Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
28 Apr 2010 Elsey Whenever I hear about people committing suicide i feel extremely saddened,(not saying that i think it's ok) but, i realize that that person is no longer in pain anymore and it's weird I almost feel a relief for them. as much as i can feel extremely emotional and unstable the thought of killing myself never crosses my mind so this makes me think that although i feel like sometimes things are out of control and i'm by myself and crying alone that someone else has to be feeling worse than me or has more emotional pain than me which is hard to fathom but obviously that's because I haven't felt that kind of pain before. All i can say is that it's never too late to make yourself better even if you can't see the light. Happiness comes from within your mind and i can understand that some people have depression or other chemical imbalances that are different than mine and it makes them unable to control their thoughts or how they feel, but atleast you are aware of it. Although i can never understand completely how it feels to be so depressed you can't even really live, what always makes me come back to myself is meditation/yoga/reading/writing poetry. If you have nothing else and you feel like you have no one, why not learn about everything in the world or universe (cosmos), it makes you more knowledgeable and more understanding of everything that surrounds you, maybe even takes your mind off of unhappiness?
28 Apr 2010 no name! Over the past 3 moths I’ve been thinking about commiting suicide, the mere thought of it is present in my everyday routine. Btw, I’m not 13, I’m 21 and Chilean. During these last 4 years of my life I’ve been through a lot of shit. My so called “big family” are all dead, some of my friends commited suicide or got killed while street racing. Of course that was a huge strike in my life, and I mourned their death for a long time, I even thought about killing myself too, but somehow I managed to overcome it. Then, I had a gf whom i spent 3 ½ years with, but we had to mutually break up cause she was moving to Argentina. In those times, we made the promise that we were going to move on and find someone else to love. She was lucky, and found a guy who treated her good enough, but after a while he was unfaithful and he would even emotionally/physically mistreat her. Of course we were bff by that time and I was worried about her. Then, some time later I received a call from her dad, he told me she had commited suicide because she fell deep in love with that argentinian bastard... but it was weird though, I cried all that night, and the next day I felt some kind of relief. Anyway, then after a year a pretty shy girl entered the college I’m currently studying. I immediately thought she was the one. I was too scared that year so we would communicate by email or fotolog. Then the next year after that I finally made up my mind and asked her out; it took us some months but we ended up having a beautiful 5 months relationship. Then, the day she broke up with me, my world started to shatter again. She told me I was the perfect guy she always had wanted to have but somehow, and since I was her first bf ever she said she didn’t love me and that she only loved me as a “good friend”. Reluctantly I had to accept her terms to be friends. We decided that we were gonna try it the next year and that we should take the 3 months summer breaks to think it over. Our friendship was fine til someday she stopepd answering my emails (we were at our respectives cities b4 coming back to college again) without apparent reason. We didn’t talk for a long time and then when I finally got to see her again she had changed. She was colder and indifferent, I was debastated and pissed off at the same time so I behaved just like her. Then after a couple of fights we managed to keep the friendship but nothing was the same, she didn’t feel like talking to me and recently I stop putting my endevours on the line. I just don’t fucking get it, all i did was loving her and all i receive is indifference, she really doesn’t seem to give a shit about me and even though she said she loved me (as a friend), she does nothing to prove it. Of course there are more details, but i won’t tell them just not to bore u more. The fact is that we broke 3 months ago and the feeling is killing me inside. This time around I feel like I’ve reached the bottom and that i can no longer reach out. Life sucks, I have no gf, no friends to rely on and the worst thing is that I have to fake and pretend that I’m ok.... Then my parents, I always fight with them, they don’t understand shit and they are not helping at all, they just want me to get good grades at college and stuff. If i commit suicide I won’t give a shit about them or anyone, I mean i do love them, but they don’t know the pain I’ve endured these past 4 years of my fucking life! Im their son and they don’t even know my true personality!!! I was always the strong guy who would overcome any shortcoming without even worry about it, like a happy-go-lucky person but since I met this gir I’ve become weak. I have noone to talk to... besides nobody wants a friend who is always in pain, let’s face it, ppl are so damn busy with their miserable lives living in their fantasy worlds that they don’t have time for the others! I