6 Feb 2016 Struan I dunno, you must be some sort of reincarnated super genius.
7 Sep 2001 Kaiden Fox I did not mean to kill you. My computer was infected with the Kaiden_Fox.exe virus. If only Peter Norton could bring us both back to life.
1 May 2001 ricardo your soul lives on in your computer
6 Oct 2018 truman man fuck if i know
7 Nov 2010 Elie comme ça
23 May 2017 anne the killer oh sorry, but it's a stupid question!and, i don't want to help you explain this...
By by poor fly, hi hi hi...
30 Jun 2018 айдар ты хуй
27 Oct 2011 John Smith BECAUSE I CAN
20 Nov 2000 John arrrrrggggghhhhh! a ghost!!
10 Jan 2018 Divyansha Cause you are not deaddd
10 Apr 2001 jipi salut petite mouche, le jour va se lever et tu seras vivante à nouveau, tu pourras te poser sur le bord de mon assiette...
11 Mar 2004 crosschip you are a little ghost who wents into a computer
26 Aug 2006 jen You are a fly, and when you died you got angel wings instead. Now you are an angel-fly who flies and write messages! ^^
5 Aug 2003 lertora mmmmm your not a fli?????
1 Jun 2016 Lilli Lovegrove lol
3 Oct 2000 A Perfect Mess You're not dead, you just turned into a Digital illusion... Trapped inside the world wide web...
9 Dec 2002 janek bishop douze fois plus
je me sens repartir

comme un
enfin vous savez!
1 Feb 2004 angel Deads also write , fly , love , did/
5 Dec 2001 Bob Because you are only pretending to be dead to collect your fly life insurance policy.
19 Feb 2001 Serge This time I knew a bit of was behind the button. But why do you keep on dying?
24 Jun 2017 Emma You're a ghost taking revenge on me for the mistake I made
24 Jan 2007 sabine Mouchette nous parle du paradis... N'aie pas peur de la mort Mouchette!!
8 Oct 2018 Paschal You are dead inside, or you are making fun of us, or you have an abstract mind like me which would defend you from the grueling sounds you put in the background, so you wouldn't see how it would effect those intelligent enough, so to say, who'd come here for whatever reason. You are probably a sociopath that uses extreme social/anti-social behavior to research people, or to have fun which would be even more... describable.
10 Feb 2018 Zahar Are you a ghost? you are a dead soul, a ghost
30 Apr 2004 Captain Jack bucha stuff
21 Dec 2018 The first to know that I am going through my email The first time. It is the most important part in the world, the only way I can see the place to live . I am going on. If I can get the chance to get it. The I
15 Feb 2006 Steve There are no easy answers.
2 Jul 2017 maria Don't cry.You will be born again in a much better form.
29 Nov 2000 bill You have achieved immortality, downloading yourself into a cybergenically frozen world. You and Walt Disney...
1 Nov 2010 coleman death is real. words are fake.
16 Dec 2000 noemie quand on est mort, on se réincarne voila
31 Dec 2018 XXXXX Your a ghost from the past
30 Mar 2010 James & Jax You came back as a ghost?
19 Nov 2000 Giorgia Lantza shut up, you are dead!
28 Sep 2000 georinimo You are worse than the cancer you carry, petite mouchette, princess of merde, carrier of disease and plague. You disgust me with your alledged love and your whimpers. You don't know how to carry on with the grace of suffering. You don't deserve death, little one. You need to exist like a dream without wings.
3 Oct 2000 ness you are a ghost fool!
28 Nov 2000 George Tournas Have you see the movie "Sixth Sense"?
See it , and you will find out!!!!!!!!!!!
4 Jun 2018 Alexander Because ur mom gay
13 Nov 2018 yeetus im already tracer
4 May 2017 Esther Because you have never existed, and thus you are never dead. And me neither. You are just another form of me that is dead.
10 Mar 2001 Apicius Moi aussi, je suis mort depuis longtemps, et j'écris.
Ma chérie, arrête de pleurer. Imagine... Oui! imagine que tu doives tourner durant toute l'éternité. Berk! La vie n'est pas éternelle, et c'est très bien. Je n'aimerais pas du tout payer des impôts durant l'éternité.
Bisous, petite mouche.
Papy Bourdon
11 Aug 2003 pilar porque estaba programado en tu pc
20 Nov 2001 brr C'est parce qu'en réalité tu n'étais pas sous le bouton, et que c'est juste un petit jeu pervers ;o)
11 Dec 2000 Ritch Because you were never alive :)
23 May 2018 ass you love me.
23 May 2017 Alex Beacuse you're all in my head. There is no fly. There is only myself that flies.
10 Nov 2000 Magus Oh, foolish little fly, don't you understand, you aren't dead! You are just in a state of acid-euphoria, and are seeing the Grim Reaper before you! Wait until the high wears off, you'll be alright.
3 May 2019 Derrick You're not real. Face it.
23 May 2017 Jul What an épineux problem you're asking me to resolve... why the hell do you want me to say ??? I don't know and i don't want to know why you are still abble to write over death ...
