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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
21 Mar 2010 tom you know that is my exact question and sadly i'm not joking i might be 15 years old but i don't think it makes such a diffrence, i'm looking for help.. for answers for my specific life maybe some one else can relate...
20 Mar 2010 Hayley Ballis Perhaps overdosing on pills?
20 Mar 2010 Prezze I believe the best way to kill urself out of the pain u'v been suffering from is not external..coz ur body might die bt what would u do of ur reality which is ur soul n that may keep suffering for so many years until it wil gt inside othr new being and start the same battle all over again..i, as an example, and incredibly so, have been wondering since b4 mid 19th dreams have told me this! Bt the pain has only multiplied over all these decades for all these this birth i am a girl,mentally,as u wud say,weaker than all of u bt soulfully, i have decided, with a firm head..all my sufferings of this lifetime and the previous lives have to vanish now..after fighting for all these 27 odd yrs wid my inner being, i befriended it, to make me follow a path, it choses, whether socially agreeabl or not. Bt i am nt gonna give up this time. 2 emerge as a strong successful being towards the final years of ur life or the nex lifetime, preparations have to begin now, this life n this very moment!! I have survived so far only 2 realize my true goal n that is to preach my old getaways and lead myslf wid heroism from now on. The pain will die wid its natural death whn i'l die naturally bt if i will choke it into a forced death it will survive penetrating into ur soul n paralyse it until all ur future is hurt badly. So dont kill it. Live wid it n discover ur ways 2 let the pain fade off gradually 2 its death!
20 Mar 2010 Tony Intro: Male turned 46 on March 18 2010. History: Parents committed me in psych ward age 14? diagnosis skizzo. symptoms: I wouldn't talk to them or the doctors they took me to. Oh and the kicker my mother asked me if I heard voices and I answered yes because I thought she meant do I think to myself (vocalise internally). Stupid answer. Anyway I wasn't talking to anyone cause I was pissed that Dad wasn't talking to Mum and that was after I attempted to act as some sort of intermediary conciliator. Dad wouldn't have a bar of it and told me to mind my own business. I shut down after that (too sensitive I believe, taking things personally) when really I just shouldn't have given a stuff about my parents relationship. Cause I had everything else going for myself - third in class, great at athletics. One day at school I was simply told to come to the office and that's when they took me away to the psych ward. Some youth counsellor was the one who told me the news about my pending lock down. After I did a couple of weeks or more I'm not too clear on time frame, the same youth counsellor asked if I wanted to come and live with him and his family? I agreed. Thats when he started sexually abusing me from aged 14 - 20 when I finally left my hometown for the city. He and his wife, on the first nights stay, offered me their bed and they'd sleep in the lounge. ??? Anyway whatever, he slipped into his be, with me there, did his thing while I froze like a rabbit caught in lights.
Skip forward 10 years: First wife. Aaagghhh. Fighting all the time. My wife was my first ever girlfriend who broke my virginity. Ha. She picked me up while cheating on her then fiancée. I was totally girl innocent and all. Anyway I thought this was what 'love is'. pathetic and hopelessly naive. skip forward she got pregnant to me and took off. I bumped into her when she was showing and of course I forgot all about the pain and we were back on again. Skip forward 20 years and five kids later and all the hell in between I left her and the kids who I hoped would forgive me. They kinda have - we facebook and I'm on their friends list. I'm with another who I thought 'this is it'. Oh my god do I have a big sign attached to my back that says 'kick me'?
Bottom line: I'm so looking forward to my death. I won't commit suicide but with each birthday I am eagerly closer and closer to finally finishing with my life. I know I'm not the only person who has had a crap life. I read about crap lives in the paper every day and my heart goes out to everyone living with huge pain and suffering.
Lesson learned: key decisions along the way have determined the course of pain in my life. Trouble is your only wise after the fact. Luck plays a part.
