Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
14 Feb 2011 christ with erection there is only best way , if u dont have crazy guns ,
to jump from any larger mountain or hill to death.
secondly u might go to any isolated RUSSIAN PLACE in harsh winter say - 30 *c ,and just sleep on a frozen river withou too much warm cloths, yu may drink your favorouite whiskey or any drug yu may take and then
!!!!!!! REST IN PEACE!!!!!!
but yu require a passprt and apply for any tourist visa r study visa i
it will be awesome i will definately do this in next winter.
Dont take medicine overdose die like a warrior ,
And please dont think ever about hell or afterlife, it is just nonsense, hell or heaven not exists its all fake myths.
Only earth moon sun exists and u will either born or die on earth.
Those who dont like my views please do not suicide ever, because u cant it require more heart to kill oneself then to live life cowardly like u !!!
U all are bastards except people who want to suicide because they know what they should do, and what is right for them , and they are most lovable people on this earth.
14 Feb 2011 caroline owen Thanks so much everyone!! youve all helped turn my life around!! i love you all so much and give my life thanks for you!! i am much happier now and havent even thought about suicide for a while now. trust me everyone, every thing gets better. even if for some people it takes longer its worth the wait! thank you all soo much!!!! ^.^
13 Feb 2011 anonymus Hey guys i am 15years old and everytime i do something i fail....i find girlfriends that i take out with my friends and instead of ending u with me she end u with my friend every single time...i suck at school and never managed to do anything right..i am not handsome and almost noone likes me as a boyfriend i have friends but i need to girl to love and to care for.. i want to suicide for almost a year now and even more but everytime i just cant because i think of my mom that lost my father in an accident so please tell me the best to suicide i cant take it anymore pleaze right now o am crying just thinking of how much i suck please even if you think i shouldnt just tell me the best way
13 Feb 2011 International Couple Im 19, I might have just lost my fiance because we were in a fight. I was dumb and baka (stupid). Her name is Hitomi, she is the only one I care for in my Life

All of my friends were fuckups so I erased them from my life, and my parents are fucking assholes.

I have two animals, a cat and a dog, they are so cute, but I have only been thinking of Hitomi and have not been playing with them, they miss me

and my fucking no good parents, of course I dont hang or talk with them

Hitomi is the only person in my Life, and because of what Ive done, and if she does not come back to me, I deserve to die

Please God, I dont want to hurt Hitomi no more, Please!

I promise Hitomi everything will change, no more baka or wah wah wah

Please know I speak the truth Hitomi
12 Feb 2011 Fml. Danielle. Im 13 i hate my life. I hate everybody, everything and myself. I litterally want to die. The only reason i havet is because even though my family are dicks. i dont want the to suffer and my friends. If you need to chat or want to give me suggestions on how i could kill myself painlessly or at leat end up in hospital please email me at :) Thanks.
12 Feb 2011 samantha i am a mother of 3 kids and expecting i hav also recently thought of killing myself,life just seems so hard lately even though i have brought it on myself, the only thing that is stopping me is the impact it would have on my babys lives :( but i still cant seem to stop the thoughts. when i was younger i tried to commit suicide a few times and never succeded just ended up in pain and in the mental hospital. i just dnt want to think about these thoughts anymore, and i feel like i cant talk to any1 about it as im scared they will judge me and try to take my kids away from me...
11 Feb 2011   Maybe to stop crying you could boil some water and make ginger tea. It will mix with your tears and cure your mucus festered throat.
10 Feb 2011 buttifer Lay down in front of a school bus
09 Feb 2011 not,important dont do it! just wait a while something good is bound to happen! and if not, then u should try to find something fun to do. there has got to be somethin. i mean u could be doing something fun right now other than looking on this website for ways to kil ur self. u could also try not to think about it. and get off this really sad web site. all of these people r makin me sad holly cow! XD do something fun! im not sayin life has to be perfect. but life is what u make it. :)
09 Feb 2011 paul Hi, I am here to help. Yes I do know what some of you are going through as I have been there & gone threw it. If you need to talk then just email me ok. Everything is private and confidential.
06 Feb 2011 Sunny Day If you live some place hot the best way to kill yourself is to give yourself hyperthermia. This takes a bit of determination as you will be committing suicide over the course of 3 days. For two days do not drink a single thing, this will give you body time to consume the liquids currently inside your body, speeding the process of hyperthermia. Then on the third day simply go outside and start to run, or do anything that will cause you to sweat. Keep moving for as long as possible, when you are tired and need to rest, make sure to sit in the direct sunlight avoiding shade. As soon as you are able continue moving, the basic idea is you want to throughly use all of your sweat up forcing your body to go into shock. Soon your body will begin to overheat, and you will progressively grow weaker. It is key that each time you rest it is in direct sunlight! Eventually you will pass out and die from being unable to cope with the heat of the sun.
03 Feb 2011 caroline i have just turned 13 and tried to kill myself about 3 times and cut myself too many times to count...
i tried to overdose myself with about 10 ibuprofins but failed.... i have strangled myself and blacked out about 2-3ish.
i wanna try it again but im scared that this time it will work... please contact my on :-(
02 Feb 2011 chris all of ya are stupid puss** if u wanna kill ur yourself stop reading this get a fuk** knife point it at ur heart.and shove it..ok go do it right know please we dont want you here on this world email is it dident succed message me..
29 Jan 2011 Patricia Well im 11 years old... i just now want to commit suicide because people at school are judging me by the way i look and my familly. i just want my life to be done sometimes and i cry and cry everytime i have to go through this and i have a lot of troubles in my life.. and my grandpa just past away i miss him so much and a week after i felt like hes watching me and when ever im lonely i feel like hes with me and i wanna be with him in heaven.. but i know if i do this it will devestate me, and my familly. this is really hard to deal with... but i have dreams when i grow up and i dont wanna let them go.. so yeah and thats the way i feel one day i might just let myself go..
28 Jan 2011 sweetu cutu me too wants to die yaar..................
tell me the ways...........
27 Jan 2011 Sandra H. Jumping in front of the tokyo metro trains. Two lovers did it a while back. Most romantic thing ever.
25 Jan 2011 gabby honestly there is none. i have tryed evry way and i am stil here. i havent had the best life n have had depression since i was 2. i am now 16 and stil having suicidal thoughts. its just best to not try. ull ruin ur life tryin to end it. ive lost many friends from tryin. in the end its not worth ruining evrythin.
25 Jan 2011 Anoynomous aka a 16 yr old fighter Struggling is apart of life but dealing with depression and battling anxity feel like a killer. Some people take killing your self as a joke but they are the ones that are is so hard when you feel alone and you given up hope and ur stuck n a black hole and to stop this pain taking you life seems to be the only way.. You are not alone taking your life is not the best way to go..who knows mabe that black hole will lead to a better ending so let ya light shine and trust in your self and dont let people or struggles determine you..your not alone.. :)
24 Jan 2011 jose share with me your problems

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