always have time to be there for someonw but all I receive is a cold treatment and ppl getting away from me coz I already helped them... Fuck, the society we live in nowadays sucks! The media seems more important, the vampire stuff, everything is more important than love! C´mon ppl!!!!! why is it that hard to find someone who cares about you, when it’s so easy to find someone who looks down on you?.... Oh, and let me tell you something about “god”.. I’m a believer, but I give a shit about religion. Religion is just something the churches created to give ppl something to believe in. There’s nothing worst than a person praying to good to help them... c’mon god is not gonna help! And if u asked good to be successful and u succeeded at that, it’s not because of god, it’s coz of ur personal motivation!!! god won’t come down here and fix ur problems, so don’t even mention that cruel bastard!... I would rely on music to reach out, but nothing seems to help, i don’t enjoy doing anything and I hate my current situation... plz don’t say everything’s gonna be ok coz it wont... i dont really care if after my death ppl or my parents are gonna result hurt, I wish that happened so that way they could undergo what I’ve been through my whole life. Why ppl have to w8 til some big shit happens to realize they could have done something?... probably they would say “oh he was in pain, and I didn’t realize it” or “shit, he is my ex bf and i screw up, I shouln’t have to stop talking to him” or whatever!..... I’m mature enough to know what the pros and cons of this action are, and I really hate the situation I’m into right now. There’s no turn around here, i mean obviously noone cares, I can see that everyday!!! my mail is now empty, during classes nobody notices me, that’s shit!!!!! I’ve overcome this suicidal feeling b4, but now it’s the bottom line, the point where there’s no return! I’m just waiting for the right time to do it while I continue suffering because of everyone else’s behaviour towards me..... The method I’ll use is drinking paint thinner (“diluyente” in spanish”), I once heard that an old retired man would drink a small amount of that mixed with lemon, he said it was good for ur health but if u put more paint thinner than “a little bit” u would die; some day he had a habg over and he miscalculated the amount of paint thiner and eventually died... Fuck life ppl!!!! I dont really want to keep on living like this, suffering and death surround me everywhere I go! Fuck off, if nobody cares, then I’ll just take the ticket to nowhere and get the fuck out of this miserable life!
27 Apr 2010 xmotherxsuicidexreaperx Shit, i have tried to kill myself since i was 8 years old!!! I am now 18! Obviously nothing has worked. I still want to die more than anyone could ever imagine. However, it's not the answer. There is so much to live for but then again there also at the same time nothing to live is nothing but a puddle of confusion and we all have to take the step. i was going to write alot more but i changed my anyway live or die it doesnt really fuckin matter anyway..its all the same and everyone lives just to die bc if you think about it EVERYONE dies!!
27 Apr 2010 reinaldo view all seasons of teletubbies
26 Apr 2010 stephanie I cannot answer this question because I odn't think anyone should kill themselves. Everyone has the right and will to live whther it be for themselves or for others even if you find yourself staring out your second story windoe like I do many times life for you isn't over. Think of it this way, the worst is gone and all you have to do is go up. I know it's hard a lot of the time believe me I know! But what I do is think of a family, my future family. I think of the three little girls I want to have Annabelle, Elizabeth, and Nicolette and I think of us playing at the park and I think of what each kid will be like. Annabelle will be into tea parties and PETA and Elizabeth will play soccer and take kickboxing lessons while Nicolette plays tennis and volunteers at the local elderly nursing home. I dream if I have a husband and I dream if I don't. I know that a lot of people who think people who think about suicide are weak but I personally believe they are the strongest. They live with the lingering feeling of hopelessness each and every day and fight a personal battle along with everything else another person would. We are different and we are stronger. It's all a matter of keeping our act together and winning. Dream of something like the family I dream about each and every day and go for it. Talk to somebosy too. Not about going suicide unless you want to but just to vent. It always helps!
26 Apr 2010 Ry If you were truly asking for Death, why would you be here? You are mistaken if you are here. You see, one truly looking for his own demise must have experienced very precise events in which he could not respond to positively and thus couldn't cope effectively or at all with. What is produced is a droning machine more less: emotionless and misanthropic. He wouldn't care for an outlet, he'd be too far gone. Seeing the futility in life, he would make an appointment with Death. On the other hand, if one is stressed or under large burdens and can cope but is overwhelmed, one feels more empathy seeking and wanting attention; it is a lust of emotion a wanting for feeling and release.
