Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
29 Dec 2005 Jacob E well what you do is take a 9mm handgun and go lay yourself on your parents bed then shoot yourself in the head, leaving a huge puddle of blood. my parents put me through alot of hell im 13 right now im planning to do this june 6th 2006 because that is 6/6/06 (666) Fuck Parents! Antichrist Lives!
26 Dec 2005 Somewhere over the rainbow
Way up high
There's a land that I heard of
Once in a lullaby

Somewhere over the rainbow
Skies are blue
And the dreams that you dare to dream
Really do come true

Some day I'll wish upon a star
And wake up where the clouds are far behind me
Where troubles melt like lemondrops
Away above the chimney tops
That's where you'll find me

Somewhere over the rainbow
Bluebirds fly
Birds fly over the rainbow
Why then, oh why can't I?
Some day I'll wish upon a star
And wake up where the clouds are far behind me
Where troubles melt like lemondrops
Away above the chimney tops
That's where you'll find me

Somewhere over the rainbow
Bluebirds fly
Birds fly over the rainbow
Why then, oh why can't I?

If happy little bluebirds fly
Beyond the rainbow
Why, oh why can't I?
21 Dec 2005 Scors-b Happy Christmas Everyone.
20 Dec 2005 Christel I am actually the age of 17; I have been depressed since i was 15. I often find myself repressing memories of the past. My grandpas have done things to me when i was younger which makes me angry inside. Knowing that it was right, but as of now I look at it as something I couldn’t of stop. It had ruined my life and the way I look at everything. Only this year i have tried to do something about it, there are so many moments where i feel lonely. Since living at the dorms there is no one there to stop me from cutting my arms with a razor blade to get the pain out. I’m transferring to LA next semester for school, I’m not sure if getting away from all these things will do me good.
19 Dec 2005 Chrismas Jones Once apon time there was a little boy/girl named Mouchette. Well one day Mouchette desided that he was way more important then everyone because his name was mouchette, and seriosly who the fuck named there kid that? But anyways mouchette made his own little website witch acualy a total enigma in it's self. Everytime someone goes on to her you ask yourself things like, What the fuck is a striped penis? Why am typing a whole story totaly off topic from the original question "What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13."
Anyways i don't think i have told you this but mochette is a little twisted mother fucker. In somecases this acualy works out for him. But one day she used this mind of hers to make a very important part of his website now i did some studys and i figured out that the suicide kit is the Number one place people find... when they turn to the internet to answer there problems.(Not really but if i did it would be true i bet.) Anyways the moral of my story is never name your child mouchette because he/she will be a crazy mother mother and start a website.
And mouchette lived hapily ever after, lets hope. -_-
19 Dec 2005 Christty Hazely well i sit in my dark room. the tv turned low because i hate it when its quiet. i can sence all these presences about the room. my guess is they are evil spirits or demons or whatever you wanna call it. i think they come only to tourment me. well i am severly delusional is what my thearapist says. and my mom tells me i am stupid. my dad beats me and then tells me its all my fault. i brought this on myself. i get in trouble at school because i feel safer there than at home and i dont pay attention because i just need to relax. on the inside i feel that my sadness will cause me to explode. like i will faint. like its somothering me. who can i tell? will they listen? no i have already tried. i dont want to die. i dont want to kill myself. why do i have to go on like this. other kids have happy homes and lives. why cant i have that? i just dont see any other way out but to commit suicide. thats not what i want. is all of this really my fault? i am just pushed to the side and my dog gets treated better than i do. i didnt ask for any of this. and i dont want it. i just want to be happy.
16 Dec 2005 joe im 27, i asked 100 churches to help me, they all ignored me, so does that mean im supposed to die? did god just spit in my face? ive been a christian for years and ya know what....who cares
