Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
13 Oct 2018 charb you keep forgetting to take your medication
lets take it all at once

in your dreams everything is repaired
lets discover a way to never wake up
10 Oct 2018 faping with mayonaise and horseraddish. The best way to kill yourself is make a website that you have to manually update and then never update it so when people go to this website they learn its pointless and they all stop coming there and then you cease to exist.
10 Oct 2018 rocky mountain tumble. Getting attacked by a falcon with huge talons and being dragged off a cliff and dropped by the falcon.
10 Oct 2018 sakura Watching anime or other radiation induced delusions in cartoon form.
10 Oct 2018 chester cheatah, the new thundercat. It aint easy... being cheesy.
10 Oct 2018 sally oh you know
10 Oct 2018 wild pig hunter and zen master Probably the best way is not they way you thinking. Instead find a wild pig. Inject her for deep sleep. Cut her open. Implant yourself inside her womb. Wait to be born as a wild pig. After that the chances of a hunter shooting you are fairly good.
09 Oct 2018 cow genocide When they kill cows in the slaughter house they have a device that shoots out a pointed shaft that looks like a nail. It goes right thru the skull and the cow drops dead.
09 Oct 2018 wild e. coyote Giant death rabbits with penis lasers.
09 Oct 2018 bruised memory bank 36a-24993241 Get one of those lasers that removes hair. Point it at your forehead and it will slowly burn a hole in your skin, ever so slowly thru your skull and into your brain. Once it burns completely thru your skull it will catch your pillow on fire. And the smoke will go thru your laser hole in your head which will preserve your brain. Then they can hook your dead corpse to a computer with sensors and send a small electrical pulse into your brain and download your memories into a hard drive and load that into a computer running the latest A.I. and you family can talk to the computer as if its you. You can even think about them as your last thoughts and the computer will tell them your last thoughts. Computers and science has come a long way since glass tubes. Those things are really only good these days to be disassembled and hooked up to a vaccuum pump for your nipples.
09 Oct 2018 lyc arent we dead already? because i feel like it
09 Oct 2018 WifeMelon the best way to kill yourself when youre under 13!
quick! rob a 7-11 gas station. after you have completed your robberies of every single arizona iced tea bottle in the gas station (which is very many if you must know) you steal a car in the parking lot. by now, the police will be on your tail. DRIVE FASt. faster then you ever have. make sure the police will never get you. then, while the police are next to your car during the chase, throw the arizona teas at them. Will slow them down. Then, blow up the car. You will fly into the air, make sure you have a parachute. You will be dead by now, the police will either shoot you out of the sky or the explosion would get you. On the parachute write "My soul and heart go out to Mouchette." It will be broadcasted across all news anchors and will be famous and in history books. Thank you.
08 Oct 2018 maxine Just watch for the big tree trimming truck to come by that trim limbs off power lines. Walk by like everything is normal. When the workers walk away from the chipper run and jump into where they throw the limbs and it chipps the limbs up. It will shred you in less than 2 seconds.
08 Oct 2018 Jack Alan Reveto jump right when a car drives by
08 Oct 2018 same guy Your site is unpredictable and most people kill themselves
08 Oct 2018 poontang destruction. Give me a break with the i am depressed bull schist. Do you need a tissue? Wipe your eyes? Grow up. Get real. Your life is not perfect but its way better than you realize and you are letting the bad part mess it all up. Stop being a little shit that is controlled by emotions. That is no way to live, governed by feelings? What a little panoch you are. And in case you dont know what panoch means, it means a pussy and its meaning lends to being over sensitive an squishy and soggy with as much as you cry, like a little bitch.
07 Oct 2018 day 127. Never sleep. Drink pots of coffee. Take energy pills. Inject adrenaline into your juggular. Smoke meth, whatever it takes. After 97 days and nights your brain begins to solidify harder and harder until around day 119 when your brain shatters like glass windows hit with a rock. World record is 127 days.
07 Oct 2018 the nipple thief Play in a meteor shower. Preferably naked with nipple clamps clamped securely in place.
07 Oct 2018 Rip van Winkle Take a whole bottle of allergy pills. I do not think you will die, you just sleep for 73 years.
07 Oct 2018 Juanito Valdoza Chingale huevos de tiranosaurio rex. Tiranosaurio mucho chingale tu. Tu mamis guey. (Al a chingala)

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