1 Dec 2017 caleb wrightchu cuz you wan't to
9 Feb 2008 floyd how can you cry if your dead?
10 Dec 2019 CONNECTIONS иди на хуй
31 May 2018 Kris and Merry Not cry. Everything will be fine, I hope... I'm sorry I pressed the button again. I'm sorry I killed you again. I'd like to get a letter from you again, but alas I killed you. I'm sure you were a good man... If you see this then write me again.
1 Jun 2017 Edik I love you
30 Aug 2001 The Glenn Life is the painful inconvenience that breaks up the bliss of non-existence.
9 Aug 2000 kanibalo hallo you are funny, cause you know verry well that looking on a button is boring . So pushing on it may change something. and of course curiosity kills the cat but my curiosity does not kill you.
20 May 2002 morilla it was very funny
23 May 2017 markus weiss i am so sorry!!!!!!
i didn't want it.....
29 Nov 2000 doogie iiinnnnntttteeeeerrresssstiiinnnnnnggg.
11 Feb 2001 Lew R You were reincarnated as AI. The next evolution of mankind.
1 Apr 2002 metronaut NO ONE EVER REALLY DIES.
26 Nov 2000 Frank Pendarakis Cause it isn't you telling me all this, just my imagination, you know... that strange little thing you feel when you realize that you have done something wrong...
19 Apr 2001 Benjamin tu es une mouche menteuse
26 Apr 2013 Duck Sausage yes
10 Apr 2002 Jesus because you can. It's as simple as that.
17 Feb 2019 boi perhaps you're not really dead, or if you are, then only partly
23 Mar 2016 Himbeefl I must be Death
19 Oct 2007 philippe hello, that a long time i am not see you how are you? i like your work tell me more
4 Jun 2005 rachel you are a ghost fly(???) and u came back 2 haunt me 4 killing you!!!
11 Dec 2000 Eeiren All spirits are possessed especially evil spirits... you still exist as a microbe in the little pieces of you that still exist... as much as those of us who are possessed at death by the very microbes, pathogens, diseases and even fly larval eggs which entered into us to be excreted but as we die we no longer excrete the eggs such that they hatch and become a part of us... hopefully to escape the fate of the grave our bodies have not but hopefully our souls..
25 Oct 2000 Sean PT McWilliams` You appear dead at first quick assumption. However the smallest is theoretically connected to the largest, so if you had "passed-on" I would expect a corresponding event, half-way around the world. Perhaps a weather change. Triangulation would need to be done ad infinum in order to be sure. And of course that takes time. So the clocks of the world would need to be in sync. And harmony to be sure. It's coming I feel.

Anyways, to really answer your question simply, I'd say this is a program, and you could be dead. However, appearances are not everything. You may only appear dead.

Like the telephone operator says. My favorite is the Asian Voice Mail which says "please wait a moment". The telephone was a great invention don't you think?

P.S. Where are you from? Or your Ancestry?
19 Nov 2004 Manuel your essence prevails
28 Nov 2000 rsmith Writing precedes death. It displaces and disperses its effects. Writing on the surface of the screen implements a recursive topology where the value, death, is fed back into the equation altering its effect at the very moment that effect would instantiate itself.
28 Jul 2018 EvaPaz I'm RUSSIAN!
18 Apr 2003 mushy left hand
23 May 2017   parce que votre cerveau était relié par une puce à votre ordinateur. que vous vous sentiez en danger (à raison) et que tout était près. En cas de décés, en cas d'arrêt de liaison entre la cerveau et l'ordinateur, le texte pré-écrit se déclenche automatiquement pour clamer votre insatisfaction. Voilà
28 Jul 2003 the gabbo you can not, you are lying to me
23 May 2017 Louise DeVriendt I was not intending to kill
I 'm not like that at all
So I'm sorry
Did it hurt?
Did it hurt real bad?
How come you talk to me after you 're dead?
How the hell would I know?
You didn't look much like a fly anyway.
I think I remember how Mouchette died in the end.
She's still talking to me too.
16 Dec 2005 Bertha your not really dead, just your body is gone
21 Jul 2001 charity because you are doomed to haunt this realm as an earthbound soul, ghost, lurker, one who hesitates painfully between here and there, now and then.
2 Jul 2012 ...... Most authors are dead.
18 Nov 2008 lhk why are you crying? do not be.
5 Dec 2001 Anders Simple. All that can be told in a glance, a reflection off the eye or a twitch of the mouth. Either that or you're not actually dead.
25 Mar 2017 orospu cuz you are a vampire
17 May 2000 Jean Sanbien Notre corps se compose principalement d'eau et après la mort cette eau qui enfait nous représente, s'evapore. C'est cette evaporation qui devient l'ecriture du mort. Chaque evaportaion est unique comme chaque individu est unique ainsi le message est unique . Mais pour reconnaitre cette evaporation et la lire if faut savoir ou regarder. Le ciel en est la page blanche et quelque fois si vous observez bien vous noterez certain messages , surtout a l"aube quand les morts s'ennuient... C'est l'evaporation qui s'inscrit sur le ciel ou bien s'entremèle aux branches des grand arbres. Ainsi les morts nous ecrivent. Les morts aiment ecrire mais ils sont frustrés parceque trop peu de gens savent les lire.