13 Dec 2005 speedy Hi I am 21 years old and I feel like there is nothing left to give. I am in college but not doint to well since this is my 4th year and I still have 2 semesters left but they are progressivly getting worse. My grades are slowly going down hill and life if really starting to crap on me. I broke up with my girlfriend for another girl who I love very much but I still think about my ex. I feel bad because this summer I got an apartment with her even after we broke up. This was a pretty big mistake. Things didnt work out we she hated me to no end because the girl that I fell in love with was one of her friends. The other day I had to ask my ex for a CD that I needed to fix one of my computers and I had felt bad talking to her because I know that she hates me for everything that I have done to her. Her mother was diagnosed with breast cancer this summer and she needed a friend to talk to and she doesnt really open up to many people and the only people that were there to talk to that she ever did talk to were me and the girl I am seeing and her best friend. I felt bad talking to my ex because during the summer she needed some one to talk to because she was far from home and her mother might have died and still might. So I began to talk to my ex feeling so horrible because I was not a friend when she needed one. So I wanted to appologze to her for everything I had done. I had all the thoughts in my head of what I wanted to say to my ex but when it came time to tell her I couldnt tell her. I called her and all I got out was I am sorry but there was so much that I wanted to say. I tried to write it down and I still could not get what I wanted out on paper on in an email. I had an email started that I left open at my present girl friedns house that saw my letter to my ex telling her that I was sorry for what I had done to her and that I miss her as a friend because we use to talk about everything. I have/had friends as school but now I dont because they were her friends too so we grew apart through the summer so when things get hard I dont have anyone to talk to becuase if I am having problem with my current girlfrind I have no to talk to ask seek advise from. I sometimes talk to my brother but he lives in boston and I live in buffalo. my mom lives in TX and I dont really talk to her like that. I have never had a real good relationship with my father just because i think its becuase of a father son thing you know. So right now my current girl friend is mad at me for writing to my ex because I thin that she thinks that I want her back but I realy dont I jsut wanted to tell her that I was sorry for everything that happened. school is not goign well either because I had to find a new place to stay in the middle of the semester and I had to miss a number of classes in order to meet with people and find a place because we were all moving out of my old house and everyone left as soon as we talked about it. so I was left in my old house for almost a month looking for a place to stay. so i knew I had to be out of my house before the end of the month other wise I would have to pay 600@ in rent plus all the bills witch I ould not afford thats why there was 3 of us living at that house so we could all afford it but I Was left there till I found a new place. I told a ew of my profesors that I was looking for a new place so I would have to miss a few classes and they siad ok but then a bout 2 weeks ago one of my professors walked up to me and said that I am going to ail class because I have to many absecnes. now that I have failed that class I will lose my financial aid and I do not know how I am going to finish shcool wiht out any finacila aid. my bills are starting to pile up and its going to get worse becuase I dotn ahve a job anymore because I was working a work study job during the semster and I dont have it again this comming semster. finding a job is going to be hard because my car is starting to die and I live in a large city and the mas transportation system is fairly unrealiable. so find a job just to pay rent and bills is going to be hard if my car dies on me. and second trying to find a job now its almost christmas who is hiringi permanent jobs in buffalo right now. so right now all I think about is dieing because the pain is so great this is how i foudn this site because I was serching for was to kill myself im thinking of either driving my car as fsat as it can go into something since its wants to die itself or just cuttign my wrists and watching the blood run out I just cut the side o my wrist to see if it woud her it burns a little but not to much I don tthink I really want to die i just really need some help this is why I am writing I will admit it I dont want to die I love my girlfriend to much but she just seems to hate me so much I am going to visit my mom on the 19th till the 29th and it will be the irst hristmas i have spent with her in over 10 years since my parent have been divorce. I feel like when I go see my mom it will be lik esaying goodbye because I really don think I can take all this pressure any more I feel so alone because I am basically I have no one to talk to and no one to hang out with I have myself I have sat in my house for the last to day because this is finals week and I dotn even go to school I had one final yesterday and i have one today at 540 which I think that I will fail any way so I dont see a point in going. I just want some help is all I am askign for I want to know that this pain will stop and that the girl who has my heart will lvoe me again as much as I love her because with out her I feel like I really have nothing left no job no real friends here any way i have one realy good frind but he goes to another school. is there antoher way????
