Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
19 Apr 2011 una i. by thinking about the absurd after reading camus and drawing tender hearts with ones own breath on the bell jar keeping you detached from the outside.

a more pragmatic approach to it, just taking a deep breath while isolating the kitchen from the outside word.

if all this should fail, you my dear, ought to stay alive.

by una
19 Apr 2011 renaluv wel wen i stareted thinking about it waz wen i waz about 8 n now im 11 but i think about it now cuz my mom yakes her boyfriend side over me n she favorez mmy 2broz n lil sis but wen itz me im out of the picture so ive cut myself on my wrist n tried 2 runaway but wen i think about it my lyfe i say y wood i kil myself wen they r da 1z that need 2 b killed but nevr had da guts 2 so ill keep tryin n although her bf waz on my side he btraded me n kept sayin he waz gona leave but nvr dnt n im bein abused stil only by my mom it seemz lyke she hates me so i say she do i spoke 2 pple about my problem but then stopped cuz then they wood go n tel my mom so i dnt evn want her 2 see my kidz if i hve any but yal can either reach me at facebook:misslady nay or twitter:renaluv1
18 Apr 2011 Cameron Look i suppose i dont really have anything as bad as u guys happen to me in my life im 13 and life isnt worth living iv tried to be happy and yes drugs and drink help i get high and pissed and have a good time but then i just get sad afterwards my idea is either constantly be high or kill myself whilst i am high and drunk i though about going crazy drinking loads buying tons of weed and killing myself that way but that is un practicale so someone please just tell me the best way to commit suicide i have problems but im not going to tell them on here cause im not seeking help im seeking a cowards way out i shall get high and pissed and kill my self whilst im still laughing its the best way to go never mind getting old i may not do it yet i maybe will wait a few years maybe make a list of 50 things i wanna do before i do it things like dont die a virgin and stuff the important stuff in live (and thats not me being sarcasstic i honsestly belive that no one should die a virgin) so tell me people the best way to go (and nothing to hard because i am clumsy when im high) thanks all please respond i dont want sympothy
17 Apr 2011 stephanie im 12 and i think the best way to kill yourself is by shooting yourself do it fast so the pain ends
17 Apr 2011 Laura cutting
16 Apr 2011 Two more days of life Do what my cousin did and what im going to do: take some sleeping pills stand on a balcony and when you start to fall asleep lean over the ledge i tried this on my bed as a test run and it just feels like a bad dream as your falling.
14 Apr 2011 ceecee Im only 13 and people say that im stupid for wanting to kill myself. No one knows what iv been through and honestly i cant do this anymore. I actually want to do it this time but i dont know how , can someone please tell me ?
14 Apr 2011 Trevor cut yourself to death is the worst way,
a, it hurts too much.
b, u always get caught (tried it but had leaked with blood and parents always cleaned it up)
c, you realise that you want to do it again.
12 Apr 2011 eric james briggs I feel like committing suicide and I might do it. I suck at life so bad its sad. Im 19 and I started taking Celexa, its an anti depression drug. I cant concentrate anymore, my grades are so horrible and my parents are pissed. Im just going to stop taking the drug. One thing that I hate is I cant get a girl freind i have tryed so hard, but seem to fail each time.

If you want to commit suicide, just call this number it might help:
1-800-DONT DO IT
10 Apr 2011 Jamie Ok my daughters sister googled how to kill herself, and found the way to do it, as of now she is fighting for her life in ICU, I do not want this to happen to my daughter, her sister is her heart, and I want to know how in the world how to kill ur self is on the internet, she did not succeed, and may be perminently damaged for the rest of her life, not counting the huge scares up and down her wrist for the rest f her life, its NOT WORTH IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
10 Apr 2011 kawasaki man boys girls womens oldies why r u worrying too much just do suicide its best way to end any horrible life. just go to russia on tourist visa in next harsh winter and just sleep on any frozen river at -30*c and u will sleep forever. no blood no cutting no pain no health upset just a sleep!!!! in hypothermia !!! to rip.
09 Apr 2011 Samantha Drowning yourself, cutting yourself
08 Apr 2011 tube stop drink water
07 Apr 2011 natasha wtever problems r there..never mind..if u hav nothing to live for others who r less fortunate than u..set an example ppl..soo many ppl commit suicide..but if u r different..then think and act different..god woudnt hav sent u to earth just to cm rite bakk up!so...if ur thinking tht u wanna die..think tht ur nt alone...think tht u hav frends..
07 Apr 2011 idntwantto oh!god..this is like a really good thing...nw i kno how much lucky and fortunate i am ...and its really heartbreaking reading about all of ur experiences..even if u hav nohing to live for..find things and help others..because u gotta remember tht there r far more unlucky ppl around u..and thnk god for tht!!
06 Apr 2011 leafy yea i want to know too, vry1 said im ugly, worthless, useless,retarded,stupid n even though everyone i knw says its not true, when i look back in my life, what have i accomplished, im a failure as a keeper, i have never had a 100 in my test, ive never been able to make my family happy. and u know wat im just a burden, im a good for anything, i have no accomplishments, no relationship im useless and everyone in my class hates me i have no more friends please tell me whats the easiest way to end it all
05 Apr 2011 Marie look, im 13 and im suicidal. ive never seriously attempted, however, i have seriously been considering. how many of you out there are reading these blogs about all these people who have suffered through horrible things, and you have nothing to relate to? how many of you are just depressed and sucicidal because, well, you are? Thats me. im the person who cannot live life simply because its hard. so, death seems like a decent option. im looking for an easy relief of my pain, any easy quick way to die. i know its not right, but i cannot do this anymore. someone me die...
03 Apr 2011 Amber 11 Nov 2010 coryyy
I can say that that is how I feel also. My life seems worthless and my best friend is the only one keeping me from letting go...
02 Apr 2011 twistedly confused well welll well my majestrites, its been awhile since I wrote here last. how have u all been? that was a pun intentionally intened. I know ur feeling suicidal because why else would u be here on this forum. me too. i have been suidial sionce i was diagnosed and put on meds at a young age. i hate people and the way they treat me. i hate my ex who is a piece of sh*t that used me and abused. I currently am no strings attached friends with benefits minus sex with someone and as good as this guy is to me i am still not sure it will go more than what it is. we kiss, hug, hold each other, have fun, lay together etc but remember no sex and YES i am still a VIRGIN. its just nice to have someone that is so sweet, nice, caring and affectionate after being financially used and verbally used, and physically heartbroken by a jerk. I hate my ex but i still love him to this day and always willl. but i also lilke this guy from class a lot. i dont know what to do. im so confused. i have been suicidal on and off since i found this sforum in 2006 but im still here why and after all the times i gave great suggestions on how to end my life multiple times. what shall i do? do i finally pull the plug? or do i keep going knowing that people hate me, use me, abuse me, minus my friend who is so great to me, or do i keep pushing on and putting a fake smile on so people THINK im ok, because on the inside i know i am not ok. please help me with suggestions. thank u for taking the time to read this. help me if u can. or i may be done pushing on.
02 Apr 2011 Troy hey if anyone needs someone to talk to or just a friend, email me or add me on msn :P

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