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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
29 Dec 2010 mmat no point killin ur self when ure jus 13.theres too much to hope for!n too less understanding of t goin on events..u can always hope on a next ten yrs atleast!!..if not nytn else can always rely on wishful thnking!..n alwayz hope for god or smone to make thngs better! try 23 atleast!..:p
28 Dec 2010 Shea Killing yourself may and may not be the way to go. Honestly, its been in my head for 2 years now. I wont say how old I am but I am sure im younger than you all. Its basically based on your religous beleifs and how your life is fucked up. Think whats gunna happen to you after your dead, ya just gunna rot or are you gunna go some where good or bad. And there is a thing people say, they say its selfish that to kill your self. How? I asked that question and I got as a reply "Its selfish because someone cared about you and you just killed yourself." REALLY??? That just pisses me off. If you honestly are suffering and the only hope (not saying it is the only hope) is to kill yourself then whatever. So whatever. . .
27 Dec 2010 kishore shot urselh
26 Dec 2010 Anonumous im only 14 and ive been depressed sence i was 11. My dad died when i was only 13, my grandpa died when i was 11, im just waiting for some one else close to me to time someone dies im going to die too. i think the best way of suicid is to make it as messy as possible. wen i die im going to make it look like a murder. I dont know why it just seems like it would make me importand for a few days...
25 Dec 2010 SHAAZLEE H KHAN very litle experience of doing suicide
22 Dec 2010 ABIGAIL The best way to kill yourself is to give up. The irony is though, the people who truly love you never give up on you. So in the end, there is no "best way" to kill yourself, because even if you succeed, you will end up hurting others. And I can bet the main reason why you want to die is to end the pain. But by dying, even in the most humane way, your mother, father, sister, brother, boyfriend, girlfriend, grandpa, grandma, cousins, and friends will be in so much pain because they will be wondering how they could have stopped you (me) from killing yourself.

That is what keeps me alive. Knowing that if I ever succeed in killing myself, I will put others through excruciating, lifelong pain at the memory of me.

And so I will live today.

I hope you do too. HOPE, LOVE, FAITH.
21 Dec 2010 kiko wanna talk:
20 Dec 2010 j.A i think the best way to kill yourself is by cutting your wrist.
20 Dec 2010 Magnus Chew on a powercord, fast and efficient.
20 Dec 2010 zara Two people I know jumped in front of a tube and I will go that way as well,no pain
20 Dec 2010 Rachel Some kind of drug
19 Dec 2010 nadia idk but i wish i knew a painless way to kill myself! i never liked pain but seems like everywhere i turn i see nothing but hate & things that make me mad, im pissed off all day i also have a son and i cant staqnd him cuz of my baby daddy i hate him and thats why i wanna kill myself but i dont want him out of my life
18 Dec 2010 HOPE let me tell u something, no matter how ugly ur life feels or gets just put everything aside and just settle down and ask God to help u. ask him to be by ur side because he will love u even if nobody does and i promise u have faith in him and u will be thankful everyday. its not good comitting suicide because life is a gift, a gift because it gave u the opportunity to discover God and to be someone amazing.
17 Dec 2010 heroine overdose heroine. overdose ob n heroine. u will fall asleep then your heart will stop. u can always find drug dealers anywhere in thr world. there is my 5 cents. your life, dispose of it as u please. let me just remind you right now, being alive comes w reaponsibilities to the people who DO care such as ur family and friends. u didnt ask to be alive, but you are.
14 Dec 2010 Ajay I dont have ne other way to talk 2 u.i want to kill myself and my parents wit me i cant visit dis website pls do ans me at u kill us my property ill b urs.
14 Dec 2010 hache The Thoughts in Your Head

Sometimes your life doesn’t go quite the way you planned,
And the best thing you can think to do is just to leave this land.
The hurt is so bad that you just wish your life would come to an end,
But then you hear some words of advice which starts you on the mend.
There are still times when life sucks and you just want to die,
But what about the other people who would have to say goodbye?
At times suicide seems like best idea especially when you are sad and down,
But while it would end your sorrow think off all the people who would frown.
It’s a selfish act but in the moment you don’t really care,
There is so much pain and it eventually becomes too much to bare.
You think of slitting your wrist or taking a gun to your head,
Whatever you have to do, you don’t care you just want to be dead.
You are scared to leave but feel like there is nothing else you can do,
Many people don’t even know you’re hurt they don’t have a single clue.
Eventually you tell someone of you plans and they try to make it stop,
However you don’t listen to them and run to the knife shop.
You buy the sharpest knife to make sure it will make a deep cut,
Back home you go to prepare for the cut and then you think but….
Are there really people who care enough to not want me gone?
Would people really be upset if I didn’t wake up tomorrow at dawn?
The knife falls out of your hand and you start to cry,
Maybe this isn’t the right time for you to say goodbye.
In the back of your mind you still think about suicide but know it wouldn’t be right,
Day in and day out you are telling yourself it isn’t a good idea and it becomes a constant fight.
For now you’ve decided that suicide isn’t an option for you,
What if that thought changes, and then what would you do?
14 Dec 2010 sh0oting_stars i was really depressed with my lyf still now i try to think of alot of ways to be happy but i always fail dere is so much pressure frm parents n evryone but i was depressed frm dese close ppl cz dey nevr undersand my feelings im kinda person who luvs to deal with lyf lightly but my parents its lyk dey dun even care abt me dey r not treating me with proper way u knw wat my bf dumped me i had no frnds i dun hav a social lyf itz all cause of parents i feel lyk killing myself all da tym even if i get a chance but i was survive
12 Dec 2010 c mouchette, dearest, could you please explain your relation to this man:
11 Dec 2010 malak Suicide is not chosen; it happens when pain exceeds resources for coping with pain.
11 Dec 2010 Harsh I think it is to get crushed by a train or fast mooving truck.

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