19 Mar 2010 leftbehind Well for me it was har to deal with me bff killing herself. mainly becaust she did it in frount of me, slit her throat, and i think to myself everyday what could i have done to save her and relized i could have done anything but i was to scared i rembember saying you wont do it your to pussy ans that was the last thing i said to her that she could hear... i think back to that day all the time and if you are trying to kill yourself plz dont baceausw you leave behind friends family and loveones.
19 Mar 2010 todd end my life i have lived all my life with learning and spelling disability all have for the rast of my life been suffering from depression im on a diabily pencehn all its had for be to do things like makeing my meals keeping my self clen any many more things been like this all my life and i am so tired of going on like this so my only way out of it is to end my life I have been whating to end my life for over 10 years and fell its time to and it all all be so happy when my life is over i know this what i want to do .as i post im 47 years old thank its a good time for me to die . need a good way to end it all
18 Mar 2010 Christine I have no idea. I came here, trying to find out. I'm turning 15 in a few months, and my life seems perfect.
I have a beautiful girlfriend and loving friends.
My parents are constantly abusing me, emotionally now. They stopped physical a few years ago. They call me a whale. A freak. You name it. I'm not perfect. I may be heavy, but it's all muscle. I'm a fucking athlete.
My girlfriend drinks at school. She doesn't seem to care about me now. Once we were perfect. Once we actually talked. Once we cuddled, kissed, loved. No more. My friends do LSD at school. As much as I love helping their problems, they never listen to me anymore. When I need help, they dont care.
I have no one to turn to, no one to love. I want to die. I want to die. I want to die. I want to die. I want to die. I want to die.
Please. Help me find a way to stop this awful suffering.
Life's ticking by. Grain by grain. Tik. Tok. Tik. Tok.
So help me now. PLEASE. I'm desperate.
18 Mar 2010 Maria Hi, I am 16 and a female. I have been thinking about suicide from time to time ever since I was 13. It has increased during my 9th and 10th grade in high school. It went away for awhile but since November it has increased. Ever since I had my miscarriage on November 16th. I have never told my boyfriend about my suicidal thoughts. Nor my family, my dad suffered depression and had suicidal thoughts of his own. I have never talked to a psychiatrist either, I don't think I can tell my loved ones about this. I also do not think I can ever actually go through with the suicide. I have cut myself a lot when I was 13 and once in awhile during my current age. Little arguments with my boyfriend or mom can trigger these thoughts and cutting. This is not a pity story nor am I looking for sympathy. I just want help, without my loved ones knowing. I know this would destroy them. Please help me. I'm tired of feeling depressed and hatred of myself.
17 Mar 2010 Lue Sipher There are over 6 billion ways to choose, yet at the age of 13 or under.
You are emotionally and physically too young to really choose one. You have not yet lived a full life, and there will be better times. All things pass after time.
Get professional help by checking yourself into a psychiatric ward, and getting on some medications that help out the bad thoughts.
I at 28 years old, wake up daily with suicidal idealation.. Everything can be going great, yet I'll still feel suicidal. Though I ignore it and dont go on my feelings. Its all a game your mind plays with you.
Suicide is the permanant solution, definitely not worth it as there is no coming back, and those you hurt even if you meant to hurt them will hurt for a good portion of their lifes. Some never get over the loss of a loved one, especially a child.
To answer what the best way to kill yourself is however, I can only hope that you'll come to the realization that life is what you make of it, and you have much more to live for. Sure life may suck now, but give it a little while and things will get better. Its all in what you do, maybe try moving away, or finding new hobbies, something to take your mind away from whatever is bothering you.
I'd help assist you in finding a way, but I am sorry.. Maybe if you where over the age of 50, or terminally ill and did not want to bear the pain of suffering a painful death then maybe, but from just what youve asked.. Its a stupid question, with which you have many other options and abilities. Find something that occupys your thoughts and to get you away from it all. Dont kill yourself, it is not worth it.
