Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
04 Jan 2011 TJ Well there really is no good way to do it.. Im 16 and i think the best way is to overdose on pills. You could end up in the hospital cause its a slow way to die but then its away out. Im seeking help tho to stop my urge to try and kill myself...
thats a webiste to the 10minute giude to suicide.. I dont think suicide is the best but its better then nothing. Before you try please visist the webiste.
04 Jan 2011 Joseph I just found out my wife has been with her ex. I am not sure how long its been going on, but somhow I know its been going on for a long time? I am very upset and all I want to do is hurt her so bad and the only way I know is to kill myself. I know for sure she will regret what she did and I want her to live with the fact it was her doing and I just closed the book fer her?
03 Jan 2011 Gabe Life is shit, people are shit, the world is shit, theres no sugar coating it. But no matter what your going through lifes not bad enough to end it, some of the happiest people i know have the worst life. Life is what you make it bro, so dont just sit around bummin out all the time, meet people have fun understand that your alive for a reason and everyone has a purpose.
03 Jan 2011 Erin ♥ Poisoning my self seems the best option
03 Jan 2011   i want to die. i want to show them all that i wasnt lyingwhen i said i am depressed. they all hate me, they dont believe me, they think my deression is a choice that i have made, that i can snap out of
03 Jan 2011 shoron rahman i jst wANNA end ma lyf r8 nw><i can nd wont hav any1 in ma lyf..nobody lyks me a bit..m lost in derbis of pain,suffocation nd suffering><
02 Jan 2011 kate im not under 13 im 14 i have been trying to kill my self for the past 2 yrs im in the care of deperment of child safty and have been for 10 yrs i dnt under stands your u all want to die u have your famliy i dnt i get charged every time i swear like thats fucked i swollowed glass last night i did not work but im going to keep trying cause i know one day it will work but when u are thinging about doing it think how bad your life is really think about all the kids that would love your life like me i know some of u might have had it hard but think about it cause u really dnt want to go to a mentelhealth ward i get cought out each time i do it so yea just think about this for me pls
02 Jan 2011 billy Shaw well im 14 at the moment and i didnt really care that my parents were deforced when i was 4 as my mum was really nice. but when i was 14 i asked my mum about my dad and i found out that he abused her and me and had a criminal record, this mad me really angry. and i was a really angry kid in primary and i turned it around in secondary and was starting to think it was getting better, but i was wrong i have been bullied by different people on and off throughout year 7 8 9 and now in year 10. but now i have had enough the name calling has got enough and my 2 best friends are ignoring me and my only friend i have left doesnt talk to me much. i tryed to talk to my brother but he wanted to tell my mother about how i felt. so ihave decided to keep my feelings to my self. i thought it was good at home because the bullies werent here but i was wrong they leave me messages on facebook and youtube and tonight i just want to end it. but i know i dont have the right resources to kill myself but im thinking of getting my mums cooking knife and putting it on my head to kill my brain. if i dont comment again i have ended it
31 Dec 2010 LawnOrder You should be very disgraced with yourself, I may feel low in life, but at no point, unless you are in a third world country, starving and fighting everyday to stay alive should you ever consider all of this. And to name this website like this, you really should be taken to prison, bent over and raped by heroin junkies!
29 Dec 2010 mmat no point killin ur self when ure jus 13.theres too much to hope for!n too less understanding of t goin on events..u can always hope on a next ten yrs atleast!!..if not nytn else can always rely on wishful thnking!..n alwayz hope for god or smone to make thngs better! try 23 atleast!..:p
28 Dec 2010 Shea Killing yourself may and may not be the way to go. Honestly, its been in my head for 2 years now. I wont say how old I am but I am sure im younger than you all. Its basically based on your religous beleifs and how your life is fucked up. Think whats gunna happen to you after your dead, ya just gunna rot or are you gunna go some where good or bad. And there is a thing people say, they say its selfish that to kill your self. How? I asked that question and I got as a reply "Its selfish because someone cared about you and you just killed yourself." REALLY??? That just pisses me off. If you honestly are suffering and the only hope (not saying it is the only hope) is to kill yourself then whatever. So whatever. . .
27 Dec 2010 kishore shot urselh
26 Dec 2010 Anonumous im only 14 and ive been depressed sence i was 11. My dad died when i was only 13, my grandpa died when i was 11, im just waiting for some one else close to me to time someone dies im going to die too. i think the best way of suicid is to make it as messy as possible. wen i die im going to make it look like a murder. I dont know why it just seems like it would make me importand for a few days...
25 Dec 2010 SHAAZLEE H KHAN very litle experience of doing suicide
22 Dec 2010 ABIGAIL The best way to kill yourself is to give up. The irony is though, the people who truly love you never give up on you. So in the end, there is no "best way" to kill yourself, because even if you succeed, you will end up hurting others. And I can bet the main reason why you want to die is to end the pain. But by dying, even in the most humane way, your mother, father, sister, brother, boyfriend, girlfriend, grandpa, grandma, cousins, and friends will be in so much pain because they will be wondering how they could have stopped you (me) from killing yourself.

That is what keeps me alive. Knowing that if I ever succeed in killing myself, I will put others through excruciating, lifelong pain at the memory of me.

And so I will live today.

I hope you do too. HOPE, LOVE, FAITH.
21 Dec 2010 kiko wanna talk:
20 Dec 2010 j.A i think the best way to kill yourself is by cutting your wrist.
20 Dec 2010 Magnus Chew on a powercord, fast and efficient.
20 Dec 2010 zara Two people I know jumped in front of a tube and I will go that way as well,no pain
20 Dec 2010 Rachel Some kind of drug

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