Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
22 May 2010 Unwanted loner still a loser The LONELINESS is KILLING me. So much for wanting to commit suicide for myself. I will be dead from loneliness by the time I get the courage to kill myself! Can't take the pain of being lonely and unwanted anymore. No more pain please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I go to church but nothing seems to help and Im back on meds thats helping but Im still at my LONELIEST which is KILLING me!!!! Wish I had someone to tell me that I've won!! I am still a LOSER!!!!!!!!!!!
22 May 2010 Chelsea I myself have been considering it at 20. Live your life. I was molested at 12, raped and impregnated at 15, had a baby boy at 16, another baby at 19, then she died at 2 months old. Im on the brink of my life. How much more can i take? Dont short change yourself. Go to school, get a college degree and then pursue your dreams no matter what it may be. You will be happy, i promise. I live my life in pure regret. Not so cool.
21 May 2010 Gabriel DUDE, PLEASE DON'T! This may sound insane, but I hanged myself and was dead for 5 minutes. I was lucky to have my entire brain intact...I then went to the crazy house and learned coping skills. The first thought I had when I woke up in the hospital was, Praise God I'm alive." I have rapic cycling bipolar, so I truly understand what you're going through...I just would hate for you to die. Suicide seems like an option...but it will only cause more pain for everyone else. My mom found me in my room and was so freaked you really want to put your family through that? They love you whether you believe it or not. And you have others that love you. Please seek help. There is to much death already...please don't add to it...I don't know you nut I do know that you are worth living, no matter how it feels right now. Don't turn out like me...
19 May 2010 Elaney Ormanda Deirdra Am I this way because there is a hole or am I trying to fill it? Is it like a well or the opposite? Is it just a hole in my ground or is it a lake that has dried? So many questions and no answers. That's life for you I guess. I really don't like feeling this way. Not all the time. Not this often. I feel as if I have always had this hole and it has only revealed itself more as I grew tearing as I stretched. I think I am going to rip soon. I will be no more. Dead and gone. It doesn't scare me. I'm not afraid. I'm just worried I'll never feel full again by the end of forever.
19 May 2010 Karen Gonzalez I considered my mom my best friend. But now we're more like enemies competing against each other every single day. I'm tired of this... I have said things to her that i didnt even want to say and now i feel that she hates me... like if she doesnt care about me, like if im here only because she has the obligation to support me. When my dad left we promised that we were gonna help each other but that never happen...all i ever wanted was for her to be proud of me but seems that i let her down and the more i try to fixed things the more i fuck up. im getting tired of listen to her telling my little sisters that im a bad daughter, that im an example of how they're not suppose to behave, that shes tired of me and that she can't wait till i turn 18. When all i did my entire life was try to be the best in everything so she could be proud of me i even started to work when i was 14... my grades started 2 go down n i didnt care b/c i was helping my mom out. Now im not even goin to graduate because i didnt have time to do the senior project... all this just to help her... and what is it that she tells everyone??? That i never help her, that im mean to her, that i dont like my sisters, that im just like my dad,that im god's punishment, that im the worst daughter she could ever had. She hurts me everytime she talks to me... and im pretty sure i hurt her 2 (although i dont mean 2) she goes out with my sisters w/out me... i really wish 2 die... the 1 thing that i lov3 the most is my mom and i let her down, and i hurt her... plz some1 help me i think she would be a lot much better w/out me... what can i do to make her happy? should i just desapear?
19 May 2010 Savage The best way to die is to have it long and drawn out. Painful and unpleasant is the only way really to die well. Now, there are many forms of torture which in my opinion go too easy. The physical pain after all numbs and fades too quickly. The body armors up and gets tough. No, physical torture is no good. Like a fortress, the body is only a shell. The mind is the target and psychological torture is by far the best way to die. Mental torture is harder to protect from and many individuals, especially in this society, are suceptible to this excruciatingly acute art form. The strategy is simple, find and rip all attachments a mind has made with things, people, ideas, and places. Defile and destroy them one by one. Seeing how you are very young, it won't be very difficult to pin point the bonds to severe. Your parents, no matter how much you "hate" them will go first in a an exquisite gasoline fire. In front of your eyes too. Live show, you should be happy. Next would be friends who would meet similar fates. The bonds of love and protection and acceptance all shattered with their deaths. It inspires lonliness, hopelessness and my favorite good old sadness. After that comes humiliation. Binding, or chaining to a fixed point as to restrict free movement takes away power and dehumanizes as the mind has associations of such restrictions to "animals." Humans no matter how greatly they think of themselves will always be just animals. Shredding clothes and forcing them to embrace nature. Naked they futher feel dehumanized and more like animals. Like the lesser animals they thought they were above. Finally comes the fear and anticipation. The mind games. Giving the subject of torture an impossible decision. It can be as simple as the termination of one or another persons, or complex as a set of tedious tasks that cannot be either completed or performed. Personally, I am a believer of less is more. Simplicity always. Bringing the subject to its knees to the edge and to the brink of madness by ways of anticipated death. A slow approaching chainsaw the subtle asphixiation of drowning the rising heat of a flame. Make the mind fear and anticipate. Drive it mad to the point where it not only begs for an end , but thirsts for one. Make it so the mind is consumed by the idea and beomes obsessed almost fascinated. Then at the peak of the experience. Free them in the greatest irony. After the deaths of those who they held dear and humiliation of their character and the fear and the anticipation, let them go free physically unscathed and unharmed. Let them fester in stark madness in thoughts of why them why them why them. Let their nightmares haunt them and their memories be forever tainted. Many believe a mix of physical and mental torture work best like cutting off an arm or a leg and making them live with it, but the antithesis of mental decay and physical health is absolutely beautiful. Living in perfect health with such mental scars an art. Live the remainder of life in horror and constant haunting whther end by natural or forced. That is the best way. That is the only good way. And unless you are up for it, unless in arrogant bravado you stand ready for such a trial, back down and live.
