Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
21 Mar 2006 Chris When you know that you're the cause of all the problems in your and your family's life, it becomes a whole lot easier to justify
20 Mar 2006 Ashley There is realy no reason to kill yourself,let alone harm yourself.I used to cut myself all the time and you would never see me without fresh cuts on my arms. Until i cut myself one last time and it wouldnt quit bleeding and it scared me.I then realized what it was that i was doing to myself.I went to my teacher the next day and told her,see i am over 14 but still i just want to give some advice.Anyways when i told her she took me down to the guidence office and i told the guidece coucelor and then she called my mom....When my mom came down to my school she signed me out and took me straight to Tennessee Christian Hospital.When we got there i had alot of doctors evaluate me and then later on i got put up on the 4th floor of the hospital.I knew as soon as i said goodbye to my mom that i had made a mistake.I was only in there 7 days but it was 7 days of HELL.You may think that noone cares about you but you know what other people shouldnt matter.YOU should care about you and whats best for yourself.Well ive been outta tha hospital for about 3 to 4 months and it been hard not to cut and ive done it about three times since ive been out but its not as bad.If you continue to cut yourself or try to commit suicide then one of these days you are going to end up 6 feet under,wishing that you would have listened to me.BUT if you are still thinking about doing it even after reading this then e-mail me and ill be more than happy to talk with you and hopefully help you with your problem.My e-mail address is me anytime you want im always online.
15 Mar 2006 Chris This may sound crazy, but life is a game. The only way to win is to learn how to escape while your still alive. The greatest lie that modern Christians believe is that they can get to heaven AFTER they die.
12 Mar 2006 The Bitter End ""If you are christian, It is a sin to commit suicide and you will go to hell."

Some dude posted that earlier,not true.Once you're a christian you are always a chrisitian,unless of course you don't want to be,in which case God will leave,but only if you want him to."

I'm afraid they were right. If you're a Christian and you kill yourself, you go to Hell. The rule is that God is the only being allowed to take life, as He is the only one who gives it. Killing yourself is taking a life which you do not have the right to do, and you are not able to repent this mortal sin, so you go straight to Hell.

All mortals sins are punishable with "eternal damnation" unless you're truly sorry, and it doesn't matter that you "stay a Christian", because if you take a life and don't repent, you go to Hell anyway.

Says the girl made Roman Catholic against her will, and forced into eight years of religious education, with qualifications of said religious education.

But hey, we're all going to Hell here, right?

12 Mar 2006 Dusty "If you are christian, It is a sin to commit suicide and you will go to hell."

Some dude posted that earlier,not true.Once you're a christian you are always a chrisitian,unless of course you don't want to be,in which case God will leave,but only if you want him to.

First off,anyone thinking about suicide right now,don't do it.I'm saying this as a person who was teased in all grades from 7-10,until I switched to in grade 10 to homeschooling.I thought about it everyday and even started counseling in the 7th grade where I was diagnosed with severe depression.Now,I'm still haunted by depression,but it's better.My situation right now is pretty bad.You guys don't know how easy some of you're situations are compared to mine.But that doesn't mean you don't feel just as bad.The only thing I have to say,and that my therapist said is "It'll get better." Give it time and it will.

Another thing that has helped me is God.It takes time,but when you develope a relationship with God you begin to rely on Him with your problems,and He is the reason why I'm still here.If you want the basics on christianity,just read 2 books in the bible,John and Romans.

Remember,life is a gift,right now it might not seem that way,but it is.Life is a gift that just takes a while to get to the really good parts.If anyone wants more things to read in the bible just send what subjects you'd like the verses to be on to
10 Mar 2006 chris fartsalot The best way to kill urself is to cut ur wrist with ur dads razor, my friend did it and i found him dead with a note saying: No more pain.
09 Mar 2006 Alexander Alvonellos Suicide is not a option. I have had MANY people in my life that have tried to end theirs like this and it has left me and the rest of my family devistated. I live in a place that is noted for its suicides.

Being a military child. (I'm 14) there are alor of things that you have to deal with that all you civilian kids don't have to deal with.

You guys have it grand, Most of you do not have to worry about never seeing your father again because he was fighting a pointless war.

Commiting suicide is stupid. It is a very selfish act that a person commits and you do not go to heaven if you commit suicide.

