Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
25 Feb 2011 Moryse I havnt tried suicide, but i desperatly want to, im jsut too weak to do so, please someone tell me a way i can kill myself i am crying as i write this message
25 Feb 2011 moasoru drink an iceginebra botle , smok a joint , bread a cocaine line , put into my blood an mophine over dosis
24 Feb 2011 trevor im 13 years old and i took my friends dads 22. pistol and aimed at my head and the bullet passed my brain stem and stopped on the other side of my head. so if you try gunning your self, aim better than me.oh ya hospital and a surgen pulling a bullet out of you ear hurts!!!!!
23 Feb 2011 todd way i want to end my life i have lived all my life with learning and spelling disability all have for the rast of my life been suffering from depression im on a diabily pencehn all its had for be to do things like making my meals keeping my self clean any many more things been like this all my life and i am so tired of going on like this so my only way out of it is to end my life I have been wanting to end my life for over 10 years and fell its time to and it all all be so happy when my life is over i know this what i want to do .as i post im 47 years old thank its a good time for me to die . steel thanking on how all end it .hope i have guts to end my life soon thanks for taking time to read this.looking forward to the day i die
all by for hit on myself
22 Feb 2011 fuck in hell its easy my all dear friend
just go to arctic or russia or antarctica ang hang youself on any tree or just take kilos or pounds of aspirin or any other medicines, and just sleep on white snow in harsh winter so that u can have rest in peace.
or take any gun away from any security guard,or any ugly looking policeman just by any method u can think, and put nice trigger off so that bullet can take its and yurs life for a peaceful ride to hell.
21 Feb 2011 nicole i hate my life i want to die i dont live with my mom i live with my gm N gp and my dad lives is NEW ORLEANS and he is gay and this girl she is fat and looks like sherk (a beast) she stole my boyfriend dont understand y he would want he and she stole my BFF
20 Feb 2011 usman hi im 13 and i wanna commit suicide cause my familys a pain, they hate me, my friends hate me everyone hates Me. i would of commit suucide by now but in my religion its not allowed and i dont know how. replys quick please.
20 Feb 2011   wtf is wrong with all you guys.
20 Feb 2011 Bubbles Please, please tell me how to comit suicide painlessly - I have struggled for a year now and my life is just shit with no chance of any improvement.
19 Feb 2011 ? Hang yourself from the closet and die
19 Feb 2011   i cant stand life anymore either and i use to write here alot about looking for ways to end my life also but now that i think about it i still come back here to read what everyone writes because even though i still fight the suicidal thoughts everyday i know that people are fake as fuck and i am better off without people in my life because all they do is treat me like shit so fuck it im done i wont kill myself even though i feel like it but i am done with dealing with fake ass peepole treating me like im nobody and therefore i am through with everyone!!
19 Feb 2011 Kristine wen you will know, please tell me to...
e-mail me:
18 Feb 2011 layla I think it is take an overdose or split wrist x
18 Feb 2011 fuckmelot mouchette .
teri maa ki chut chutiye.
teri gand me mera mota lund bhosdike.
kyu apni ma chuda raha hai internet pe gandmare.
teri bahen ki to me chut chodke hi rahoonga.
17 Feb 2011 M. I KNOW THIS IS REALLY LONG BUT PLEASE READ THIS!! My name is Maxine and this is my story and i hope it helps. I just turned 13 and i have tried to kill myself 9 times. Im not going to tell you what i did but i still ask that you read this. I know what its like when no one cares. I spend most of my time writing alone in my room. Im not saying that things get better or that finding "god" works and im not saying that its wrong to feel what you feel. I am in no position to judge someone, i have my own problems to deal with. I live with a disfunctional family. I dont considor them my family anymore cause they have already proved that they dont care. Once i tried overdosing and all they did was drop me off at the hospital. They wouldnt care if died. To them it would just be one less mouth to feed.
I know what its like to feel a huge gaping hole in place of a heart. Or to not feel loved or even cared about. I know that people have a lot worse lives than me but that still doesnt discredit what I feel. I dont think of myself as a selfish person for feeling the way i do. Or even trying to care about myself when no one else does.
I know i dont know who ever is going to read this but if you are looking at this site your probley in a really dark place in your life but just remember that you are worth something, if you can make it through this time then you could be the inspiration for someone that is feeling the way you are right now. Maybe this wasnt as long as i thought it was going to be but if it helped someone it was all worth it. -Peace and love from your fellow broken butterfly. P.s. if you want to talk i am always here for you. Email me at and i will try to get back to you as soon as possible.
17 Feb 2011 Katie anyone need to talk e-mail me..
im a girl but dont worry im not here to judge any of yous :)
17 Feb 2011 Katie :) Whatever you think,you will alwaysbe important to some-one even if its that one person! you are. i come across this site by accident and i cant stop crying at what yous are going through, if anybody wants to talk no matter how big or how small i am always here, thats a promise.
16 Feb 2011 DrewWannaDie info from wiki brought to u by me...some what...
16 Feb 2011 DrewWannaDie Drowning is the best way, that i have found so far after looking for so long.
not sure when i plan to do-but making sure its come place clean :O.......most effective-pain free-i hoope this help alot of ppl like my self
15 Feb 2011 HammerDownJustin WTF Is wrong with all of you...Go out in the woods and hang yourself from a tree..that way nobody that gives a damn has to find your damn body

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