11 Dec 2005 J. A. T. C. D (Messenger) Anybody suicidal out there should know that in this lifetime all the good people are gonna have to put up with alot of shit, while the bad ones seem to have it all. That's it. I get pissed alot, real depressed to, I always searched for answers to my problems, but now I see that the only person that can save me is myself. How? By improving myself. Usually depression happens when you are not really being yourself, usually cuz you feel nobody likes you when you are yourself. I say FUCK THEM ALL! Speak your mind, EX. A bitch cuts infront of you at the line, hey grab her and go all out. Depression is what happens when you hold in anger for too long. When you are scared to let it all out, you start saying things like oh man what if this happens, blah, blah, just go and DO IT! Cut depression off at the first signs, usually it starts with you putting yourself down, or letting yourself be put down. I say let the anger out, BUT with justice. Don't go barkin at every little thing. I said to God that I am gonna live life which ever way I am forced to, if it happens to be evil or whatever society puts it to be, fuck it. Why? I might go to hell. What if I said I am already living in one. But hey when I die and I go into judgement, why would God not let me into my home, I came from him, why would he reject me? He said he is the only perfect one, so I say God definitely understands any choices I make in life. I am not perfect, I don't have luck either, God just feels sad for me and gives me a break. But it's aight. I entertain my mind with things. I am always looking for ways to better myself and hey it must be helping, even a lil, if I am still alive. I stopped lookin for happiness in other ppl, you have to learn how to be happy on your own. Lovers, family members, etc. are just sent to you to teach you life lessons, they aren't immortal. Next time you feel like shit, just analyze (breakdown) the problem, go deep down and see why you feel that way and how you can change it. That is my problem, I tend to mask all my emotions and head off to the devil's ideas, YEAH!!, that is him making you think all that. He wants you to kill yourself and make it look like there is no way out so then when you do do it, he takes you and makes you suffer more,when the whole idea was to end the pain. Hey when suicide comes to mind program yourself to think how you are letting this cruel world win. Don't stop, play the game out. Like they say only the strongest survive, don't be a punk ass bitch!! Go all out, fly through whatever obstacles come your way. If you don't wanna do this and none of this helps, then let me just say the words YOU WANT someone to tell you, kill yourself. Before you do, let me just recommend that you read the Gospels of Thomas, the real sayings of Jesus Christ, whoever finds their meanings will not taste death. By death, Jesus means spiritual death, haha, you won't become like a vampire or something along them lines, but hey if you do kill yourself physically atleast maybe your soul can be saved. In those last minutes of your life when you commit suicide, you are really scared and feel a horrible cry for help but you can yell it cuz your bright light is now fading, yes cuz u once were a shining star, whether nobody told you you were one or if you never felt special, you are. That is why you gotta stay alive and prove it. Just think of all them ppl that died young and wish they were in your position, that they even had a choice whether to live or die. No, medicine is not the answer, that is exactly what the government and doctors want you to think, it all helps the economy to go round. Medicine they give you actually goes killing you off slowly. Making you into a zombie, so dependent off them. I know why I say this. Don’t you realize that all the signs of some sickness in commercials tends to always match with what you might have. “Do you feel sad, lonely, worthless, nothing seems to interest you anymore……”, yeah, them advertising folks are slick muthaf*ckers.
10 Dec 2005 John I am sorry that I am not 13 again, I am in my 40's now and had a very hard life, I have met and dated some really nice girls but they all seem to be after something that I have and not want the commitment in having a relationship.
I am now so depressed and past caring for my life. I just want to find the switch to turn off my life.
I have a long length of fishing line set in the back of my car to put around my neck and then just drive till the line comes to a stop! I have not measured it so I dont know exactly when the end will come, I have found a Nice place to do it (a cliff) in a quiet spot and the car will just dissapear into the sea (no trace)exept the fishing line which is so thin that it will just blend in with the green grass.