17 Mar 2010 rotten garbage. i am rotten garbage. everything i've done and everything i'm doing and everything i'll ever do will always fail. because i am a failure. i cannot to anything properly. not even help people i love. i am just waste of space and oxygen and time. everything i touch turns to shit. every dream i try to make real, withers away before it's even conceived. every goal i try to reach leads me to another brick wall. every soul i attach myself to, abandons me. i am rotten garbage. just a heaping pile of rotten garbage. and people keep adding their trash to it, and it gets bigger and stinkier and more and more repulsive by the second. each breath i take is in vain. morning brings suffering. night brings anguish. i fogot i hadn't even the right to dream. i forgot my place in this world. for a little while i began to feel that there was hope for me...there was happiness for me....peace, love, comfort, warmth. lies. all lies. there is no love, no warmth, no comfort, no peace, no happiness, no hope for me. i will never be touched, never have my eyes looked into, never have my hand held, never have my forehead kissed, never be hugged, never be caressed, never have anyone to talk to, never have my hair tucked behind my ear, never whisper secrets in the dark, never come home to anyone, never be wanted, never be needed, never be given a chance, never be given a second chance, never be given a third chance. there is nothing and there will never be anything. i am rotten garbage. taking up space and oxygen. wasting people's time with my face and my voice and my mere existence. when i look in the mirror, when i open my eyes in the morning, when i lie in bed at night, when i hear my name...i will always know that i am garbage. i am rotten garbage. someone please set me on fire.
17 Mar 2010 reaper my parents split when i was 10 then my mum died of cancer when i was 13, after i made it through all that there was a car accident in australia where 6 teens were run over by a drunk driver, 2 were my friends and the driver got 7yrs jail before parol, 9 months later my best friend was killed in a car accident, everyone surved but him. 2 months ago my workmate committed suicide after 2 previous attempts he posted that he was dead on facebook and shot himself, he was alive when his mother found him, he had cut the phone lines so she couldnt call for help, i was talking to him 2hours before he did it and i always wonder if i could have said somthing to change his thoughts, suicide impacts everybody, but even after seeing the pain it causes others im so jealous of him, he doesnt have to live with the pain and he is in a better place, i jus dont see why im here anymore, whats the point of life? why is everyone around me dying? and to make things even greater while dealing with all this ive lost my girlfried who id been with for 4 yrs, can anyone tell me how the fuck i get through all this cos i jus wanna go
17 Mar 2010 jonathon you should NOT (please don't) kill yourself if you're under thirteen. that said...i am 28 years old and am thinking about dying. a lot of people say that life has something to offer if you just keep waiting and keep fighting. but i feel so alone and resentful. often, i really wish my dad were still alive. he died when i was aged 23. it's strange how much i've grown since then, and yet i still feel like a child inside. i really wish my dad were still here so i could have some idea of who i am. yeah.

maybe i'm scared that i'll never be good enough to have a family one day. I always assumed I'd be dead by my mid-thirties (probably from suicide) so I haven't done much planning.
17 Mar 2010 Blake Winders Simply dont. i have thought about it all the time i have been called a gay mother fucking fag and many other things every day on my way to school i think about jumping in front of the train i have tried to kill my self many a time but im glad i did not kill myself in the end. i find the best thing for me is to sit in my room and do stuff i like (i play pokemon (im 13) and watch manga also i listen to my fav song) then i think i could not be doing this if i was dead.
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17 Mar 2010 bob brown if yur going to die die in a way thats helping your country like joining the army.
