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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
13 Mar 2010 gypsy ok where do i start. my past relationship lasted for 5 years and it wss crap, i was told that i was fat ugly i had nothing for me and i got beaten regulary.. i finally got the cops involved and got rid of him and tried to move on with my life. i got heavily into drugs and alcohol and was sleepin around quite a bit to try and make myself feel wanted.. i finally met another young man and told him that i wasnt up for being fucked around again so he said he really liked me and would never hurt me.. before he was with me he was sleeping with a friend of his whom was pregnant at the time but not with his child. when i found that out i thought it was pretty gross.. when we would go out for drinks they would stare at each other starry eyed and get photos of each other together and i was just left standing at the bar.. it depresses me to think that he doesnt think that this would hurt me.. im at the end of the line at the moment and really am looking for a way out of this very evil world. happiness is something im really wanting to feel but no matter how hard i try people come along and take my happiness away.. i dont want to die i truely dont but what else do i do??
12 Mar 2010 elfmagic i dont know why you guys want to commit suicide but ill make up a way eat a all you can eat buffet after that hear a couple of slipknot songs they will infect your brain and make you think the world dose not mean nothing and make you think that suicide is the only way out of the world after that you will start doing devil act then cut your veins
11 Mar 2010 elfamagic drink 25665 cans of coca cola then put a lighter next to your belly button then lets see what happen
11 Mar 2010 AG TO ANYONE WHOS ABOUT TO KILL THEMSELVES DONT DO IT,THINK OF ALL THE PEOPLE YOUR HURTING INCLUDING YOURSELF depressions just a feeling everyone gets, it doesn't mean you have to go to the extreme and do anything drastic its basically a part of being a teenager, as a matter of fact being a teen are some of the stressful years of your life
10 Mar 2010 Mandy I don't know the best way if you're under 13, cuz i'm 19, and tomorrow's going to be my first time trying. So, if it's fails, ill give you some suggestions. If not, goodbye and good luck.
10 Mar 2010 sophie jump off a building
10 Mar 2010 Jungle I have to agree with Mr. Survivor down there. We are indeed more powerful because we made thoughts that the "normal" person have never done. We made those thoughts and we are still in this world fighting to achieve the aim that everyone have set for his life. And even moments of suicide when we feel like we don`t have any aim, we do, we just don`t know it yet but we have to go on to find what is the aim of life. It`s funny though that people around us have no idea how we feel inside and even if you try to share your feelings they think is a joke. But this doesn`t mean that they are any better, it just means that they are living a routine without any problem which involve spirit or heart.
08 Mar 2010 saviour god damn... this is how lame Im getting.... I'm typing on a sight like this. but I'm thinking about topping myself. I'm looking at a couple of years jail, one at the least. I'm a drunk and a loser, and overly violent to boot.
Why am I writing here? simple, I can say whatever I want and no one will know. as for killing yourself, shot gun to the head seems best. I realize most people don't have easy access to one, I'm just lucky like that.
and don't listen to those fucking God bothers. mate... they are the same people that say Noah populated the Earth from his own family. Fine, so incest is sanctioned by God, you dumb fucks?
08 Mar 2010 Paige A suicide website? Really?
08 Mar 2010 Death every-one suddenly turned on me. why? i don't know. every-one hates me for no reason and a lot of bullshit rumours. i want to die. how ? i think train -tracks, gun, or overdosing. i think death
07 Mar 2010 Saul K. Buy a party-sized bottle of coke. Chug it. Repeat until it's coming out your nose and you're breathing sugar. Once you puked a little bit and you can taste bile, then quickly chow down on a tube of Mentos. Voila! You will have turned your room into an Expressionist masterpiece.

Alternative, find out your local gang colors, and go on a circle tour, visiting marked turf as obnoxiously as you can while wearing the colors of the enemy.

Alternatively, walk around in your funeral clothes with a handful of cash in a slum area. You may then overdose yourself on Heroin (inject in your arm, not your eye. It works better that way.) catch a cocktail of STDs, or get robbed. If you are offered your money or your life, however, just say "no." Fight back until they kill you. If they freak out and don't kill you, go after them asking them to kill you until they give you money to go away. Then repeat.

Dress up like part of the floor (cigarette butts, semen, neon, black plastic) and then lie down at the mosh pit of a rave.

