who told me the news about my pending lock down. After I did a couple of weeks or more I'm not too clear on time frame, the same youth counsellor asked if I wanted to come and live with him and his family? I agreed. Thats when he started sexually abusing me from aged 14 - 20 when I finally left my hometown for the city. He and his wife, on the first nights stay, offered me their bed and they'd sleep in the lounge. ??? Anyway whatever, he slipped into his be, with me there, did his thing while I froze like a rabbit caught in lights.
Skip forward 10 years: First wife. Aaagghhh. Fighting all the time. My wife was my first ever girlfriend who broke my virginity. Ha. She picked me up while cheating on her then fiancée. I was totally girl innocent and all. Anyway I thought this was what 'love is'. pathetic and hopelessly naive. skip forward she got pregnant to me and took off. I bumped into her when she was showing and of course I forgot all about the pain and we were back on again. Skip forward 20 years and five kids later and all the hell in between I left her and the kids who I hoped would forgive me. They kinda have - we facebook and I'm on their friends list. I'm with another who I thought 'this is it'. Oh my god do I have a big sign attached to my back that says 'kick me'?
Bottom line: I'm so looking forward to my death. I won't commit suicide but with each birthday I am eagerly closer and closer to finally finishing with my life. I know I'm not the only person who has had a crap life. I read about crap lives in the paper every day and my heart goes out to everyone living with huge pain and suffering.
Lesson learned: key decisions along the way have determined the course of pain in my life. Trouble is your only wise after the fact. Luck plays a part.
19 Mar 2010 leftbehind Well for me it was har to deal with me bff killing herself. mainly becaust she did it in frount of me, slit her throat, and i think to myself everyday what could i have done to save her and relized i could have done anything but i was to scared i rembember saying you wont do it your to pussy ans that was the last thing i said to her that she could hear... i think back to that day all the time and if you are trying to kill yourself plz dont baceausw you leave behind friends family and loveones.
19 Mar 2010 todd end my life i have lived all my life with learning and spelling disability all have for the rast of my life been suffering from depression im on a diabily pencehn all its had for be to do things like makeing my meals keeping my self clen any many more things been like this all my life and i am so tired of going on like this so my only way out of it is to end my life I have been whating to end my life for over 10 years and fell its time to and it all all be so happy when my life is over i know this what i want to do .as i post im 47 years old thank its a good time for me to die . need a good way to end it all
18 Mar 2010 Christine I have no idea. I came here, trying to find out. I'm turning 15 in a few months, and my life seems perfect.
I have a beautiful girlfriend and loving friends.
My parents are constantly abusing me, emotionally now. They stopped physical a few years ago. They call me a whale. A freak. You name it. I'm not perfect. I may be heavy, but it's all muscle. I'm a fucking athlete.
My girlfriend drinks at school. She doesn't seem to care about me now. Once we were perfect. Once we actually talked. Once we cuddled, kissed, loved. No more. My friends do LSD at school. As much as I love helping their problems, they never listen to me anymore. When I need help, they dont care.
I have no one to turn to, no one to love. I want to die. I want to die. I want to die. I want to die. I want to die. I want to die.
Please. Help me find a way to stop this awful suffering.
Life's ticking by. Grain by grain. Tik. Tok. Tik. Tok.
So help me now. PLEASE. I'm desperate.
18 Mar 2010 Maria Hi, I am 16 and a female. I have been thinking about suicide from time to time ever since I was 13. It has increased during my 9th and 10th grade in high school. It went away for awhile but since November it has increased. Ever since I had my miscarriage on November 16th. I have never told my boyfriend about my suicidal thoughts. Nor my family, my dad suffered depression and had suicidal thoughts of his own. I have never talked to a psychiatrist either, I don't think I can tell my loved ones about this. I also do not think I can ever actually go through with the suicide. I have cut myself a lot when I was 13 and once in awhile during my current age. Little arguments with my boyfriend or mom can trigger these thoughts and cutting. This is not a pity story nor am I looking for sympathy. I just want help, without my loved ones knowing. I know this would destroy them. Please help me. I'm tired of feeling depressed and hatred of myself.
17 Mar 2010 Lue Sipher There are over 6 billion ways to choose, yet at the age of 13 or under.
You are emotionally and physically too young to really choose one. You have not yet lived a full life, and there will be better times. All things pass after time.
Get professional help by checking yourself into a psychiatric ward, and getting on some medications that help out the bad thoughts.
I at 28 years old, wake up daily with suicidal idealation.. Everything can be going great, yet I'll still feel suicidal. Though I ignore it and dont go on my feelings. Its all a game your mind plays with you.
Suicide is the permanant solution, definitely not worth it as there is no coming back, and those you hurt even if you meant to hurt them will hurt for a good portion of their lifes. Some never get over the loss of a loved one, especially a child.
To answer what the best way to kill yourself is however, I can only hope that you'll come to the realization that life is what you make of it, and you have much more to live for. Sure life may suck now, but give it a little while and things will get better. Its all in what you do, maybe try moving away, or finding new hobbies, something to take your mind away from whatever is bothering you.
I'd help assist you in finding a way, but I am sorry.. Maybe if you where over the age of 50, or terminally ill and did not want to bear the pain of suffering a painful death then maybe, but from just what youve asked.. Its a stupid question, with which you have many other options and abilities. Find something that occupys your thoughts and to get you away from it all. Dont kill yourself, it is not worth it.
17 Mar 2010 rotten garbage. i am rotten garbage. everything i've done and everything i'm doing and everything i'll ever do will always fail. because i am a failure. i cannot to anything properly. not even help people i love. i am just waste of space and oxygen and time. everything i touch turns to shit. every dream i try to make real, withers away before it's even conceived. every goal i try to reach leads me to another brick wall. every soul i attach myself to, abandons me. i am rotten garbage. just a heaping pile of rotten garbage. and people keep adding their trash to it, and it gets bigger and stinkier and more and more repulsive by the second. each breath i take is in vain. morning brings suffering. night brings anguish. i fogot i hadn't even the right to dream. i forgot my place in this world. for a little while i began to feel that there was hope for me...there was happiness for me....peace, love, comfort, warmth. lies. all lies. there is no love, no warmth, no comfort, no peace, no happiness, no hope for me. i will never be touched, never have my eyes looked into, never have my hand held, never have my forehead kissed, never be hugged, never be caressed, never have anyone to talk to, never have my hair tucked behind my ear, never whisper secrets in the dark, never come home to anyone, never be wanted, never be needed, never be given a chance, never be given a second chance, never be given a third chance. there is nothing and there will never be anything. i am rotten garbage. taking up space and oxygen. wasting people's time with my face and my voice and my mere existence. when i look in the mirror, when i open my eyes in the morning, when i lie in bed at night, when i hear my name...i will always know that i am garbage. i am rotten garbage. someone please set me on fire.

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