8 Mar 2019 Erika I dont know 😔👊
19 Jul 2001 maroussia De la même manière qu'on peut voler quand on a pas de pied
17 Mar 2017 GG You was never real in the first place...
21 Oct 2018 LUCAS MOREIRA npc never die
16 May 2005 Sarah coz ur 1 fuked up fuker i mean ur cryin here how can u cry if ur dead u tell me that!!
11 Mar 2002 kalle youre not dead
27 Sep 2000 henning you wrote it before you died and used a machine to send out the text when you die - somehow you even knew why and how you would die one day, but you could't do anything against it.
28 Nov 2000 dark You are not truly dead, dear fly. For you are not a fly at all, nor were you ever alive. You are actually more like me a simple god in a semi-physical form. Be free!
28 Mar 2017 Bailey! I don't know? maybe you're a ghost!
13 Apr 2002 Steve You're sleeping, and dreaming. Peace and love.
6 Jul 2017 Albert eh
4 Apr 2003 pancho yes
18 Jan 2001 ward You silly silly girl ate a fly so you only know why
23 May 2017 Nate Nagasaki You may be dead, but your soul lived on in the internet! Probably 'cause you're a button and you somehow got stuck in something's memory or sumthin'... Or maaaaybeeeee... You're actually GOD! You never actually died... Maybe...
22 May 2006 stacey u r a freek stop sendin me messages u werido how old r u n were u fm n how did u get my addy stop sendin me n my mates messages unless its sumthin normal not freekeish n wots with little fly ur not a fly ur mad
9 Apr 2018 Marina You stupid muha
15 Oct 2018 Leo You’re in the different dimension.
7 Sep 2019 alan purgatory
23 May 2017 catherine tu n'avais qu'à faire ton testament
23 May 2017 Minister Mind Pourquoi recommences-tu? Pourquoi reviens-tu vers moi en ne me laissant comme seule possibilité que de cliquer sur toi... Tu sais très bien ce qui t'arrive si je clique sur toi...
Est-ce vraiement ce que tu cherches? Est-ce là le but de ta vie, son déroulement? Mourir encore et encore et toujours recommencer? Quand t'arrêteras-tu? Quand comprendras-tu que tu peux faire autre chose, que tu peux être qque chose d'autre qu'une mouche qui meurt perpétuellement? Sers-toi de ce moment où tu es morte pour renaître différente avec un autre but que celui de mourir... Fais autre chose de ta vie, je suis là pour ça... Tu ne m'as pas emmené jusqu'à toi par pur hasard, tu sais ce que je peux t'apporter, tu sais que ce dont tu as besoin c'est moi seul qui peux te l'apporter...
4 Apr 2002 __)_) ~ ~~ ~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~~~~
~ ~~ ~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~~~~
~ ~~ ~~~ ~~~~~
~ ~~ ~~~
~ ~~
15 Oct 2000 Kim because i just flicked u off my plate and u went for a nice ride which scared the hell out of u. so u see u aren't really dead just scared to death.
5 Apr 2000 Eric Floyhar dude... you're a sicko.
7 Oct 2004 oi hello chuchu !
24 Jan 2017 Sarah because you were already dead inside eyyyyyyyyyyyyy
25 Oct 2000 dave To be clicked is liberation, not death. Many confuse these states.
28 Dec 2006 oli maybe you pre-recorded it, in case.
30 Nov 2001   i don't know...am i alive because i am reading what you wrote?
17 Nov 2000 Ivan Santiesteban You're not dead at all. I clicked you only very lightly and you just freaked out. Must you freak out every time I click a little button which I am curious to know what it does? Must you? Tell me.
24 Aug 2019 Fan of Loki Loki is my god
8 Apr 2018 Derek Your a ghost
23 Jan 2001 nachos You're magic
15 May 2018 binky smith you are jew
3 Oct 2007 Perl You live in my computer
16 Oct 2018 Евгений Ми DEAD
29 Jan 2018 Iris Pls, don´t be sad... Is not a bad thing to do to die...
23 May 2017 toxinea you're dangerous, some flyterrorist who is alive in eternal site
7 Aug 2018 julian porque sos un programa
3 Aug 2018 me mmmemememmmemmmme
14 Feb 2004 sher cause u r not u asshole
2 Apr 2019 François-Xavier 2018
29 Jun 2005 Vooch bon jour
my name is Berto LaVooch

i like yer site. you have nice pix. R you really 13?
25 Apr 2007 jon becasue you wern´t really a fly in the first place
23 May 2017 Jyeffe C'est bien simple ma chère amie, il suffit de demander à d'autres de le faire à ta place. Tu leur dictes ce que tu as à écrire, c'est un moyen convivial de de faire une lettre pour ta grand mère et ça lui évite de lire ton écriture en pattes de mouche
13 Oct 2016 Renaud Gadoury art
16 Apr 2017 mike you write theese things from heaven
4 Apr 2018 alejandro sandoval because yes
23 May 2017   You have 777777777 lifes so don't cry it's not a drama...
3 Mar 2010 Colin derp?
14 Apr 2004 diego con la puta mente
7 Jun 2011 Gary Busey because I'm actually Gary Busey from PRedator 2