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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
07 May 2010 Anon I don't know but I'm feeling so fucking low for the past 3 years I just want my life to be over
06 May 2010 Gale Killing yourself is selfish and irrational. If the situation is so damn bad, can't things get only better? There's only up from rock bottom. I mean, if you die, its over. Why not wait out for the better? C'mon it's not fucking rocket science. I personally live to find love. Haven't found it. Looks pretty futile. Situation is shit. Gotta have hope. End.
06 May 2010 Todo 13? That's like middle school right? Just wait till high school; you get sucked into clicks and fads and phases and emotions and boys and girls and sex and drugs to the point where you lose yourself completely. And if losing yourself isn't death, then baby I don't know what is. (Note: The upsidem, you could say, is that approximately 1/4 of the people who are swept away by the high school tornado land safely somewhere in Kansas.)
06 May 2010 lanster If you are under 13 do what i did, play the most intense sport you can find, it will tear your body apart, you will be in so much pain, it will keep you alive until you have access to the things needed for a proper suicide. Once you are prepared you wont have to go thru the feeling of failure and depression when you wake up the next morning. Once you go thru that enough times you become careless and that is when someone will notice and try and stop you. Good luck and good bye I hope not to be breathing tomorrow.
05 May 2010 jasmine Hi everyone i am 13 and i am battling suicide. After reading all this it is helping. I know it is wrong to do it but somedays it just feels like thats he only way. I want to go to counsiling but idk how to tell my mom n dad. I told my big sister and she did help me for a while but im not going to throw my life away. I just want to thank all the people hear who are saying dont do it im goin to try to hang in there.
05 May 2010 yuvraj i want sumbody's help plz i m getting depressed day by day
05 May 2010 Seijiro Drinking water. Believe it or not, if you drink very much water under a very short amount of time your body won't be able to handle it.
In real laymens terms, water will sip into your cells making them swell. Your brain can swell and cause inter-cranial pressure.

If you drink 2 gallons (1 gallon is about 3.8 liters) of water in a timespan of 1-2 hours, there's a high risk you might die.
Symptoms, ranging from a mild headache to impaired breathing.

So if you have access to water, gulp down as much water as possible in the shortest amount of time as possible!

I might actually try this, if my next suicide attempt fails. Seems rather painless. Headache I can handle. ^_^
05 May 2010 Shanelle I so agree with whoever's I just read. An alternative to killing yourself is to run away. You get to leave everyone and everything behind and start new. nobody around you would know a thing about you (as long as your not on Ameriica's most wanted) I have decided this is what I am going to do. It is too painful to stay here, and it will be really hard to leave some of the people, but I think it'll make me happier later on. :)
04 May 2010 Katie I think this is the stupidest site E V E R.
Do yu know how many children and sick people who would give A N Y T H I N G to be in yur shoes ?
Obviously yur a teenager & everythijg is going to feel like the end of the world.
But trust me, Its not.
Yur probably not going to believe me,
But Ive tried it.
Stupidest thing I ever tried to do.
I had a bf who was older,
we ran away and he was tackeled and handcuffed in front of me last year when I was 14.
I dont get to see him till im 18.
and I just found out hes married and has a babygirl on the way.
Im sorry.
I really am.
Shit happens.
I love yu.
I love everyone.
Email me.
04 May 2010 mehmet you are not 13 and you are not going to commit suicide. you also do not care about who will. Is it funny for you to read those messages who try to rescue you. Do not play games with people.This world has enough of rude people like you. Calling yourself an artist
03 May 2010 Auriol There is no best way to kill yourself! Why would you want to anyway? You might feel miserable at the moment, but you don't have a crystal ball, you can't see into the future. How do you know you don't have a very happy future ahead of you?

When I was in my early teens I was unhappy for various reasons (I won't bore you with the details). I remember feeling that nothing would change, that I had years of feeling unhappy ahead of me, that life sucked. But you know what? Time moves on and things change - things ALWAYS change and life gets more interesting and more enjoyable again. You'll meet someone special one day and wonder why on earth you ever even thought of killing yourself.

Another thing: I won't bring God into this because you may not believe in God; instead I'll just say the universe has a way of evening things up, of getting a balance. So this is your unhappy time, but that will balance out - this is the way things work. Plus some day the very fact that you're alive may be very important to someone else - you might save someone's life or be able to help someone in some other way, you might be the one person who somebody else trusts or loves or looks up to. Do you want to miss that chance?

