11 Dec 2003   Parceque cest un fantommmmeeee :P
25 Feb 2019 Привет приветшӀо Зачем ты создала сайт?
11 Jun 2005 Rha Just write anything. HAHAHa....
2 Nov 2006 jambon avec des petits bouts de terre ?
8 May 2006 isabella a fly is a fly is a fly is a fly is a fly
14 May 2001 Sven You are reincarnated as a cat.
23 May 2017 CRAZYMAN it's transcendental pathology of your brain that kills you everyday a little more. please fly away from here....
14 Mar 2009   Les nerfs peuvent encore faire bouger les muscles quelques seconde après la mort....
26 Dec 2018 stephan вообщем я не знаю может я тебя убил за то что ты хочешь что ты сотрешь меня ты дура как так ты могла тупая
4 Jun 2002 jan cordemans maybe your fingers are not dead and they write everything you were thinking about just before this terrible thing happened. But don't worry: it's better to be a little living finger instead of a big dead fly. Succes !
23 May 2017 Clovis Hoove You are reincarnation of previous fly. Who was reincarnation of her previous fly. Who was reincarnation of her previous...
Eternal soul has learned inevitable destiny. Death alone is predictable. Only the life is malleable. "This" was thought by everlasting soul, however, written by previous incarnation. Alter the thought. And alter the question.
5 Apr 2000 Champion, James Our actions often have consequences which are not foreseeable, or even imaginable from where we once stood.
James Champion-- Eastern Regional Manager
HELIX Technology-CTI Cryogenics ....Your Vacuum Connection
3 Jan 2002 sat because death is a relative thing people or flies die or not die it can be the same thing at the specific time or place .
20 Mar 2019 ............ because you are butter
1 Dec 2006 O.G.I.T. Good question... Next one, pls!
17 Nov 2000 lars eidem it's on internet, stupid! .....send mail!!!!!
5 Jul 2001 Sean Because your soul lives on.
13 Oct 2017 Vaninight I'm dead too.
6 Feb 2004 judas meurt-on vraiment ?
30 Nov 2001 Manos P. This is the second time I kill you, or at least so you think. Personally I don't believe you are really dead, though I may have destroyed only a part of your digital personality. I would be interested in hearing your ideas about this situation but outside this web page. Do you have a real mail adress where I can send you my thoughts?
This is my greetings for today : dead or alive your spirit is still here and that's what really matters!
16 May 2017 Mitch magic
23 May 2017 Zephyr Kage I don't know!!!!
7 Nov 2001   On peut écrire avec ses orteils sur le haut du cercueil, une plume d'oie entre les deux plus gros doigts de pied.
23 Apr 2016 they want me satan
16 Apr 2003 ghostlyfly you are a ghost
23 May 2017 mamsi you're not really dead then
19 Dec 2003 G fear only fear
26 May 2018 NULLUS you have another soul
30 Apr 2019 //////// YOU ARE UGLY
20 Sep 2001 Emily Reeve I'm sorry, but no one really dies. We're all just small parts of a big circle of life that just keeps going and going. Notice I said circle:) It never stops. You're still going and going.
21 May 2017 nah ur not dead im dead or maybe ur dead no im dead nvm hoax
23 May 2017 Tanit Tu écris a travers la main de mouchette en controllant son esprit pour de courte durée!!! Je ne trouve pas d'autres explications...
28 Apr 2017 John You aren't really writing this. I'm just imagining it.
6 Apr 2018 sum retarted fuck lol You can't lol
10 Oct 2012 Amnesia I don't know.
29 Mar 2002 lesterkc ho ho...??
21 Nov 2000 myrto You are a ghost!!!
16 May 2014 Chayenne Dead writers tell good tales
11 Apr 2004 Wilfred de Kok You are a computer animation! ;)
15 Apr 2004   on peut écrire en moribon
3 Dec 2000 aaron by using www.demicron.se's datatext.class. In other words: you can write these using Java.
19 Nov 2001 pONKarn Because you´ve come back to get ME the same way!
23 May 2017 Fritta CARO because you're not a mouchette
23 May 2017 tyra ohhhh I'm sorry
but I like this,
I am very happy
10 Feb 2017 aaron do your best
28 Sep 2013 poodle dump idk
23 May 2017 francesca because you're not real
2 Sep 2008 alex anything can happen when you want it to
21 Feb 2019 ivan knapp i don't know are you are ghost?
28 Nov 2000 Melinda Fuck you I hate you and I'm glad you are dead you piece of shit. I hate you so much I hate you I hate yoou i shhhgyeyahgf !!!hjdsafj sdfdshfgjdsaf fuck dyiuypoiu!!!!! I haaATEW YIOUPO!!!!!!!!!!!!!
28 Nov 2000 Dan the Mechanic Cause you left your pen in your pocket and the ink leaked all over the place. Our modern minds have forced us to make concrete symbols out of the leaky mess.
30 Nov 2000 Nick Senior The afterlife is a weird place, ain't it?
29 Jan 2001 Bye tu as eu une belle vie
2 Jun 2018 Name We are all connected.. It has something to do with electricity, our minds/soul
23 May 2017   because you can't die in this strange dimension.
23 Jan 2017 Sonic.exe B3C@U$E I @M G0D!!!!!!!!!
23 May 2017 Marie-Eve Levaseur Vous pouvez écrire ma chère, parce qu'internet se rend en enfer.
11 Oct 2003 Maura Cause you never existed anyway
14 Jul 2000 Stefaan De Gendt Little Fly,
Je computer blijft leven! Je blijft verder leven in je computer en op het net.
4 Feb 2018 Dead Dandy i dont know but i think i might be dead too
23 Nov 2000 bob Well, she is NOT really dead. All I had to do was click the "back" button, & there was that little fly. Kind of scared me, @ first-------that crying IS really creepy. Stop it.
28 Nov 2000 juliet hollingsworth u must be just so clever!!
23 Nov 2000 J Warner Ghost in the Machine?
8 May 2019 I_DROPXSHOTTER_I you didn't clutch with the ppsh smh trash m8 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
19 May 2009 toytica fgfogy
23 May 2017 Cumhur Dead don't mean dead
8 Dec 2018 Georgiy I dont really know lol
But maybe it's your soul!
17 Feb 2009 antoine je crois que quand on est mort on écrit noir
26 May 2003 JL2 I was not aware that flies could type.
I think that might be a much more profound question...
24 Nov 2013 yara Ты сука ёбанная скотина тупая и мразь
19 Jan 2012 Roman Oh, I want to know! :)
20 Nov 2005 Kelly Drennan ..........
23 May 2017 Kelsey It's a haunting...a ghostly encounter to reach the living through technology. You have unfinished business.
19 May 2001 Duba Imagine how many messages shall be floating around in el.wires-chanels by dead peolple in future... who will notice that they are dead?... I have no problem to communicate with dead authors of books, so why should I think about having a problem to communicate with you? If we have something in common then it is great... every book is a letter to future generations... but you caught me this time on casual curiosity... let's see if there is something more...
23 May 2017 pio idaz
Mi Name is
Pio Diaz Im a Gallerist/ curator and artist working whit contemporary art
in the minorities field
this is just an example of what i do,
i well be approaching the topic i another ways as-well.