Look for strangers in vans who offer you candy. They are your friends.
07 Mar 2010 people always leave. i guess all that matters is that he is happy. and if he feels better without me....then what can i do. sure i'd like to know what i did wrong, and what changed and why it changed so fast. but if he doesn't want to talk to me then what can i do. he knows i love him and always will. he knows where i stand. he knows my number. if he wanted to talk to me he could. but he doesn't. so what can i do. nothing. i love you so much. i'm sorry for everything. take care of yourself. be safe.
07 Mar 2010 kristin Give me my fucking kids back you dmb fucking fagggots then i wouldnt want to be dead im not a bAd mom. i just realized what this site was about under 13 your just babies stop youll be ok you have your whole life you will meet a wonderfull guy or girl and be happy
06 Mar 2010 on the edge im 19 years old. ive been fighting insomnia for 18 months now and i no longer know what is right or wrong. the other night i beat up a guy for pushing me, i shouldn't have done it and i still have the blood stains on my shirt but when i hit him i could feel the anger leaving me giving temporary relief to the madness. is violence really the way to relieve the self loathing i feel? if so then i cant live like that. sooner or later i wiil take it out on someone close to me and if that happens then i will sever the last human contact i have. the girl i love is in a relationship with an abusive partner but she refuses to leave him for me. am i really worse than him? can i not give her the love she deserves and have a true connection with another human being?

why i am so alone? i never used to be, but i no longer remember what it is to be happy or in love or to be loved.

why did this happen to me?
06 Mar 2010 V need to kow truth Well to make a point i am under massive depression and sleep loss.My Sub Conscious mind forces me to kill myself every night i try to sleep.Eventually we all r going to die one day so why to worry.The earth is dying.I dont know how many people know but but earth is going to come to an end soon.I have a thesis. Does anyone know the story about Pandors's Box.She opened the box in her curiosity and released the troubles in this world.Before that all the people were happy and used to live with peace and oneness with nature.
Now that the balance of nature is terribly upset one has to take on the blame.If there was a god who existed and created this world would he see his own world get destroyed like this.It does not make sense.So firstly 1)God does not exist.
2)Humans brought sufferings onto themselves.
3)No doubt Hope was also released from the box , is was never meant to be applied to all.
Well i say the faster v all die the better for our earth.I mean v r killing the damn earth, killing other species that lived here in peace before us.
Dont you not think that there too have a right to live on this earth.
So which god would allow this to happen.
These so called god r a result of our own selfish thoughts.Just a way to answer things that we could not answer ourselves.
The time is gone when we all can be happy again.Things have rooted themselves and we cannot change that.
Even when right and wrong are relative terms how can we be happy on this earth.
05 Mar 2010 Ardnaid I was 11 the first time I tryed. I slit my wrist after my uncle raped me the last time. My foster sister came in the bathroom but I was already half dead. I woke up in the hospital they told me I was pregnant. they sent me away and I had the baby. I gave her up to adoption and came home to no home again. Just somone elses house. I was birninto foster care I never had anybody and cause I was too young I had to give my only happieness up. I stayed at other peoples houses for three years teased in school and home. I ranaway to my moms house and all my family did was argue and fight, my mom did drugs in front of me and I heard her have sex with all types of crackheads and drunks. I started cutting to have physical pain to make my emmotions better. It didnt work. I went back to dhs and I was 14. I took 33 oills of all sorts then told my new foster sister. Her mom didn't care and I sat in the hallways four dats wide awake with cold chills and sweats. She took me to the doctors and I told them then said I just wanted attention so they wouldn't send me away. I dropped out of school and ran away with this guy who said he'd always love me. He beat me every chance he got then I turned 15 and got pregnant and he slept with my best friend. When I caught him he choked me until I past out. I woke up in the hospital and my baby was dead. Istart smoking weed and went back to dhs. this girl I have been with for three years sitting next to me. I pretended for two years that I was crazy. We broke up alot and I could never let her go. She broke up with me for the last time three days ago and every since I couldn't stop thinking about it or crying. on April.24 I'm going to a train station to kill myself with the sharpest knife i can find.Thats our 3rd anneversary.
04 Mar 2010 hostage to my own insanity. this is because i can spell confusion with a 'K'
and i can like it
its to dying in anothers arms
and why i had to try it
its to jimmy eat world
and those nights in my car
when the first star you see
may not be a star
im not your star

and if this is what it takes
just to lie with my mistakes
and live with what i did to you
all the hell i put you through
i always catch the clock
its 11:11
now you wanna talk
its not hard to dream
you'll always be my konstantine
my konstantine
they'll never hurt you like i do

this is to a [guy]
who got into my head
with all the pretty things [he said]
you know
you keep me up in bed
this is to a [guy]
who got into my head
with all these fucked up things i did

my konstantine
you spin around me like a dream
we played out on this movie screen
and i said
did you know i miss you?
did you know i miss you?
did you know i miss you?
did you know i miss you?
did you know i miss you?
did you know i miss you?

i miss you

we dont have much room
i said does anybody need that room?
because we all need a little more room
to live
03 Mar 2010 Lana Kill your parents and kill your self with a knife

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