People visiting this site whether on a regular basis or chance happening all do not really want to die and end life on the contrary, they want to spark it. Domination of ourselves is key. We need people like we need food: we must eat enough to live, but anything more than that is just greed.
The monstrous human mind can overcome any adversity under the right attitude. A mind can cope what it thinks it can cope. We set our own limitations on ourselves. We let ourselves be overhelmed.
Choose to fight it. Fight the pressure, the pain, the lonliness. We can only depend on ourselves for "everyone [we] meet is fighting some kind of battle." Everyone overcomes eventually. Make it sooner that later because time waits for no man.
25 Apr 2010 Fabien Live.
24 Apr 2010 Will--Once suicidal until I saw Peru You were given 80 years or so to do whatever you want--its called your life. If you really hate whats going down now...why not change it up? Be crazy. Fall in love. Break up. Go sky diving. Cliff jumping. Explore the world you haven't seen. After your dead, you've missed your chance to absorb everything. Have fun being a human and being able to walk and talk while you can. When your dead and cold can't ever eat spicy food and hear music, or feel hurt, or run through the grass at night. Make sure you make the most of this world before you move on. Have you been to space? Collected stamps? Have you been to the ocean floor?
23 Apr 2010 Janay There are lots of ways. But not a single one of them will change anything. A 13 year-old should have nothing to fear but an English paper. Life isn't a game people play. It's a routine that eventually comes to a halt.

No offense, but suicide is stupidity. Some kids don't even make it out of the womb, yet others are willing to take their lives away after a few failures and struggles. No matter what situation you're in, there's a way to change it without harm. And there's probably someone else in the world who has it worse.

Life should be cherished, not wasted on depression and guilt. The next time you feel sad, smile, even if you don't want to, force yourself to smile and laugh. This will be phony for the first few moments of change but trust me, it'll turn your whole day around.

I've been there before. Each day I have to live with neglect from my own mother and members of my community. Each day I'm faced with poverty and racism. But sure enough, as soon as I smile all of my fears fade away. Just try it the next time you're feeling down in the dumps. Or the next time you've hit rock bottom. It'll make all the difference. I'll always be here to help anyone.
22 Apr 2010 Hope I just came across this site and it makes me very sad to read all the things that people are posting. I am sure that you have something to live for, if not now then live for your future!! You can get out of the situation you're in now, but you don't have to take your life. Somebody loves you <3 If you're feeling suicidal you should try calling a toll-free suicide prevention hotline like 1-800-273-8255. Someone will be there to listen to you and may even save your life :)Hope
21 Apr 2010   my friend says pancake syrup kills if you eat too much of it just get a whole box full and drik until you die
21 Apr 2010   Fall in love. The younger you are the deeper you fall, the harder you hit when you reach the ground.
21 Apr 2010 Ava Detatch yourself from the world, hate everything you want to, and love everything you need to. Kill yourself mentally to be reborn again free and happy with what you are and more importantly what you do. Follow yourself, and even if its in circles, know it only makes you a rounder person ;)
21 Apr 2010 brnt I have tried to kill myself before. Cutting, and mainly burning. I used to lock myself after having a shower. Turn off the lights and cry.I had and still have uncontrollable emotions. When i didnt want to cry i'd ball my eyes out. When I wanted to cut so badly because honestly its indescribable to amount of times i wants to put a massivly deep cut in my left arm. but I havent. Not that often anyway. When I didnt want to cut I just did it. I cant get help I live in a shitty town my sister whos now seeing a coucellor - for attension like she likes. And Im the one who needs help. As much as Id like to say some of these comments sound like u dont know how the fuck it feels like tht. And saying that there are people worse off. HELLO> that doesnt change the fact u want to to die so bad. Its not omg. I hate maths i want to die. Its omg I cant live this life anymore. I need help. alot. get help. try. because you'd have a better chance of finding help. 3 weekends from now. Im going to book a ticket to go to somewhere bigger and im going to see the one I love the most(family) and im getting his help becuse he understands. So jus try. even if u have to run away, do it for urself. If ur like me and ur mum says ur a drama queen. Killing urself. I just wanna cut. But i think hanging urself is pretty wik....... HELP ME PLEASE IM GOING INSANE WITH. The only way I show it is through alone by myself(self harm) drawings or just full on squriming around ccrying feeling like ive just been shot hiding in my room, Help.