18 May 2010 Yro Odrega When snows Make angels til cold and die. Buried in white a funeral in ice Sun come and dig out soul. Fly away an angel from your mold.
18 May 2010 mimi i think uu quys shuld just look aht da qood thinqs youu quys have in your life , & uu quys are just taking everything for granted. wtf is wrong with you people ?! If you quys kill yourselves uu will all burn in hell . im not only saying dat , im speaking the truth !
18 May 2010 Melissa FUCK MOUCHETE
17 May 2010 general public It's a disaster. I went through my last therapy session but it was such a bullshit, I'm not 'cured.'
I'm going to assume most of you have passed on to a greater void but I think I will forever remain here in madness.
I guess those sessions did do something after all.
17 May 2010 brittay terry brittany terry as long as your on earth your already dead. but i would have 2 say cut your self so deep on your rist.
17 May 2010 Seyra Why are we so sad? I am becaus I feel alone and I imagine that is why you do too. I mean if we didn't feel alone would we not be happy or at the very least satisfied? Sadness drives people mad; it makes us do and think of things we wouldn't under normal circumstances. We don't think rationally. We figure that our sadness is a great pain that no one knows and only few have and the only way to end it is to die. A lie, a lie. A few years ago, my mother sat down and talked to me about life when I told her I wished I could die. She said to me, "Everyone has sadness and pains -its apart of life dear. You are not the only one struggling in the world. What makes life worth the while -why we continue obstacle after obstacle- is the love and happiness that comes and refreshes our spirit." She continued and told me that she and dad loved me and that my friends did too. Finally, she ended with some strong advice that I strive to live by still today "You can't shake the hand of happiness if you are too busy holding on to your sadness." Let go. Of all the social expectations, of all the mean names or rumors, of all the dirty looks and rude gestures, of the neglect and not right. Of your wants for things and lusts for people. Just let go. Doing so will clear your head and there will be no more thoughts of suicide. It wasn't easy at first, but it worked and now I feel better. Now, there are still times I feel sad of course and still tiems when I wish to not live. But, I just remind myself that if I don't let go, the love will pass me by and things will only get worse. I hope this has helped a little as it has helped me. I wish that you all will feel better and that we can all be happy again very soon. With Love, Seyra.
17 May 2010 Connor Listen people I've tried to commit suicide so many times and I found that some times the pain is worth it. I play rugby and my body is constantly in pain and if u want to know if youshould commit suicide you really shouldn't. Your probaly thinking that life isn't worth it and honestly it isn't see now I'm going out with some one and if u are and if u love them and they love you then don't commit suicide. I knew someone who commited suicide he was only 11 and he died by helium and if u get bullied don't do wat he did just ride out the storm and find the most brutal sport and do it and that will tear your body to shreds and that will feel like your dying but don't go wasting your life because of a bit of pain and that means bullying depression and more so just ride out the storm and then you will see that's life worth living
17 May 2010 someonewhotried.... hanging yourself...nooses are fucking dangerous, though
15 May 2010 anonymous This. Is. Sick.
14 May 2010 sean Better not. I have seen death, it is not pretty, and when you are close, you will wish you were far away again. There are better ways to deal with your pain and loneliness, or whatever it is that makes you consider killing yourself. And if you are young, consider this; school sucks for many of us. And things just get better once you have left. There are so many interesting things in the world, and so many people who need help. If you can't enjoy the beauty of it yourself, use your energy to help others who could were they not dying of starvation or sickness in some 3rd world country. The joy of helping others alone will fill the hole.
14 May 2010 ksenya mourir n'est pas simple...
13 May 2010 Satan Bleach
13 May 2010 Penelope Olivia Donovan I hate everything and everyone. Noone knows what i'm going through. They dont understand my pain. All this pressure I feel like I'm being crushed slowly. My parents set so high expectations, the other kids at school wont accept me unless im normal. I hate being fake. The others think I'm so happy and satisfied but its all a lie. I lie and tell them my parents are rich like theirs and my moms a doctor and my dad works for the government and I lie about my grades to them and my parents. Mom says I need to get good grades and go to college and not end up like her or dad but I cant. I dont have enough time. Im just so busy and all this weight on my shoulders and i hate it all. I hate everyone. They all want me to do something for them. "Take out the trash, go get the mail change Alexs diaper go to the store wash there clothes or these dishes" Why can't they do it? Why me? I hate them. I wish I was dead and they were dead. I want someone to help me. I need help. I don't want to live. I dont want to spend my life doing things. I want do what I want. I am being crushed by everyones wants and things. If I can't have my way I wish I was dead. I want to die. Life is only unfair because everyone makes it unfair. I hate everything everyone.
13 May 2010 Christine It's been forever ago since I've last written.
And some people have nicely written back.
Thank you.

My life has only gotten worse from here. Sure, my girlfriend is nicer now. But I'm invisible. They don't care, they never did.

I'm only "there" when they need me, they only acknowledge me when they need something.

My parents are meaner. Hurtful.
Whale. Fat.

I still crave suicide.
But, you know what. Maybe I'll stick around a little longer. Maybe I'll see what life choses to torment me with next.

THanks to those who responded. THanks for caring. You are the first.

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