You were put on this earth to replenish it and make it happy, But instead what you would be doing if you killed your self. Would leave a total clusterfuck in your wake.

Pay attention to me.
For most of you kids 9-14 there is a way to help yourself. What you do is you have to find your happy place. You have to bring a positive aura to yourself.

For those of you that are older and are in emotional trouble I have a little advice for you.

If you are christian, It is a sin to commit suicide and you will go to hell.
If you are pagan (Like me) you will find a way to develop yourself into nature. You have to put your body into a positive state of mind. Trust me it will absolutely affect everyone around you.

I am 14 and I have gone through this stage too, and succeeded.

If you ever want to talk to me about anything at all shoot me a email at
and AIM diosesgreigos

Lots of love to you all...

08 Mar 2006 stop&think u kids r idiots
i dont care if ur like catholic or not, but take advantage of ur life cuz kids are slaughtered every day in africa and other places- so stop wanting attention u ass faces and do something with ur talent if u want it that badchrist u kids are real bitches
04 Mar 2006 Christian Wheightman steal your mom's car, get some dockage line (rope) and tie one end to a telephone pole and the other end you put around your neck. Sit in the drivers seat of your mom's car and drive as fast as you can away from the terlephone pole. This will rip you head off and smash your mothers car and possibly do enough damage to take out some other people or people's possessions
01 Mar 2006 Chris I don't know.. i want to find out =(
I hate my life.
27 Feb 2006 Matt I have read all of the letters and notes about killing yourselves and it brought tears to my eyes. It seems that each one of you is trying to fill a void in your life with either drugs, sex, school or pain. That void is really unfillable, what is needed is Jesus. He is that one person that will pay you attention or want you to be around when no one else does. He is the one that knows the pain of peircing the wrists and the cutting. He knows becasue he has gone through it, I am going to do something that I have never done before and that is give out my phone number online. If any of you would like to talk please call me and tell me what you are going through, there is a way out because Christ has already paved that path. Feel free to call me. 423-255-5792
24 Feb 2006 bob my names bob n im 13. ive been thinking about suicide for the past couple of months but even more so yesterday n today. mi g/f dynisha dumped me n i realy realy loved her i just get so confused. i wana die but my friends franny n rose keep trying to stop me i already tried to kill my self on christmas n 2 weeks ago. i have hardly no friends most ppl r nice to me cause they feel sry for me im always made fun of n i feel even worse then shit. if there is ne 1 out there who can help me plz plz do
16 Feb 2006 I h8 u dont. My friend ommited sucide and he was my best friend. we grew up togthr ad its never been thesame. Sh left m a note saying she wa on this sit. she rad all wat chris said and now he dead. thx thx alot.:(
13 Feb 2006 is there still hope!! Reasons for committing suicide:
I am too lonely to live
I am too ugly to ever hope to attract a mate
I am too stupid to ever achieve any goals in life
I do not perform any vital function in life, and I will not be missed by anyone.
I am a waste of public resources
I am a waste of time
I bring misery - I have not de a positive input into enough lives to be considered to be worth it.
I would be of greater use to society dead, I’m sure my body parts would enhance some one else’s life. What little assets I have could be better used by other people
I do not want to be a burden on the world. I don’t want people to get depressed trying to help me
I occasionally do stupid and nasty things to people I care about. I do not use enough tact
My life really is not getting better
I am too lonely, ugly and stupid to live
My pain is greater than my capacity and my resources to handle it.
I don’t deserve to live. There are people more deserving than me.
I am really beyond help and not worth helping anyway
I’ve tried to get help, but the focus seems to be on youth suicide prevention, obviously no one gives a shit about me., where was the help or support? Do the government think that people who lived through that are okay now? Do they think the pain goes away? Do they think we don’t matter any more?
and that for that age group, suicide is a greater cause of death than road accidents, the focus is still on preventing youth suicide. We seem to be forgotten.
In addition, all (yes all!) of the programs I’ve seen on suicide prevention make some stupid assumptions. Such as, ·
"There will be some friends or family to pick up the warning signs."
What if there isn’t? What if the person is completely alone like I was?
"The person should be concerned about the feelings of those left behind."
Bullshit, once you’re dead you’re dead. There’s no concern, there’s no nothing. Suicide is a way to escape the pain. Nothing matters anymore. You don’t really give a shit for those you leave behind because they were never there for you anyway.