17 Mar 2010 cloud I cut myself last night. but as you can see ,it failed. i used a pen knife at first,but it soon appear to me that the skin is much thicker than i thought. after a while i used my scissors, which obviously wasn't sharp enough. but when i felt blood rushing down,i started to write a will and left my left hand bleeding. i tried to sleep it off, but i couldn't and thats when i realize the blood isn't flowing anymore. i gave few more strokes and move higher to the elbow.soon ,it was rushing down again. my dad found me after unlocking my door. im a female,17 ,athletic figure ,good grades, wide circle of friends. i think back when most of my frens said they wish they were me,and i don't understand why. in the hospital,the doctor questioned me like i was a criminal and said it was a crime to hurt yourself and would hand me over to the police if only i wasn't underage. my advice if you really confident and you know you will never regret it, do it hard and make sure it works, or you'll end up like me,dressings on my hand, lookin at website tryin to do i don't know what.
16 Mar 2010 R.S. Hardeman My father died when I was nine years old. He suffered from depression and an on and off again battle with drugs. Friends and family tell me that I was his world, however, I fail to believe so because of his selfish act. When he past I was told that he had died in a car accident. But just like a yesterday, I remember the night before his funeral his car was in perfect shape sitting at my aunts house. For some reason their was always something wrong with that picture but I never put much thought into it. It was a humid summer weekend I was at my bestfriend house and confided in her grandmother about the way I was feeling about my dads death. There was something in me (maybe God) saying that something was not right. She told me to pray and if God thought it was time he would reveal the truth to me. Well, that very next day I was at home my mother had called and asked me to look for some papers, and it was then I came across my fathers death certificate. Only with curiosity as I read it to my surprise there it was. It stated that he indeed did committ suicide. Emotions feel me with angry, guilt, sadness I felt it all. I later found out that everyone knew but me. I pushed myself away from his family feeling so hurt. I always asked my self Why? I was turning 16 that year and now at the age of 19 I can really say that was not a sweet sixteen. I've always had thought of killing myself. I've tried once and thought about it over a million times. After trying my mom told me I was throwing a temper tantrum and honestly that really hurt. Afterwards I tried a therapist and during one session my step-dad was invited in and he of course agreed with my mother. This was like a slap in the face cause at that very moment I was screaming out for help. I felt alone and that everything I did or every answer I wanted was pushed away. I needed so desperate affection but it wasn't offered. People just looked at me like I was sick and treated me like I was a mental patient. Now I'm at a different place in my life. Im still sort of angry because I felt like my dad was being very selfish and missed out on the essentials of my life. At my lowest moments I still think about killing myself but Ive found something that keeps me going. So for those that are thinking about it I think you should find something that you look forward to. Me, myself it was my neice. Being my first neice its something about that little girl that keeps me going. I'm anxious about my future and I try to find something big or small to atleast make me smile everyday. I wrote on my mirror words and phrases of encouragement. The other day I was very upset and now for some reason I hardly ever just cry or let the pain out. With me being a very sensitive and emotional person this is strange to me but I had a break down. And, for some reason I looked up at the mirror and I seen the words I had written (smile) and I smile there I was smiling because I made it another day here at peace. Had I killed myself I never would have made it there...simply happy
16 Mar 2010 Lucy I've kinda fallen in love with this page. Not because i want to commit suicide but because it is a joke. At least it is to me.
It's very intresting. My question wich i hope to get anwered is for mouchette. Did you really want to commit suicide when you started this? If so then what made lie so unbareable you thougt the only way out was taking you own life? After you started this dd it make you feel better that you told someone (whoever read this) how down you were feeling?
16 Mar 2010 Disturbed wana be screamo Im 13 and i think you are all pathetic, how do you fail at killing your self its so easy just do it and the ultimate way is to go out in extreme fashion like don't pull the parashute skydiving and brake dance while you fall or something awsome that people will actualy go that is a better way to die then being old. like imagin dieing haveing sex that is wat the point of life is so die doing that.
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15 Mar 2010 An Anon To Remember Why Kill Yourself? Life is filled with Wonders and Beauty,not shame and Blood Gush. God brought us these beautiful creatures and such,why kill yourself when you'll miss out on the most breathtaking thing that you'll see wherever you go? why think that Killing and death is the right thing for the problem?

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