Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
21 Apr 2010 Ava Detatch yourself from the world, hate everything you want to, and love everything you need to. Kill yourself mentally to be reborn again free and happy with what you are and more importantly what you do. Follow yourself, and even if its in circles, know it only makes you a rounder person ;)
21 Apr 2010 brnt I have tried to kill myself before. Cutting, and mainly burning. I used to lock myself after having a shower. Turn off the lights and cry.I had and still have uncontrollable emotions. When i didnt want to cry i'd ball my eyes out. When I wanted to cut so badly because honestly its indescribable to amount of times i wants to put a massivly deep cut in my left arm. but I havent. Not that often anyway. When I didnt want to cut I just did it. I cant get help I live in a shitty town my sister whos now seeing a coucellor - for attension like she likes. And Im the one who needs help. As much as Id like to say some of these comments sound like u dont know how the fuck it feels like tht. And saying that there are people worse off. HELLO> that doesnt change the fact u want to to die so bad. Its not omg. I hate maths i want to die. Its omg I cant live this life anymore. I need help. alot. get help. try. because you'd have a better chance of finding help. 3 weekends from now. Im going to book a ticket to go to somewhere bigger and im going to see the one I love the most(family) and im getting his help becuse he understands. So jus try. even if u have to run away, do it for urself. If ur like me and ur mum says ur a drama queen. Killing urself. I just wanna cut. But i think hanging urself is pretty wik....... HELP ME PLEASE IM GOING INSANE WITH. The only way I show it is through alone by myself(self harm) drawings or just full on squriming around ccrying feeling like ive just been shot hiding in my room, Help.
20 Apr 2010 juan a poison
20 Apr 2010 Fabien Be 14 years old.
20 Apr 2010 Hayley Well fuck me drunk, just go and die if you want to, overdose or hang yourself go and jump in front of a train, whatever method works, best one to do is hanging because it's instant.
19 Apr 2010 JS I am a 19 year old guy, and I think that what you created...your "suicide kit" is sick and twisted thing to do. Suicide is something that should not be taken lightly, and I believe that people need to be educated in the aftermath of suicide and what should be done if you have suicidal thoughts. I have had many friends die, due to suicide, and a couple friends who have attempted, and will never try it again because it was to painful, and they decided that they wanted to live. I have had suicidal thoughts myself, but never acted on them. I love life to much, and I hope people will feel the same way. If you ever want to talk to someone who knows nothing about your life, someone who is impartial and someone who will always be willing to lend an ear, email me at I hope whoever reads this takes my words to heart and will either try to talk to someone in their life, or email me.
19 Apr 2010 MK Stop. Please stop and try to hang on.
Take a moment and stand back mentally from everything that is happening. You know suicide is wrong and will hurt others. There may be some very special, wonderful things ahead for you -- but you can't find out unless you continue on your journey.
Examine your health. There is likely a connection between your the way your brain works and how your body is working. Are you tired? Been sitting too much? A little walk sometimes really helps. Eating a lot of stuff that is comforting but not so good for you... or not eating enough (blood sugar too low)? Make sure you get enough water too. Dehydration can really make us feel draggy. I realize NOW that when I was in my teens and 20s my hormones were off the chart and I was probably low in Magnesium and B vitamins -- very important to prevent depression. Suicide is not the answer, ever, for anyone. It helps to find a higher power too. Without getting preachy, I believe God is there and watching over us. Someone created all that we know, and there is some reason for it. Some very unusual things have happened in my life that were so striking it was if someone was answering my prayers. It convinced me.
A lot of depression stems from being alone, not living up to our expectations, deep seated anger we find hard to express (punch on a pillow or mattress for a while), emotional hurt or humiliation. I'm over 50 and I've been through some very emotionally bad shit. I know full well what many of you are feeling and talking about at your worst depths.
Sometimes the answers aren't in our grasp. But they will come. Do the best you can and hang in there. You have more power than you may realize right now. Try some new things. Doing the same things over and over will only give you the same results. Also -- life is always changing. Time goes quickly -- a year or two many things may be very different for you and give you more options. May peace find you, God put his blessings upon you. You are loved, you are part of the human race. You belong here. We are all meant to learn and go forward. Suicide is never the answer. Hang in there my friends. Let the door of life continue to open for you. Take some deep breaths, relax, listen to some nice music and tell yourself you are important. There are others who love you. Believe it. Remember the good things you have done and said. Get some sun. Do not let other people define who you are by their negative comments or actions. It may be the only way they can feel important and in time hopefully they will learn how hurtful they are. Keep living. Hang on and try to make small changes one by one. You can do it. Good luck my friends, your stories have touched me. I wish you well -- with wonderful solutions and great happiness that you are destined to discover.
18 Apr 2010 ditsy After reading everything Im thinking of driving off a bridge.
Im not 13 Im 53. Im tired - so damn tired. My son has no time for me and my brother, after screwing my mother out of money and breaking his promise to my father on his deathbed, doesn't talk to me anymore. I got sick with bowel infections - had a collostomy, and then a reversal....and then got cancer. Went through chemo and lost my job - im "overqualified" for everything I apply for and so Im broke.
I would love the answer - I love going to sleep at night and so often wish I could just keep sleeping and not wake up
18 Apr 2010 21 in fl I have Kl... and Ef... but not enough to kill me. I know the Klonopin will make me fall asleep. I'm thinking about taking 3 to get extrememly sleepy, then taking the rest and tying and pastic bag around my head.

I've ALMOST died twice. One in a car accident, another a freak accident..its unfair. I would give up my life to save a dying child in Africa.

My brain is unstable. It doesnt work like someone who is normal. I cant control my emotions. They over come me. I'm wasting my time typing this. I need to continue looking through the house to see what I can find.