Also, a lot of help or supposed help out there is run by christians. For someone like me who can’t relate to religion, that help is just not an option. Talk of jesus and being saved and shit like that just makes people more eager to get it over and done with, because it reminds us of how out of touch with society we are. Help has got to be something we can relate to, and it’s not religion, and it’s not some hip kids on the television. It’s what we are, and sometimes maybe that means a computer geek type person. I don’t have the answers to that.
No love in my life
No one in my life has ever loved me., I have low self esteem, and poor social skills. This hasn’t made it easy to attract a partner in life, though I have tried. I have never had an adult relationship, and I believe that if I have not by now, I never will. There is no such thing as life without love, it is just an existence, from day to day. It’s not a life.
There are lots of lonely people out there. I’m sure it is a major cause of depression, and a major cause of suicide. Instead of ignoring this, the power that be should be doing something about it. Possibly a government sponsored meeting point? Maybe even a government run dating service? It is not as stupid as it seems. I’m sure it makes financial sense considering the amount of productivity lost through depression and suicide.
No reasons to live
I fit all of the prime suicide categories. I am not of a clearly defined genderI’m a native, I’m mostly female, I’m a member of a minority groups, I’m disassociated from my family,, I have a bad financial position, I’m depressed, I have no friends to speak of, .
I’m sure, as I have no human contact other than shaking some one’s hand or the people that bump into me. But I think they thought that would lead to something else, and they stuck by their stinking rules. I’m not fucking stupid. I know that I can’t form an emotional relationship with a counselor or doctor, but a hug would have helped I think, to ease my pain.
I guess if some one just cared it could have been different. I don’t take drugs, don’t smoke and don’t drink. I’m sure my body will provide some excellent spare body parts. The sad things is that I know my life could have been a lot different, and a lot more positive, if only some one could have seen these warning signs and taken some effort to show me that they cared.
A lot of life passes me by
I am simply too obtuse and stupid to live. I can't relate to the world, I don't understand a lot of it either. People talk to me about things at work and due to my stupid memory I forget things. One of my co-workers has had to remind me of things that I just keep on stuffing up about. I don't know some times, I seem to have complete memory blanks about the things that he is reminding me of. Other times he reminds me and I only remember then that he has told me before. I worry about this a lot, because I kind of work in customer service, and try to give our customers the best service that I can. But I am not able to.
Too much injustice in my life.
I think I am like a punching bay in many ways. Every time I stand up for my rights, some one comes along and hits me till I'm down again. I suppose I could talk about injustice in the world, but we all know a bit about that anyway.
Inner beauty?
Seen the movie Shrek? About the ugly ogre who falls in love with a beautiful princess? It is of course bullshit. No one sees inner beauty. They just see outer ugliness. I am very ugly.
Depression caused by harassment
For more than five years I have had to put up with constant harassment some people. They have spread lies and rumors about me far and wide, to the point that people who meet me for the first time have normally formed a negative opinion of me. I can’t get a fair go. I get blamed for a myriad of things that I have nothing to do about. There is no point in defending myself because no one believes me. The extent of the lies He has spread have reached the point that people are conditioned into believing that I am a liar, and hence when I truthfully say I did not do something, that is then used as an example of me lying.
I can not win with them. I get blamed for comments other people make in my name on their web guest boards. I get blamed for comments that other people make. For example, there is a character other than me they don’t like, that has been attributed to me. I had nothing to do with this person.
The people involved eagerly point out all of my faults, while ignoring their own.
The whole problem with this harassment is that it had been ongoing. While I try to keep a low profile, something always happens so that some bastard brings me into the spotlight again and the whole thing starts up again. It has been going on now for more than five years and I just can not handle it any moreAnd even then, I’m sure the shit will still be going around for years to come.
Lack of family support
not once have anyone in my family ever said anything about being proud that I did it. Not one of the bastards.
It would have been nice if just once in their life that anyone of them could have ever said they were proud of my achievements.
Feelings of hopelessness
All of this is beyond my control, I can’t do anything about it any more, and there’s no point even trying.
Realization that my life never will just ‘get better’