please take a look.
And I well be glad to help

Minori-tee Minority


The aim of the performance project Minori-tee Minority is the establishment
of an investigatory platform in order to debate the topic of Minority in
both theoretical and practical manners.
At PIO-DIAZ new art space the topic of Minority and the new Policies relate
to it will be under the loop. The Minori-tee Minority project will look into
what lies between the action and the reaction and where the role of
experimental art is located and how is it played at the beginning of the XXI

Artist like Krystof wodiczk, Cindy Sherman, Chantal Akerman, Ilya Kabakov
and Louise Bourgeois, help construct the international art scene in the 80s
and 90s and shad some light on the notion of minority and majority. These
active members of the cult helped building the post-politic era, who is
constructing the next one? Is there anybody out there?
As curator of the Minori-tee Minority, I want to question how I have become
a "MINORITY" after I left my home town, Buenos Aires. I wanted to know,
WHAT A HELL THAT MEANS!! And what comes after the question of MINORITY.

The invited guest well helps debate the topic of global minority its
formality and informality.

Pio Diaz

Pio Diaz ~ Nwe Exhibition Space
Gothersgade 105, 1123KBH DK
+45-33122525. e~mail piod@pc.dk
22 Nov 2005 shiva666 on crée un programme qui selon des variantes (date, température, précipitation) va écrire un mot différent. ainsi lorsque votre corps ne fonctionera plus, le programme continuera...
10 May 2009 xylophone On peut écrire par inadvertance, par ennui, par amour, par virtuosité ou par virilité.
12 Jun 2001 baby dufus You are the ghost in the machine. You now have the power to make the buttons do as you command
8 May 2006 euclid you wrote it in your last will.
11 Jun 2008 victor ue je dai ke je sui tro fort pout toi un jour ke ti= arivera tu mapelra pcdk je sui un boss comme jai reussi ton defi jaimerai 1 petite recompence stile 1 pe de sou ou des meileurs truc a+ je sui un killer
23 May 2017 samuraj_jack it's simple..
..excuse my french
12 Aug 2006 robert i dont know
2 Nov 2000 santiago parce que les ordinateurs sont la mort.
23 Dec 2016 настя она сама кинулась под курсор
23 May 2017 alice quand on est mort-vivants ! quand on est un esprit ! quand on a de l'imagination
21 Apr 2013   Because you are a spirit
3 Oct 2000 mr poof poof It's so simple. Your neuro-electrical impulses willed itself into the server, thus creating your last thoughts before they actually happened. All of this is possible due to the fact the I got bored one day, drank 2 bottles of vodka and puked all over a cat I previously killed.
8 Jul 2001 NoOne You planned this. You were too chicken to off yourself. Your plan was to annoy someone to the point of murder. Leaving this nasty little program to cause guilt trips, in hopes that you'd be joined by more tortured souls in the afterlife. Am I right?
23 May 2017 Jul What an épineux problem you're asking me to resolve... why the hell do you want me to say ??? I don't know and i don't want to know why you are still abble to write over death ...
5 Apr 2001 Frank Fralick Because you're a jerk. Jerks do things like talk after they're dead. They just won't die. You feel their effects even after their death, because they're jerks.
26 Nov 2002 ryan machina will reign when the mind and flesh fail.
20 May 2018 jana jey I don't fucking know dude
20 Apr 2018 Mouchette Lol
4 Jul 2016 Dead I was so sorry
22 Mar 2006 Felicity cos ur never dead, just a daydream
10 Jun 2018 June.Alan I don't know. Maybe you programmed this; like writing this every time someone does this?
6 Dec 2000 X youre not dead thats just it!!!
23 May 2017 Cortney You aren't dead, you are just on the internet. You are virtual.
27 Oct 2018 bongboy biiiiig titty