I am going to do this on christmas eve as the best ever christmas prescent to me.

More reasons for me to go on with my demise.
My wife left me over year ago and taken my two children to another country where i dont get to see them.
I made a friend on the internet who helped me though my problems to do with this but now she has left me, i now won't trust another woman to come close to me, which i think is a shame that all the females in my life have taken everything i have and given nothing back.
It's not that i am ugly or not well groomed, i have a good heart and always had this taken advantage of.
Anyway I have told you my reasons and how I will buy my ticket for my christmas vacation. Jilted John!
07 Dec 2005 chris get a scarf and spray deodrent on it for 30 sec then tie it round yours nose then go to sleep and you wont wake up
28 Nov 2005 Anti-Thesis Mouchette, Thanks for showing me your pussy. problem was I was at work and I had to close it right away. Thing is, such a beautiful nubile pussy lingers in the mind, and is hard to forget. Despite this, I need to see your pussy again.If you do it again for christmas, I will kill myself for you.
27 Nov 2005 Christy Jo I've been through alot I've lost my father at the age of 18. I'm 24 now I have had alot of Deppression. I've been through some really tough times.
The things that upset children, are the things that we have forgotten that we faced at their age. At the age of twelve was my first suicide attempt. I took my Fatther's insolin. 600CCs the doctors were amazed I survived with that high a dosage, & considering I haven't diabetes.
I wouldn't call a child wanting to commit sucide a game neccessarily, They want our help. Some have issues that are just as real, and hard to deal with as we do as adults. They have worries and concerns that can lead to sucidal thoughts and even attepmts.
please e-mail me if you have somone you want me to help.
12 Nov 2005 Lea well lets see... i just stumbled oppon this website and im pretty much clueless on how to get my emotions out. i have a story similar to the others and i really need help. im in love with the guy my sister slept with and she wont stop acting lie a slut around him. ive tried to kill myself 3 times and i ended up just passing out. i think this website rox and id like to be here more. my stepdad hits me and cussess. my sister lies and is a slut. my little brother gets anything he wants. my older brother is "the perfect christian" my mom is clueless about me and i need help. im 13 rite now and in 8th grade. i cut myself on the sides cause i dont want anyone to notice. if someone is out there please help!
09 Nov 2005 Chris Jones Drug (Marijuwana) Overdose
06 Nov 2005 stavrax ....again hi my name is stavros and im an in love with a skool freind called an ogreous giant....wot should i do
06 Nov 2005 stavraxx hi my names stavros and im in love with a girl called christina....but she dusnt luv me....should i kill myself????
04 Nov 2005 angry kid i am always gettin bullied, epseially when my sister 16 brings up unecessary things, and it makes me really angry i do think about myself commiting suicide, i get a buzz from imagining people gettin stabbed.just today in drama the class waz talkin bout a mental illness, i got home and me and my sis were fighting about god knows (i am a christian and no this is wrong)but i wanted to die put myself in a postion where she cud see i waz insecure do you know anybody that can help
02 Nov 2005 Alexandra Ooook. To start off..I'm 13 years old and my life is totally fucked. I've attempted suicide countless times. When I was only a few months old, my parents had my grandmother take care of me for the next five years of my life because my mum went back to university and my dad was a photographer and was very busy, though he would take care of me at every chance he could. As I grew older, I grew more and more distant from my mum, cuz she was never there, and it doesnt help that my grandmother (on my dads side) who took care of me, hated my mum. Just recently I watched some old tapes of me when I was 2 or 3 around christmas time. All of my closes family was there, grandparents, aunts and uncles from my mums side and both grandparents from my dads side. My grandfather (on my dads side) died shortly after that tape was taken, and I was devistated. That is when my life just fell apart. But anyways, on that tape, I noticed that I would constantly reject my mum and everytime she would try to tell me that I'm beautiful, or try to play with my hair, or hug me I would tell her to stop it. This was at the age of 3 or 4! I think that because of that she is sortof bitter now and she favors my four year old brother, and she is never compassionate towards me. Around the age of 11 I first cut myself, I was scared, and extremely angry at my mum for threatening to kill me (we were having an argument). My mum and I argue non-stop and she can get violent. Other than that, school is okay, I'm struggling in mathematics and thats it. I have tons of friends and I am a very loved and loving person. I love my dad with all my heart and we have never once had a disagreement. He would take time off from work just to spend time with me. When I had to get surgery on my neck (from tripping on a kite and landing on a screw that was sticking out of the ground) he brought me ice cream. Even though I couldnt eat it, the fact that he did that was probably the most memorable part of my life. Even thinking of it now makes me cry. The only thing now that stops me from cutting myself is the fact that i am afraid that people will notice. Last year my best friend and I were joking around and she grabbed my wrist from under a long sleeved shirt and i had cuts there, so obviously, it hurt like hell and my wrist started bleeding through the shirt, she saw and without thinking, she pulled my sleeve up and everyone around me saw my cuts and now think im insane. My parents arent aware of this, but i think that at first, cutting wasnt just to make me feel better, but i also thought that maybe my mum would notice my wounds as another form of telling her that i need help.

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