20 Apr 2010 juan a poison
20 Apr 2010 Fabien Be 14 years old.
20 Apr 2010 Hayley Well fuck me drunk, just go and die if you want to, overdose or hang yourself go and jump in front of a train, whatever method works, best one to do is hanging because it's instant.
19 Apr 2010 JS I am a 19 year old guy, and I think that what you created...your "suicide kit" is sick and twisted thing to do. Suicide is something that should not be taken lightly, and I believe that people need to be educated in the aftermath of suicide and what should be done if you have suicidal thoughts. I have had many friends die, due to suicide, and a couple friends who have attempted, and will never try it again because it was to painful, and they decided that they wanted to live. I have had suicidal thoughts myself, but never acted on them. I love life to much, and I hope people will feel the same way. If you ever want to talk to someone who knows nothing about your life, someone who is impartial and someone who will always be willing to lend an ear, email me at I hope whoever reads this takes my words to heart and will either try to talk to someone in their life, or email me.
19 Apr 2010 MK Stop. Please stop and try to hang on.
Take a moment and stand back mentally from everything that is happening. You know suicide is wrong and will hurt others. There may be some very special, wonderful things ahead for you -- but you can't find out unless you continue on your journey.
Examine your health. There is likely a connection between your the way your brain works and how your body is working. Are you tired? Been sitting too much? A little walk sometimes really helps. Eating a lot of stuff that is comforting but not so good for you... or not eating enough (blood sugar too low)? Make sure you get enough water too. Dehydration can really make us feel draggy. I realize NOW that when I was in my teens and 20s my hormones were off the chart and I was probably low in Magnesium and B vitamins -- very important to prevent depression. Suicide is not the answer, ever, for anyone. It helps to find a higher power too. Without getting preachy, I believe God is there and watching over us. Someone created all that we know, and there is some reason for it. Some very unusual things have happened in my life that were so striking it was if someone was answering my prayers. It convinced me.
A lot of depression stems from being alone, not living up to our expectations, deep seated anger we find hard to express (punch on a pillow or mattress for a while), emotional hurt or humiliation. I'm over 50 and I've been through some very emotionally bad shit. I know full well what many of you are feeling and talking about at your worst depths.
Sometimes the answers aren't in our grasp. But they will come. Do the best you can and hang in there. You have more power than you may realize right now. Try some new things. Doing the same things over and over will only give you the same results. Also -- life is always changing. Time goes quickly -- a year or two many things may be very different for you and give you more options. May peace find you, God put his blessings upon you. You are loved, you are part of the human race. You belong here. We are all meant to learn and go forward. Suicide is never the answer. Hang in there my friends. Let the door of life continue to open for you. Take some deep breaths, relax, listen to some nice music and tell yourself you are important. There are others who love you. Believe it. Remember the good things you have done and said. Get some sun. Do not let other people define who you are by their negative comments or actions. It may be the only way they can feel important and in time hopefully they will learn how hurtful they are. Keep living. Hang on and try to make small changes one by one. You can do it. Good luck my friends, your stories have touched me. I wish you well -- with wonderful solutions and great happiness that you are destined to discover.
18 Apr 2010 ditsy After reading everything Im thinking of driving off a bridge.
Im not 13 Im 53. Im tired - so damn tired. My son has no time for me and my brother, after screwing my mother out of money and breaking his promise to my father on his deathbed, doesn't talk to me anymore. I got sick with bowel infections - had a collostomy, and then a reversal....and then got cancer. Went through chemo and lost my job - im "overqualified" for everything I apply for and so Im broke.
I would love the answer - I love going to sleep at night and so often wish I could just keep sleeping and not wake up

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