Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
24 Jan 2012 DearlyBeloved I wanted to say the only reason I am still amongst the living today is this site. Or more specifically two very specials demons of mine... Billythefreak and Enzyme are the ones I seek out when I think about chewing on a powercord or running in the highway. Many thanks! You each earned a virtual cookie and pixy stix (you get one too mouchette!)
10 Nov 2010 olivia Enzyme, Your words never cease to memorize me, swallow up my thoughts, and amaze my soul. Thank you.
09 Nov 2010 greg enzyme is a sad shit wannabe poet. it must suck to have something to say but no talent to say it well
16 Oct 2010   O, Enzyme.

How great it is, to come here after a long time and find more of your delicious words to read.
I wish I knew who you are so I could move near your home and stalk you every day.

Yours truly, an anonymous admirer.
11 Oct 2010 Enzyme  
22 Jan 2010 O Lovley Castrati  
06 Dec 2009   Dearest Enzyme of the Petrified Forest.

I love you.

Yours truly, an anonymous admirer.
20 Nov 2009 High Fidelity Enzyme, your on a good roll with these songs of the day. Keep the faith.
19 Nov 2009 Enzyme  
19 Oct 2009 Melvin And dad would dream of all the different ways to die
Each one a little more than he could dare to try

thanks enzyme
14 Sep 2009 Enzyme  
13 Sep 2009   Enzyme.

As, I read through you're writings, I can't help but feel at home. You embody something that I've grown up besides, a feeling possibly, that has always been nameless. I feel almost as though you are the modern 'Underground man', from Dostoevskii's 'Notes from the Underground'. A disfigured voice for a small and subtle existence...

I would go on, but my lexicon bothers me these days. So, I stay brief. Goodnight.
09 Sep 2009 Enzyme  
09 Sep 2009 Melvin I kept seeing the coffin in front of me, I felt I was at the funeral again. Unable to cry freely, and the ridiculous amount of sleeve needed to stem my nose. I was shivering, I was freezing. I tried so hard to breathe... not to cry.
The last few minutes of class dragged. He was talking to me. I opened my mouth to reply but instead began to sob. I ran out and down the corridor sobbing hysterically.

Was I dying? I sank to the floor, sobbing and choking. I thought I was going to be sick. Suicide methods, loved ones, excerpts from my journal, all going around in my head. I called childline but hung up when the man answered.
Later I had a biology class. In biology we were learning about Enzymes and I thought of you.
07 Sep 2009 Bebop Enzyme, your from LA?

I have "Let the Right One In" on DVD, let's hang out.
25 May 2009 Enzyme  
24 May 2009 M.M. a.k.a. billy the freak (Rape, Murder and Suicide Are Easier When You Use a Keyboard Shortcut: Mouchette, an On-Line Virtual Character
Leonardo - Volume 38, Number 3, June 2005, pp. 202-206)

this quoted from web site project muse in brief review of mouchette

i noticed i spelled your name wrong on my last post. i was key stroke off. please do not take offense.
some years ago mouchette asked me to stop making spelling errors, because she didn't have time to correct them. mouchette has given few a interviews over the years and in one of her early interviews she was asked how much time she spends at her computer. she did not want to answer for it was so much. i was not upset, in fact i was happy she took the time to correct my post long as she did. she wanted my words to be right and further more she challenged me to do this myself in a sense make my own work better. with that she helped me design the way my post are styled. i do this by copy and paste from my yahoo mail account. that way i can see it spread out and i use spell check. pretty smart, huh. then finally she asks me how i started spelling so good. i told her i used spell check.

the bangles manic monday plays in the background.

now, i don't really know if my post have gotten better, but i do feel as if they have matured, however they still give the opposite vibe. hey, i'm a freak.
you said you had a screenplay.
i fancy myself a writer as well. mouchette says: to become an artist you simply make something and call it art. i guess you can do that with writing as well. i make a few post in the kit and now... i'm a writer.
in an interview with peter luining mouchette says: (I am the kind of person who thinks that art is never where you expect it, and that art is only in the eye of the beholder: a true descendant of Marcel Duchamp.)
i agree with this one hundred percent and i consider what i'm doing right now art. a revolutionary type of art where you are allowed to contribute even if you are tricked in to doing so.
after the first time you then pick your level of involvement. i bet there are souls who have been visiting for years and never once posted and of course i only speak of the kit. there is so much more. she has so much allure.
in the reviews of mouchette they try break it down with psychology, and i can tell from your post you know a little something about that. in the interviews it seems to me the person answering the questions instead of answering the questions as if they were mouchette they speak of mouchette like it is piece of art that is influenced b the hands of many and left to interpretation. please don't get me wrong mouchette does provoke you on a psychological level and does a good job of steering your thoughts in a certain direction, but what two psyches are the same. so i feel it is definitely up to your interpretation. they say mouchette allows you to flirt with the thought of death, maybe... it also allows you to flirt with the thought of life.
with all the searching i have done and personal interaction i have had with mouchette i am no closer to knowing what she is then when i first began, but i do know how she makes me feel. if mouchette was music i would download her onto my i pod. if mouchette was an herb i would smoke her. you know what? i am getting way off track. enzyme, i'm sorry i spelled your name wrong. i noticed you didn't have any typos in your post. perfect. god. are you god? well if you are. i'm sure you know what you are getting into and can handle it. don't let us down.

your friend,
billy the freak

p.s. we all know mouchette is on the cutting edge of pop culture but has anyone noticed how wattle chick sounds and reads like lewis carroll's jabberwockey? curiouser and curiouser. billy wins the award for most mentions of mouchette in one post, he chortles in his joy. mouchette i love you.
16 May 2009 Enzyme  
13 May 2009 Kuborion Y'know, this Enzyme person does make sense.
Read that post of his carefully. Or hers, of course.
12 May 2009 Bobbin Enzyme - did u ever play grim fandango? its just u mentioned petrified forest and being the grim fandango nerd i am, i just thought that... well nevermind.
i just got excited and decided to post something completely irelevant on a suicide website.

Oh dear.

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