My life has been shit for just too long now. For a long time I have lived in the hope that my life will one day get better. But I have released that this is a false hope. My life has not gotten any better at all. If anything, it has gotten a lot worse. . My health has also not improved, certainly my teeth and tiredness seem to get a lot worse.
Reasons for living
I have no reason to live. I am not indispensable.
My family will not care. They will argue over who gets what. It is my express wish that no person of my family ever be given a single thing that I own.
30 Jan 2006 samantha hi everyone :-)
ive jst been reading everyones coments and it amazes me and breakes my heart to find 12-13 year olds contemplating and/or giving advise on what to do when you want to end your life!! what FUCKS ME OFF EVEN MORE IS GROWN PEOPLE SAYING ITS THERE LIFE AND IF THEY WANT TO END IT, ITS UP TO THEM YOU'S ARE THE ONES THAT NEED HELP!!! thay dont want to end there life they just want someone to know they EXCIST, to know thay are LOVED,WANTED and NEEDED and to just LISTEN to them!!
people have NOOOOO...idea what they are saying how can you tell a child how to end his/her life why dont you FUCKING END YOURS INSTEAD it would be a better place without people like you!!!! thats why suicides are becoming higher specialy with young children they just need someone there for them even if its just to listen to know they have someone who cares. for people going through what they are going through you are not juged for feeling the way you feel OR ALONE FOR THAT FACT there is soooo...many people out there that can help you jst have to open up to whoever you feel comfortable to even if its a stranger someone who doesnt know you just PLEASE TALK TO SOMEONE!!! i have tryed to end my life and came close to death it was either i get my life together or end up living a life of depression and feeling sorry for myself for not getting the help i needed in the past. i have stoped my best friend who tryed to kill herself after her dad died of cancer when she was about 12 and then in the same week her aunty fell of a cliff and died. my best friend was then told her mum had cancer and was going to die she past away 3days before this christmas gone she is all alone at the age of 20 and careing for a 17yr old brother and working 2 jobs to support them both. I was sexually abused,my parents split up and i felt so unwanted when my dad didnt want to see me i blamed myself. im now 20 and it still effects me but i got some help and relized there are worse of people than me who only have months,weeks or days to live they would give anything to have there life and live it to the fullest!!! PLEASE CONTACT ME WHEN EVER YOU FEEL DOWN OR JUST WANT SOMEONE TO TALK TO I GIVE GOOD ADVISE AND IM A GOOD LISTENER!!!!!!! im here for you just make the first move :-) -xox-
26 Jan 2006 Jess Neither height nor depth, nor anything else in all creation, will be able to seperate us from the LOVE of GOD that is in Christ Jesus our Lord.
-Romans 8:39
21 Jan 2006 Chris Mass Mouchette probobly just laughs her ass off about how insanly popular this website is.
21 Jan 2006 Zombie I go trick or treatingf on chrismas. I still don't know why, sometimes when i do it christians get mad at me and yell at me saying im some type of insult to the religion. So i sit there for a while, but i almost never get candy. Boy i want some candy right now. Why don't you go eat some candy its probobly sounds alot better then those pain killers your about to take. Of course i don't get why they call it that, i sure don't think i would want my doctor giving me something wiht the world "Killer" And "Pain" in the name... It only works if you think about it literly... Which just makes the world alot less fun.
19 Jan 2006 Martyr from MD I'm 24 yrs old, i suffer from severe depression, anxiety, fear of intimacy and bipolar disorder. Growing up, i was picked on for many different reasons, too many to list here. My parents were not abusive through my eyes, but they were hard on me. My father was never home due to his job, so my mother was the primary caregiver. She grew up in a dysfunctional christian home outside the U.S. I have wanted to die since i was 13. I tried twice in 2001 by taking barbituates and alcohol, but i failed. Here i am, 24 years old, afraid to love, I have nothing but contempt for women, I do not believe in god, and I believe religion is for brainwashed suckers. Conformity is the evil. Society wants us to accept the social standards and conform to the norm of a "civilized" infrastructure. There is no justice, money is the ruler of all evil. So i plan on going out in a bang. A very public place, a very special holiday and me with several pounds of high explosive tied to my chest. When i'm god, everyone dies.
15 Jan 2006 Chrismas Jones Well today, i was walking/skateboarding with my friend, even thought it was damn freezing outside. And some fire engine pulls out of the station with the lights flashing and the loud noises and such. But as soon as it pulls out it gets stuck in traffic for almost a minute because no one wanted to move out of the way... My friend started yelling at the people, and i just sat that and thought "God damnit, another retard from mouchette just died..."

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