Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
12 Sep 2010 Seth Why does everyone on here have such horrible grammar and spelling? Just a question.
11 Sep 2010 maria jimenez i know that this is not what ur asking but am traing to help u to stop the worst mistake off your live becouse if u kill your self u have the ticket to go traight to hell for an iternal life the best way is to give god your like and he will take all of those thought off your head and dont matter what other people say about u or thing off u your a verry special person and human thats why god made us and 4 that reason we are here becouse he gave his only son to die on the cross 4 us john.3.16 please if any question u can find me in conexion latina under chaparrita29 or if u live in the huston area find me at 604preston in pasadena dont forget that u are worth more then any thing in life becouse we are gods creation my loving friend love always in god maria jimenez
11 Sep 2010 juniata Can I kill myself today?
10 Sep 2010 Niek Grow up as fast as possible.
10 Sep 2010 Helen You guys have a serious mental illness, before attempting to kill urself make sure you see a psych dr!!!
06 Sep 2010 Unique Brown I want to kill my self because I hate this world, not my self. Since I was a child age 7 I been abused. 13 I was rape , sprit on , punch in the face and my mother never bought me under clothes. When I was 16-18 many people stole from me including my sister who hates me . She set me up to get beat up. And until this day she comes to my home for no reason to just stare at me. She never admited to the thing that she did to me. She scar my face and my leg. My mother named me Unique and she told me what makes me so speacial.She tells me that the man I am dating does not love me and if he did he would of married me. She told me he is useing me. Yet this may be true. But how come my mother who always complain about wearing clothes properly . Such as dont wear a pink bra with a white shirt. She her self ha the guts to put on my T-shirt ,a white t-shirt which is see through and a bright pink bra underneath. She goes in the kicten where me and my boyfriend were. What da fuck. She told me she wish to live back in harlem because she love the apartment she had. her first apartment. yet to fail to remember that I got rape there at 13. To fail to realize thata I got puch in the face a couple times by men. But yet she miss fucking to brothers in harlem. I lossed my hearing at age 16 deaf to the t bone, though I had surgery and hear out of a device now,Fucking peple hate me because I have big breast and a big butt and a small stomack, people hate me and try to find anything to make me sad. I want to tell them the mission has already been accomplish cant you see the pain in my eyes. Mission accomplish . But yet they want more.
04 Sep 2010 simonrcz ive had life is totlay FUCKED..i have nothing to live for..i have no friends..the pepole who know me tell the pepole who dont know me that im this that and the one yearive dad aunty cat died..i lost my friends..i lovts my family..i lost my self hole life..after 10 years of not liveing with my real birth mother i found her..when i was there she tret me like shit..shouting you lil fucking bastard your dads a bastard your dads this your like your dads dead it was less than a yer and she was saying this...her husbund who hates me did the same..and he always threated your fucking moth or il hit hit from me and u wont get punch your teeth down your throut ..all the fucking made me try to commit cut my bang my head on the wall untill i once passed out..when i got the chance a new years eve i took 6 bottels of wine and 8 cans of beer..and over 5 days drank till i couldt feel a thing..then things got bad..only last moth or so my moms husbund beat the shit outa me..i was coverd in marke and when hed trew me to the floor my mom chocked me..then i was trw out at 1200 am bleeding hurt and nowere to go..i made it to my friends house..pepole say you should have called the cops..well thats the thing for ages ive talked to sosial sevises whitch is shit..and the cops..the cops let my mom and her husbund off with a warning..i guess nerly killing your son is ok then? it must be the cops knew..they cut it..lack of evidence no witnesses..lack of fucking evidence i was bleeding and coverd in marks???? so my dads dead and my mom can go die and beat her other 3 younger now liveing with my dads exwife and her bf..this are not happie..but thats not there fault they trie there couseler wants me to take pills..why dont i sust get totaly stoned on weed that will yeah..I WANT TO DIE!! theres nothing left GAME OVER!!!
01 Sep 2010 james faw do you have any idea how hard it is to hold your breath till you pass out ? send me a message. tell me why i shouldnt kill myself
31 Aug 2010 Mandy Hey everyone the story is same here life is seriously fucked up i do not want to take it any more ....

neither i can take it ,the only reason to be alive is my frndss they simply rock but other reasons let me forget this ...

According to me the best way to suicide is by eating a chemical called POTTASM CNAID CAUZING DEATH IN 3 seconds but it is not easily available ..
28 Aug 2010 y wud u wont to know im 13 i have a nice gorgeous girl frined i make good grades and i have friends i have no reason to commit suicide but i feel like crap for some reason people at school call me the emo kid my life is awesome but it sucks i fill like im liveing a lie for some reason i used to cut myself beleve me it helps but my gf i went out with for four years and we broke up and just recently got back together and shes slowly but surely putting my life back togther i love her shes the only thing keeping me hear
28 Aug 2010 Bob :(
25 Aug 2010 lonly..hrtd i wana end ma hurtd by all...all r selfsh...4 sum people i evn brokn trst of ma parents nd nw dey dnt cr 4 mr at all...i dnt kw wht 2 do extctly bt 2dy z my last day of my lyf.
25 Aug 2010 Joey I hate my life it sucks i have no friends my parents and family hate me i hate my schools and i cant handle it and i just want to die im done i cant do it any more but i just dont now how to kill myself
22 Aug 2010 rachel im 13 and want to die my perents are divorced and my dads got a girlfriend whos ma moms best friend who fucked that up mm ME i fuck evrything up but you cant die no mmatter what has happend i cut to get rid of emotions and want to die so bad. amy if you reading this hold on and dont ever let go i love you
19 Aug 2010 Amy There is no best way.i was suicide i wanted to jus wanted to end it but then i watch my uncle fight so hard for live and there i was tryin to give mine up and that was selfish .GOD GOT A PURPOSE FOR YOU AND ME.PLEASE RETHINK IT.
19 Aug 2010 louise corbett if any 1 needs to talk please email me
15 Aug 2010 Daniel Reed Im not sure about the age,but in oregon they have a right to die law. If you are terminaly ill with 6months or less 2 live &give 2 oral and 1 written concent, 2 dr.s must agree to allow you to kill yourself. They give you a prescription of an overdose of phenobarbital that u can take home and choose when or if to take it. Death with dignity,they call it. So the least painful way to go would probably be barbituates/phenobarbital if a dr suggests it. You can procure these in liquid or pill form from old people,pets, or your local script writing doctor.(dont tellim what its for or theyl lock ya up in the looney bin)
14 Aug 2010 m i preiviously posted a very harsh post.. and i regret it after reading afew more posts.. i tend to rush into things .. and i see that this site is actually helping some people so im sorry :)
i hope everyone on this site gets better because i know what its like to almost lose someone to depression and getting close to losing myself to depression
14 Aug 2010 m You make me sick.. half of the stories on this page piss me off and ill tell yu why .. compare a sttory abotu a thirteen year old whos freidns ditch them wiht a 48 year old guy whos beeen batteling depression for 14 years! YOUR 13 yeh life sucks but u havent even lived it yet! give life a chance .

and as for this suiside kit!! dont get me started .. whoever invented it should be arrested for putting the idea into peoples heads. people commit suicide because they say its an easy way out of life. Welll guess what when u make stupid games like a"SUISIDE KIT" it makes it 100 times eaier.

i cant believe this.

and don tell me i dont understand.. if i didnt i wouldnt of typed "whats the best way to commit suiside" in the search bar.

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