Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
16 Oct 2005 gunther why doesn't everyone on here decide to meet somewhere and all be there, just bring all your weapons, drugs, diseases, anything and everything ya know then kill each other
16 Oct 2005 right dead fred suicide is awesome! I just did it last night!
16 Oct 2005 clendenin does this suicide kit cum with nuts bolts hammers and screws?
16 Oct 2005 emily i think it would be lovly to just kill myself. there are many ways to kill myself but there is one way that would be wonderful.

08 Oct 2005 katz Get all the older boys and girls to take you in a feild. Get the faatest one to sit on you.So you pass out. Then get them to preform sexual stuff on.(rape.) Get them to know hang you and then take you do and eat you when u eat small limms when you arent, all that dead. Then get them to preform medievil tourcher techniques on you!
06 Oct 2005 pshykotik hook a battery charger too your braces and turn it on
03 Oct 2005 K.D.Lang Sodimize yourself with a cheesegrater, with each stroke, get a bigger cheesegrater.
28 Sep 2005 Sick Bastard This is the ultimate way of killing yourself. You need:

*Piano wire
*A tall building

Now, go to the roof of the tall building. Attach the benjirope properly to your feet and tie it to a pole or something similar. Then tie the piano wire around your neck, and around the same pole as the benjirope.

Then put glue on both of your hands and smack them on the both sides of the head. Jump.

The result; your head will deattach itself from your neck, but will be stuck in your hands. The people down the street see you doing a benji jump while holding your own head, spilling blood all over the place. Very cool!
26 Sep 2005 Curt Kobane Fuck your little brother or sister while they are sleeping & tell Dad about your conquests in the morning.
11 Sep 2005 fred shove a pen/pencil up each nostril and then smack youre head on a desk making shure that the pen/pencil hit the desk
07 Sep 2005 Nigger with a attitude Go to New Orleans. And be a fucking nigger. The end
30 Aug 2005 Eleanor Take your dads chainsaw and run around town acidently hitting yourself on your head with the chainsaw for each footstep you do.
27 Aug 2005 Fat Joe fuckin pussies,
choke ya fuckin self to death
or take the biggest tv in your house
or apartment (u poor bitches) and drop it on ur head, if failed retry till succesfully done. being rich will make u not want to kill ya self.

p.s. if ur ugly just fuckin shoot ur self or od or sumthing cause nobody wants and ya have no point on livin

member kids jesus always say... only the rich are dont no wat quarters r.
die slow bitches
20 Aug 2005 Jackass Joe Get your skateboard and grind on the railway track! The train will get rid of the mess.
20 Aug 2005 Jackass Joe Ask the school bully's girlfriend out. The bully will kill you or hurt you bad. Repeat until dead.
20 Aug 2005 Jackass Joe Go to a very high bridge and play Pooh sticks with your own body!
07 Aug 2005 Ovidio A creative way to kill yourself:

(warning: if you attempt this... you may die)

First of all... if you can't handle pain... then this isn't for you.

Now... what to do?

Well, first you can tell yourself that you are a very bad person and you do not deserve to live... you deserve to die (if that's what you truly believe)...

If you are a minor this plan may work best for you:

You can find a very sharp knife and begin to cut into your stomach. You will then begin to bleed... but don't worry... the worst that can happen is that you will bleed to death. Secondly, begin to find where your internal organs are. You can poke them and slice them if you would like... whatever makes you happy. Or you can began to do surgery on yourself and began to cut out some organs (such as your liver which is next to your stomach, or you can go down below the stomach and take out your kidneys... etc, etc) If you are an organ donor, i'm sure the doctors would be happy if you put the organs in a nice bucket of ice... when you are done playing around with your organs (and if you aren't dead yet) you can begin to find some arteries. Now, what you do... is cut a hole in one of them. Then stick a long tube in it (like the one on the pump to a fish tank) and run the tube underneath the door in the room(so when your blood rushes through it the people on the other side of the door can see it) You will began to die... actually when you bleed to death... it's just like cutting your wrist (because when you cut your wrist... you useally bleed to death if all works well). Well.. If you aren't dead by now, then i don't know. You should try injecting bleach or something into your arteries.

For Adults: (also go into a locked room or something... you don't want someone to walk in on you... thats the worst thing that could happen...)

What you can do is cut into the area right above your "Private Drive". Once in there you can then began to mess with your reproduction organs. Slice, dice... whatever you think is nice. Then began to cut out everything you see. Also, put the organs in a thing of ice... there may be someone that needs those organs :) If you can continue and you aren't in tremendous pain then you can begin to rip stuff out from above in your stomach area. Hopefully you would have bled to death or something before you would have to take more stuff out... well i'm tired... and i have to go to bed. so if you are reading this... i hope you enjoy and find this information useful. if you have any questions you can contact me... . Thanks
04 Aug 2005 HUH WAT NAME?????? oh my fucking god everyone fucking kill yourselves right now dammit >:( lifes soooooooooooooo not worth it take it from me i h8 everyone i h8 u all i h8 life :) so whichever way just kill yourselves right now im talking 2 everyone but my preferable way is to cover yourself in mayonnaise and set flesh eating phirranas onto your body while u are waiting for them 2 slowly eat u away have one last fuck with your neighbours cat (the phirranas may also eat the cat but meh!!!)then smash ur head thru the back of ur tv look now ur on television >:)
01 Aug 2005 blondes suck for blondes only:

ask a friend to put a scratch and sniff sticker on the bottom of a 20ft pool and sniff it 100 times.

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