Right now I'm going to cut myself just to take the edge off. Phyiscal pain is so much easiser to handle than this mental pain.... I wonder why I stopped cutting myself? Probably the stupid medication I'm on..when cutting is the best relief actually.
18 Apr 2010 Rebecca OD on cough medicine
17 Apr 2010 Sapph0 Hi! I've read some of the stories here and believe me it's not worth it. Whatever your problems are, look around, there are more people having greater problems than you do. I thought about it before but maybe because I wasn't thinking of anything nor anyone but myself. I love my parents, my relatives and friends that's why I didn't do it. You have to be strong and prove to everyone that you can make it. If you have to fake your happiness, fake it till its real. You guys are still young, you will soon encounter so many great things as you go on with your life. Sometimes you stumble but it is a good thing because you learn through experiences and you become stronger. Whoever or whatever is the reason that you want to commit suicide is not worth it. You are far more greater than them. If its about your boyfriend/girlfriend, believe me you'll find greater someone in your life as you go on. If its about your family, so what? You have your own life. Don't mind them and do the things that you should do. If your parents think that you're a mistake then prove it to them and soon they will be proud of you. You just proved to them that you're wrong. It doesn't have to be the reason that you are doing it is for them but its for you alone. No one can drive your life but you. Mingle with friends to have an outlet! Go out! There are lots of things to do. Go on dating but be sure not to fall in love at the wrong person and number one rule for girls NEVER GET PREGNANT or else you won't enjoy life anymore. If you did, then go date again till you have overcome it. But if you get pregnant, do not commit abortion. Because then its just the same thing as going to hell. Come out of the gray area and see the world as black and white. God gave us our life and we do not have a right to take it away. Just abide in him and he will abide in you. Pray to him and whatever you ask, it will be done to you. I thought to myself when I want to commit suicide, I could encounter greater people, I could be someone. I'd like to see myself successful. I would like to prove to everyone that I am someone whom they could be proud of. That I am someone that no one can reach. Finish your studies and have a degree because that's what you need in life. Find a job, do business till you become rich and I tell you, life is so much fun! I've had problems and I sometimes think of taking my life away. I had taken pills the next day, I wake up again and life seems to be the same. I get myself drunk but the next day, same thing. It went on and on, and time will tell when you're sober. Life is not easy, but you can make it easy. It is still up to you. Until now, I still have problems.. problems come and go.. once you solve a problem here comes another. But you learn and sometimes your heart gets hard that you can't feel anything anymore. You become insensitive. Though you are still young and there will be greater problems that will tag along as you grow old. Be strong. Look up to God and pray to him that he may help you. There are times that you are sad, but cheer up. There's a long road ahead that you will be happy of. Wake up! Maybe your prince charming is just to see you. Life is also full of "WHAT IF's". I do have those issues, like what if I have talked to this guy, what if I did this and did that? Would life be easier? I tell you the answer, it is still you who can solve things. So what is the best way to kill yourself??? Look at around you, the people who will be left when you're gone, you will hurt them. And do not tell me that no one loves you because there is someone who loves all of us. GOD!!! When you kill yourself, it will just be worst because you will be in hell. So if you think the world that we live in is already hell. Think again, how worst will it be if you go to hell and there's no turning back. Life is a game. Life is unfair. Just go on, play the game. Hate the game and not the player. In short, life is not easy but life is worth living. Good luck guys! If I was able to overcome it, so do you. Who am I to be successful. Be a winner!! God Bless you all!
16 Apr 2010 Kate Notto do it at all!
16 Apr 2010 Charlotte I dont even know what to say my heads a complete mess im 18 (turn 19 in may) and my life....well i wouldnt even call it a life is a constant nightmare. I suffer from depression and anxiety to the MAX i have Madd mixed anxiety depressive disorder,im on medication for this im sick of life everyday is pain pain pain felt like this since 12yrs old i didnt finish school due to this i dropped out of college due to this and i cant get a job because this i have EXTREME social anxiety when im around people i get chronic stomach aches and sometimes puke up because of my nerves i also slur my words and get severe sweaty palms around people i dont know why me? Why am i like this? I dont have a friend in the world if i died tomorrow id have about 4 people at my funeral and thats family i have cut my arms i now have scars up my left arm i mean why am i alive whats the point my father has bi polar disorder so to add to my crap life i live with somebody who has more ups and downs than a yo yo god i just wish i get the nerve i need to end my pain...
16 Apr 2010 joe There's a special way to commit suicide, and that is: Take someone else with you
16 Apr 2010 Donte Not to. Get help. There is so much help available today. I too thought of suicide at probably about the age of 13. Throughout my 30 plus years since, I've often continued to think about it. I've had good days and bad days, I never sought the professional help I really needed for this issue and I guess I am really here today because it still plays on mind. With the help of our Higher Power we can see this through. Someone mentioned that life is a roller-coaster ride. Well, I happen to agree. Let's just keep riding it out, doing self help, getting professional help, helping each other to move on to whatever our next mission of the moment or day will be. Good times do not last but neither do Bad times. Even though they (bad times) seem to linger, lets not put our focus there, lets press on to make tomorrow a better day for ourselves, if we do that, surely it will be better for someone else. Blessings to all this comment reaches.
16 Apr 2010 Man A. Ger Play Russian Roulette.
15 Apr 2010   step 1 buy watergun
step 2 paint it black (the water gun and not a red door)
step 3 visit local police store and point it around
15 Apr 2010   Have a shit load of unprotected sex, catch some radical disease and wait.
15 Apr 2010 flipashit The best way to kill yourself is to try not to kill yourself. (Death loves irony)
15 Apr 2010 Savannah You don't.

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