Please, anyone contemplating suicide, don't do it. People care, well, most people anyway. There is always a reason to live, it's just sometimes not immediately obvious.
03 May 2010 yuvraj i wanna urgent help, getting depression day by day
02 May 2010 Names are just words as people are just puppets To know there is meaning in life is the best way to live with yourself. Inversely, I'd guess, to know there is no meaning in life is the best way to kill yourself. Believing one is to be an optimist and the other a pessimist; to ignorantly lie or to arrogantly stand. Cover the void or fein greater knowledge. Should we tell ourselves, "nothing is like life" or "life is like nothing." Do we live by means of filling the void in our existence or die by embracing it? Cope or be crushed. Life is a fantasy that is no more real than a game: Play the game to forget you're playing it or don't play and question your breath.
02 May 2010 Fabien LIVE love ! Lose rose. Rove, move more. Lore lone lose love. LIVE !

Peer deer : deep deed. DEAD lead leak. Peak peal.
02 May 2010 ragnar jump from the roof of a building
02 May 2010 Shanelle I would say if you wanted a painless way to go, just swallow a bunch of pills and go to sleep, or I've heard drowning is peaceful. But the thing is, I want a painless way to go and that is why I haven't done it yet. I've tried the hole pill thing and strangling myself and even swallowing chemicals. Nothing has worked for me. When I tried to strangle myself my body just made me let go of the cord and I dont think I passed out but something happened. When I tried the chemicals my boyfriend came in and put his finger down my throat to spit them out. and the pills... I just dont think that method works because I've tried that twice and I must have a reeeallly strong stomach (lucky me.. rolls eyes) My boyfriend says it doesnt work because I don't truly want to die. He thinks I'm too scared of death. Which is sort of true. its like this, I love him more than I could ever love anyone (besides my brother but in a different way) I was a virgin before him and He was my first and only love. but now (I still love him the same) I hate him and I don't really think I want to be with him, but I dont want to live life without him because There is nothing for me here. So I am sad everyday. I also am scared because its like, what if there really is a hell? or what happens when you die???? If only I KNEW. and as a response to something someone else said on here... No, God doesn't give you whatever you ask for dumbass. I've prayed for a fatal disease, for him to take it away from someone who wanted life and give it to me, but no. I have to stay "alive"... >:(
01 May 2010 dariean for me the best way to kill yourself would be to jump in front of a semitruck thinking about it you wont live youll be crushed instantly
30 Apr 2010 ... am a 17 year old girl in fostercare i took an overdose in november not to die but to take the pain i have a way it didnt work i just ended up in hospital when i got out i made an impulsive decision to join the army i signed up got frew my barb test and interveiw but failed my medical because of the over dose just think if i didnt do that i could have been in the army by now i regret it every day i am now on prozac and get counciling it helps but i live with the pain every day and think of my past its hard and everyone is the same i want to help other people in the futre who are just like my self i am going to become a nurse i hope thoughs who go on this padge read this and really think about why they came on this page every one has a chance i hope yous will do the right thing and seek help x
30 Apr 2010 Marilyn pardon me, but i've always felt that broken hearts are less painful than empty hearts.

pain... it's all the same at the end of the day, isn't it? contradictory as it may sound... but then again i am already used to contradicting myself. all my life, it's what i've constantly seem to be doing.

sometimes late at night, when everyone in the household is asleep, i like to climb over the gates and have a little walk. it's so peaceful, save for the occasional passing vehicle. but it's all good. sometimes i like to make believe potential rapists or vampires lurking by... waiting to devour me. my soul, perhaps. "carve the pain of my life, into my soul..."

i guess i just like to place myself in dangerous situations, because it sure beats being stuck in a rut, like i have been all my life. i never really belonged, but then again, we never really do, do we?

when i was 11 i saw a dead cat on my way home. i doubt i can ever forget how it looked like, and the odd, unfamiliar sound it gave off. it was dead, and there were flies surrounding it. and all i could ever think then was, "how lucky. even when it's dead, it is still of some use." i guess what i meant then was that in the very least, it was still of some use to those flies...

i am never useful and i know i never will be... but what i hate about it is that i don't think i will ever be able to change that fact. and then i hate myself for being so useless, so lifeless... now the hatred has faded, and my existence has since dulled a great deal.

the best way to kill yourself, regardless of your age, is to live. i am no counselor, but really, by living, it already is a torture which will kill you, perhaps even consume you, day by day...
29 Apr 2010 Dolphina I need a way out. I am SOOOOOO done. Screw this S*** just tell me how to end it!

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