Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
09 Nov 2010 greg im 29. it doesnt get better unless u lie 2 yourself or get drugs. my plan was to just run my body and brain into chemical oblivion. but the memories hurt me EVERY DAY. they say u only remember the good times. THATS A LIE! EVERYDAY MY MEMORIES ARE ONLY PAIN AND SADDNESS. life bad when people say "dont worry, things will get better" and when u dont "get better"? its worse... they dont say anything at all. TRANSLATION: YOU FAILED AT LIFE and p.s. dont depress your nieces and nephews
09 Nov 2010 greg god is not love. god is GUILT
09 Nov 2010 greg do it before 13. Because you dont want to be 29 and a multi-generational example of a failure just watching ur parents slowly die inside because of your lack of worth
09 Nov 2010 greg if god is love then why does love never last????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
09 Nov 2010 greg well im 29, but when i was 13 id say that a note telling people why its their fault, a hose, duct tape, a car and a bottle of vodka works. use ur parents car so it fucks them up for years to come. make as many people sad as u can because sadness is the only real feeling. all others are transitory
09 Nov 2010 kd Overdose
09 Nov 2010 Atto DEATH BY WARDROBE
08 Nov 2010 Rex Overdose on candy.
07 Nov 2010 maladyofdeath If you ever need self-validation, someone who cares, I will deliver.
07 Nov 2010 alexis drowning
07 Nov 2010 get . a . life . Get a life, seriously. Think about someone other than yourself, someone who is actually in real pain; watch the damn news,read the newspapers. You have a whole life ahead of you, and posting dumb emails about killing yourself is not going to get you anywhere.Its a pretty easy answer, a 3 yr old can work out how people die, so why are you wasting your time? Get it into your twisted mind that life is hard; just dont be so selfabsorbed and dramatic.
07 Nov 2010 friendly circle band aid old thinking haunts new syllables
06 Nov 2010 not even 13 yet and both of my parents have attempted to kill me. i have no family other than my drugged up parents and spoiled older brother. my brother torments me with insults and my parents insult and beat me. i am an outcast at school. my father put a nail threw my left eye so i am now blind in one eye. i have experienced life. i hate it. just because im a kid doesnt mean i dont understand.
06 Nov 2010 suicidelover I will tell the ultimate truth to everyone.. I have been suicidal for 10 years and have lived a nightmare that only some of you can understand.. I wont bother you with the reasons coz they dont matter much at this point cause basically I count every waking day as a new reason..

So first of all let me make it pretty clear to you that SUICIDE IS THE BEST SOLUTION, no pills, therapy or rehab will ever work, but suicide works only if it is done right the first time.. If you dont get it right the first time then you enter into a much larger hell..

After I failed in my first attempt, for a while, I thought things will get better
as I was told by everyone.. So I started a new life hoping for the miracle to happen some day but believe me THE MIRACLE NEVER HAPPENS, there is never a happy ending. For me the pain just kept on increasing, the years passed I attempted again and again but never succeeded because mainly I started to lose the courage coz the motherfucker people around me gave a false hope that the things can better but in reality they never do.. Now I am suffering from several diseases, live a fucking life and dont have the courage to kill myself..
Everyday hurts like hell.. Every breath seems to be useless.. Only If I can get the courage back to kill myself again cause Its getting tougher and tougher and I know NOTHING WILL EVER GET BETTER!! But I know I will succeed in killing myself one day and that day will be the happiest in my life!!
06 Nov 2010 abbie um iv been reading like 8 pages of this. Im still unsure of what to do:/ if anyone wants to help me email me? i can do with any help i can get:/ thanks.
05 Nov 2010 Andrea Please think about your babies, even if your husband is a piece of shit (mine is) think about your babies. Nothing that you do since they have been conceived affects only you. Find yourself through them. Move to alabama and I will give you food! There are people in this world who value your life, you just need to find your place, I will pray for you!
05 Nov 2010 mathew Listen to dad
05 Nov 2010 Niek By growing up and kill the child within you.
03 Nov 2010 er i am 13 years old, i fell in love with a boy who is 15, he was the best thing that ever happened to me, and he still is, its been 6 months, and he is all i cant think about, i cant get him off my mind, and hes moved on, he treats me like shit, and all i do to him is be nice, more than nice, i give my everything to make him happy, even if that means that my happiness is suffering, which it is..

i have slit my wrists 3 times, but it hasnt been serious, i had bleeding which lasted a while, and i had swelling, it never reached the hospital stage, i wanted to die.. infact, i still do, its the worst feeling in the world, i feel like if i do something serious, like death, that he will finally see how much i love him, and how much i need him in my life, but when he realizes it will be too late, id of gone...
i dont know what to do anymore, in the past i have tried to over does on drugs, i took around 30 drugs that i didnt even know the names of, it only caused bad side affects, when i go to do it again i am sick from the smell of them :/
30 Oct 2010 Onlyomen Has it occurred to anyone that the person who posted this site is some sick **** ADULT who gets off hearing about other peoples pain and is NOT a child at all? Find a legit site if u need to vent people. And ive been there everyone and while this life and being in chronic pain sucks NOT existing scares the crap out of me more and I happen to love my family and friends enough (such as they r) NOT to put them thru that.

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