Reading these suicide pages you will find people seeking help and people offering their help. Some witness about suicide from real life experience, others who play along with me would pretend it's a children's game. Some make sick and cruel jokes about it, and angry people blame me for even mentioning the subject. You might also want to read my favourite answers. If you want your answer to be included here, fill in the form.

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What is the best way to kill yourself when you're under 13?

Quelle est la meilleure forme de suicide pour les moins de 13 ans?
22 Mar 2015 observationist. Its obvious by how you catigorize posts you do not read them very well. You just skim through the material in a rush. That proves you dont really care about this site. That is such a bummer. Its like missing your own point. You must be suicidal and miserable and very horny.
21 Mar 2015 the moon master The best way to kill yourself is to go on the internet looking for ways to kill yourself.
21 Mar 2015 spacecadet sally Its so lonely up here on the space station. Breathing recycled oxygen and changing you diaper gets old real fast. Not to mention no human contact for 18 months at a time. I am thinking about drifting in space and before my o2 runs out take off my suit and freeze in seconds. I will probably spend my last moments rubbing my breasts. They are sore from bouncing around with no gravity to hold them down.
20 Mar 2015 tim horton Play on the train tracks or in the street. Try swallowing glass marbles first. Upon impact the marbles will shatter and shred you internally causing rapid and massive blood loss. Your death will come in seconds.
20 Mar 2015 narra tor Once upon a time in a local meat market a person purchased a turkey leg. After the fourth bite maggots began falling out. The person cried. The accounts in this story are true and the characters names have been changed because you dont need to know.
19 Mar 2015 guest1234 I enjoy reading the posts by the people in the blame me section. They seem to have a limited vocabulary. They keep using the words "sick fuck" and i have to ask... is a sick fuck what you say when you get an STD?
18 Mar 2015 fed up. I was told if you read every single post on this website you instantly die. Its not true though. Its ok. Reading them wont hurt you. Unless your an uppity bitch who thinks your shit dont stink and you pull out in front of people and drive slow because you think you own the whole earth and the moon. It is to those snobs that i direct this message: no one likes you.
18 Mar 2015 can you spare some change? Maybe instead of suicide you need a change in life. Simply tell your teacher at school that your mommie and daddy make you take off your clothes and do things. And then start crying. Previous to this take some pictures and put under their bed. Cops find the pictures and you get a new family. If you like your new life keep your new family, if not get a whole new family all over again.
18 Mar 2015 turdmuncher and handstand master Drown in the toilet. You may want to flush it first. I didnt flush the first time, and lets just say the second time i drown myself in the toilet i did flush first and it was much more pleasant and satisfying. I think thats what its all about really. Being happy and content about the method of suicide. Thats what truly makes it the best way. I would like to add i am just a hobbyist. I really feel terrible for all those people who commit suicide for a legitimate reason. I just find suicide a way to simply relax and unwind. Some people turn to beer for a crutch but as for me, i will stick with a daily dose of suicide. Its the only way to live for me.
18 Mar 2015 eunsunpark candy
17 Mar 2015 dee rail Dont you just love young hot headed males that get mad easy. The anger overflow is a monument of folly. I enjoy watching them get all flustered. I saw the look of reality strike the young man for the first time. Oh yeah, truth hurts and you are singing to the kwyior here. Look at you you pathetic shit, its not just as you thought. You arent special. And no one even gives a shit in a brown paper sack. (80% recycled material.) Truth is you are weak minded and willed. If you really dont care about life go join the army and be all you can be. Then someone else will benefit from your co habitation with reality. But i guess if you just want to die go take a nap on some train tracks. You just never wake up. So pleasant a way to go.
11 Mar 2015 Lina to jump of the roof
11 Mar 2015 Jose Windham I want to die I feel nothing likes me in this world I want to suffer for the sin I have committed, me being alive.
08 Mar 2015 stinky hollow OMG my life is ruined. My problem effects every single aspect of my life. The problem is i cant stop farting. People wont talk to me anymore. Not even at work. My wife left me. All i have left is my constant farting. I am going to pull the bed sheets over my head and inhale my farts untill i die.
08 Mar 2015 amphetamines and mushrooms Have you tried everything possible to make your life better and constantly failed each attempt? Well thete is one more thing to try before suicide. Ask your doctor about lobotomy. If they wont help you then ask about suicide.
07 Mar 2015 Vasiliy Pills
04 Mar 2015 Peter Guthrie jump from the tallest building in the city, dressing like a "teletube".
03 Mar 2015   This is my suicide note
01 Mar 2015 duke This is an old site. Many have killed themselves or they grew up.
26 Feb 2015 Alivanomana I think you need to think about the good side of your life. You do not have to think about death. Can I meet you?

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