Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
25 Jul 2010   I am 37 have 2 wonderful children but my exhusband is making my life a living hell he is trying to take my children from me and he doesnt really even want them i have ALWAYS hated my life have always been mentally abused not only by my exhusband but also by my mother brothers sisters etc i have nothing really to live for and dont want to live i pray every night to just not wake up the next day. I also am losing my belief in this so called "God" everyone talks about i am not allowed to be happy if on the remote chance i do feel happy something happens to knock me back down it has been this way my whole life everyone has always told me i am fat usgly stupid no good worthless etc so many people have told me this in my life so it must be true if it wasnt true everyone in my life wouldnt be saying this. i really feel i have no reason to live and quite frankly dont want to. but i am a coward and i dont want to suffer i would much rather just lay down go to sleep and never wake up so how many sleeping pills does it take? I have never HATED anyone in my life i mean truly utterly with all i have hated anyone but that is exactly how i feel about my exhusband and they are right when they say hate will consume you. i feel it would just be best for everyone involved if i was dead and yes i know that is the "easy way out" and "it makes me a coward" and "it makes me selfish" but i also believe with all my heart it would be better. i just cant deal with the pain i cant deal with the anexiety, the feeling of worthlessness, the feeling of despair,and im tired of bad things always happening to me and no point in living if you know you are not allowed to be happy, who wants to live life when your not really living life? im just existing, im tired of pretending im someone im not everyone thinks im such a strong person because of all the shit i deal with but what they dont know is that im not strong not strong at all i am weak i just pretend to be strong and i cant do it anymore lets hope that i wont make it to my 38 birhtday, in matter of fact lets hope i dont make it till the end of aug
25 Jul 2010   imm young and i already feel like no one cares no one understands me no one exseps me i feel like im nothing in this world everything would be better if i was gone my family would be happier im soo confused ive tryed to comet suicide like 3 times ive played the child game u keep moving until u pass out huh well thats my storry
21 Jul 2010 robert i dont understand the question.but have vast experience with suicide.addiction.depression etcc,anti socialisim.all of that if you need help lemme know
20 Jul 2010 sandra i dream of going in the street and get runed oer
19 Jul 2010 alexa I ask myself the same question every day. When I go to sleep. When I wake up in the morning. Anytime that I am presented with potential suicide items such as rope, knives and other things. I am really curious and am desperate for an answer. I really need help on this guys. I just wanna end the pain.
19 Jul 2010   go into pedophile house naked and then shout for help.
19 Jul 2010   why hasnt this been updated in over 2 months?!?!?!?!?!?!? did mouchette finally kill themself?!?!?!?!? UPDATE the forum please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
18 Jul 2010 doar Hey is this still active? Last entry was 1999
16 Jul 2010 Vee Email me if you need someone to talk to. Please? Maybe I can help you.
12 Jul 2010 Mollyrazor When I turn 15 Im going to slit my rest n a nice hot bath Im 13 now.....
11 Jul 2010 Misha Well... eat french fries with poisoned ranch dip?
11 Jul 2010 neenaa the best way ... is whrite a letter to God ...and tell him everything thet troubles you.then, in thoughts kill yourself, on a way that first pop on your mind.write it down on paper...after that...burn your letter. and start a new life.decide to change yourself....everything is possible...maybe you are next famous person...just give it a try..and LIVE!
09 Jul 2010 joe please, how can i die quickly w/o pain? I 13 nd I wanna die!
08 Jul 2010 SG PILLS
07 Jul 2010 Brittney Im very depressed, and it all started wen my brother left for te marines. ever since then i have had nothing but bad luck, my 8 month old neice was in the hospital, then my dad, then my sister. Then to make my life even worse my bf is moving away, this really sucks!! I just want all the pain to go away, i wanna die so i dont have to deal with this ne more! im 12 and allready my life sucks
07 Jul 2010 Kate fuck life. if your not liveing it for yourself, who are you liveing it for? ive been a fuck up ever since i can remember, tried killing myself when i was fucking eleven years old. now, no normal kid does that. how many times have i tried overdosing in hopes i could end my life? 4 times in the past 3 months. everyone has their up and downs, but mine seem to be downs almost all the time. I broke up with my boyfriend cuz i liked someone else, now everyone fucking hates me they "lost respect" for me, a couple older girls wanna beat the shit outta me. Im tired of pretending to be happy and liveing my life for others. If im not liveing my life for me, why live it at all?
05 Jul 2010 chris Im 17 im in high school. im becoming a senior. The day people figured out I was gay in high school (Junior year btw), they all ridiculed me right on the spot. Juniors, Seniors, teachers, even parents. One day after football pratice, i was walking home and a group of guys ran behind me and bashed me over the head with a glass bottle, and they all kicked and punched me while i was down on the ground. Then they took me into a back alley way and took there turns pinning me down and rapeing me. When they were all finished they spoke amongst each other saying ' so how do you wana kill the fag?', one by one saying it over and over " lets stick a knife into this failed abortion". One of them pulled out a knife and plunged it into me, he whispered into my ear "die fag". I passed out and they ran away. I crawled my way into the street praying that some one would find me. Twenty minutes passed and finaly a car drove by and the stranger helped me to the hospital. Where i went into surgery..... My mom and step dad picked me up and took me home. And there i stayed. *The thing i want u to walk away with from this story today is, if u read this story plz dont judge me, if u do then u must have made up in ur mind that u know me now and u can tell who i am without listening to me, but of course u can tell me who i am and i cant, because obviously u know me better than i know myself. Plz dont judge.*
02 Jul 2010 pleaseeeeeeee eeeeee e update eeeeee eeeee e its been over a month. why hasnt this forum been updated?????????? ???????????? ????????????? ?????????? ??????????????? ??????????? ???????? ????????? ????????? ?????????????
01 Jul 2010 Brody Emo music
01 Jul 2010 Kelli Listen young man i know its hard and its tough...but life is too precious to do something sooo stupid. I am 19 divorced, and have no relatonship with my mother by choice now. When i was 9 months old my mom left my dad, my older sister, and me. She was 19 and partying was her life for the next 6 years. My dad remarried a Bitch that beat me, her dad raped me, beat me and cheated on my front of me many times. My mom tried to come back to save me but only to hurt me when i was 7 when my dad remarried. Later to find out that she was a drug addicted and try to get me to turn against my dad. I chose to stop talking to her for 6 more years because she was allowing my 6 year old little sister to do drugs and drink with her. When i was 15 my dad finally believed me about the woman he was married to that she was cheating. We left, and my dad went down the deep end. Im 15 a freshman in high school working 3 jobs raising my self. After 2 years i couldnt do it and i turned to my mom. Again..i was hurt by her, her abusive, perverted hustband and was back on my own. 6 months later a guy i had know my whole life asked me to marry him. i said yes. I was working 50 hours a week a senior in high school taking care of both him and i. I couldnt tell you how many times i have been baker acted, how many different guns i tried to use, or how many times i would sleep wishing i would never wake up. 4 months after i got married, i graduated high school with a 3.6 by my self working...just to proove to people that there is hope in some people...a month later my husband beat the hell out of me...that when i still look in the mirror i dont see myself the same i still see the horror that he did for 6 hours and he locked me in our house for 3 days before finally turning himself in for what he had done. I had the same job for 3 years and quit because it was all the same. I drank, and drove, took pill cut myself. I have tried it all been through a lot and still walk around with a smile on my face.
Sometimes its better to kill others...with kindness than it is to kill your self...because once you have done that you have prooved to all those bad and mean people...that you let them choose your path instead of making your own.

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