Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
12 Jan 2019 never in ur life penis choke
30 Dec 2018 Kriy Di Wulfe You go on too and fap to alot of gay yiff for 24/7 until your body shuts down.
20 Nov 2018 simon snap your neck
19 Nov 2018 earl grey I knew i would find you here. Reading. You are so predictable. I have taken up a new hobby. I must tell you all about it. Spear hunting. Mostly wild pigs and bears. It is such a rush to spear a pig that is charging you. But there are no words for running a spear into a bear. I am no spear chucker. Oh no. I get up close. Ambush and stab the spear into the bears heart. Then once the bear is dead i tea bag it. For those who dont know, that means i squat down over its face, putting my testicles in the bears face. All three of them. I take a selfie in mid squat and upload it to facebook.
26 Oct 2018 Lobotomite. Needle nose pliars. Shove them up your nose, grab your brain and pull it out. Put your brain in a jar of your favorite pickle vinegar. I like bread and butter flavor. After a few days eat your own brain.
12 Oct 2018 Amanda I would hang myself, but first I would dress out very slutty, so my parents would get a double chock about watching their only 12 year daughter dressed out like a whore with garterbelt nylon stockings stilettos...all in black of course. I`ve seen real hangings on youtube, and it seem to be over very fast, I hope it is not too painful...would I get an orgasm while I hang? I wish
09 Oct 2018 bruised memory bank 36a-24993241 Get one of those lasers that removes hair. Point it at your forehead and it will slowly burn a hole in your skin, ever so slowly thru your skull and into your brain. Once it burns completely thru your skull it will catch your pillow on fire. And the smoke will go thru your laser hole in your head which will preserve your brain. Then they can hook your dead corpse to a computer with sensors and send a small electrical pulse into your brain and download your memories into a hard drive and load that into a computer running the latest A.I. and you family can talk to the computer as if its you. You can even think about them as your last thoughts and the computer will tell them your last thoughts. Computers and science has come a long way since glass tubes. Those things are really only good these days to be disassembled and hooked up to a vaccuum pump for your nipples.
08 Oct 2018 maxine Just watch for the big tree trimming truck to come by that trim limbs off power lines. Walk by like everything is normal. When the workers walk away from the chipper run and jump into where they throw the limbs and it chipps the limbs up. It will shred you in less than 2 seconds.
07 Oct 2018 the nipple thief Play in a meteor shower. Preferably naked with nipple clamps clamped securely in place.
07 Oct 2018 elephant paynus To get crushed by an elephant paynus. Did you know an elephant paynus can weigh up to 800 kilograms? Once fully extended an elephant paynus can pin you to the ground and suffocate you in seconds? If it extends rapidly it can strike with such force it will crush your skull. You could also try to cut it off with a sword. But dont use stainless steel because stainless is prone to shatter or shear when impact force occurs with a material that is harder than stainless steel, and elephant paynus is much harder than stainless, or even a sword forged from meteor rocks and quenched with liquid nitrogen. In fact the little hammers used to break big diamonds into smaller diamonds are made from elephant paynus.
04 Oct 2018 east coast tampon museum Go to a public swimming pool with a life guard. Pretend to have drown. Let them rescue you. When they do begin CPR scream real loud and scare them.
03 Oct 2018 sheck go to the convenient store, get a bleach and wash your eyes, and eat your babies.
17 Sep 2018 V3N0M2 shove a bomb in your ass
13 Aug 2018 I can see in your window at night Go on a rock climbing trip with some friends. Get a realistic looking dummy that looks like you. Wig, matching clothes everything. Put this dummy in you backpack. You must climb higher than your friends. You need a recorder of you screaming that sounds real. Push play and stick recorder in pocket and throw the fake you off the cliff. It lands in the water and goes down the river. They never find your body because you hide. Now everyone thinks you are dead. When they have your funeral show up and ask whos in the casket? Then say well i hate to disapoint all of you, pull out a gun and blow out your brains at your own funeral.
07 Aug 2018 Rubber dingy rapids bro! There is a really good childrens book that tells all about the best way. Its called "A Camel Goes To Mecca" in this book it tells all about these 72 virgins. But, I think its probably a load of camel crap.
06 Aug 2018 Grandpa Legend has is that one glimpse of your grandpas saggy nuts will cause you to turn into a wide eyed statue made of white stone.
30 Jul 2018 xxxxxxx It will be our little secret. You musnt tell anyone. If you do i will wait until you sleep, tie you up and pour boiling water on you. Slowly pour it on you. And then ice water bucket you. When you wake up i will cut off... oh. Uhm i forgot what i was going to tell you to be our secret.
11 Jul 2018 Rat droppings Make lots of cages for rats. Buy brown rats at a pet store. Breed thousands of them. Release them at night in the richest most snoody stuck up neigborhood in your area. Now start a business doing rodent removal. Advertise as catch and release... the humaine way. When you catch them, breed them again. Continue releasing, catching and breeding. Do this until the rats grow so big that one kills you and eats you.
09 Jul 2018 Dylan Stick a shotgun in your pussy and blow the trigger.
04 Jul 2018 Sarah Van Hamerschmidt Lets my farts caress your nose. Stinging and burning sensations bringing tears to your eyes. Gasping for breath as you choke and gag until you vomit in your duct taped mouth. You drown on your own vomit as it gushes from Your nose. Oh how my clit does pulsate thinking about you.

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