P.S. D'autre question ?
22 Jan 2001 Albino Priest because the computer is completely artificial, and very easily infiltrated by supernatural things, such as you. that, or your just not dead. stop crying, pansy.
8 Oct 2004 patrick ryan ...
24 Feb 2018 Herbert Because u suck
12 Apr 2019 crusty Fuck bitch
17 Oct 2001 pete ames hey- if swayzy can push a penny in the movie ghost, you can type on a keyboard
13 Aug 2018 J You wrote it before you dies
13 Oct 2000 marshamarshamarsha you are not dead! you are alive in code and so can live forever even on warped mangled hard drives that can be recovered. i do wish you would stop sobbing. The afterlife is wonderful!!
11 Apr 2020 It's me You're trap. Trap. Trap. Trap.
28 Sep 2000 paul steketee I ripped your head off but your arms are still typing . . . stop crying!!!
1 Nov 2007 Kate The internet is a land of unknown mystery and many dead bodies. Yes! It is a frontier I can see as a shroud around my eyes that inhibits my sight. Death is hardly more bitter.
23 Feb 2002 matt because you're not dead, only dreaming of what it can be like to be dead
25 Feb 2018 Tyrone nigga nigga you gay bitch tf
3 Jul 2018 Sean You are magic! I'm sorry that I killed you too.
20 Mar 2020 T. Ive Rubini I'm sorry to have killed you, but you'll always be alive somewhere! I got here reading a text written by Annet Dekker, in Pablo Gobira's book called "Memória Digital". She says mouchette.org managed to create a network because of its concept. Can't wait to walk around a bit longer. I promise I'll be careful!
11 Jan 2019 yeet You're a script
28 May 2005 shagadelic coz ur a 2faced fuked up slag wat the fuk do u fink ur doin flyin around my food u slapper im glad ur dead u fukin ugly best. cinabit shit!!!!!!!!!!!!!
12 May 2020 Vladislav ............
23 May 2017 katey you're a cat, now.
26 Apr 2006 martin Tu eres el asesino.
28 Oct 2004 skay morte par habitude, bavarde par littérature
19 Oct 2004 so and so Because bad grammar gives insects immortality.
1 Jul 2020 BenS. A.I.
9 Nov 2007 zack74 u tell me
2 Feb 2001 juanita because your spirit lingers, you need to find a virtual space in the after life
21 Dec 2006 RelliK a better question would be how can you reply to this if ur dead.
23 May 2017 Someone IT'S A GHOST
21 May 2002 ritch you are the pink open mouth, the striped penis, the many eyes, the little fly.
17 Aug 2008 abcdefg I am superman
30 Jun 2008 gina Porque ahora eres uno con el todo
5 Apr 2000 Tetsuo Hmm... i guess you got a script planned ahead for this situation 8]?
5 Feb 2017 Sauron Здравствуйте [hello]
23 May 2017 jrm 'cause you're a wizard fly
23 May 2017 Kimononono Tu es une menteuse, tu n'a pas écrit alors que tu étaits morte!! tu avais déja écrit ca!
13 Nov 2007 Charles You're not dead. I clicked and dragged you to the side so I could finish my dinner.
9 Dec 2000 Florianne Facile, il suffit de se penser autre. La vie n'est qu'une question de conscience après tout. Et reste quelque chose de très relatif. Qu'est-ce qui nous prouve que nous sommes vivants ? Une illusion, tout ça. Rien de plus. Peut-être est-ce vous qui êtes vivante et moi mort.
16 Feb 2016 Arci You're a fly zombie...
25 Apr 2016 Niek Je n'ai aucune idée.
30 Mar 2004 yvi tu n est pas physique juste virtuelle, comme ds 1 jx video , tu as forcément plusieurs vies, so
insert coins for another game
16 Sep 2018 juan u cant because your not dead
15 Aug 2001 Philip Skingley You only existed virtually to begin with, if I were to log-off and log-on again, you would be alive again, so I'll bring you back to your virtual existence by doing just that.
Will you thank me for this, or not?
4 Dec 2017 jake idk soul?
23 May 2017 natalie come to people's dreams and tell them to write them down.
9 Nov 2001 chrissy you are an angel.
15 Mar 2016 Laura ?????
10 Dec 2017 Max magic. you're a magic fly
28 Sep 2018 gina you tell me
25 Jan 2019 running away you're an angel now
13 Aug 2008 batman it is the end of civilization as we know it. God help us.
23 May 2017 MELKI TAHA comme tu as prévu de mourir tu as prevu d'ecrire ça......
26 Jul 2017 Alex you are a fly and no flies die
26 Jun 2000 Jim Henderson It's the after-fly life
29 Nov 2000 Sam God told you to pretend you were dead, and write this. He told you that if you did this, you would be allowed to be on television. But, he lied. Your god lied to you. I would never lie to you, but he is a liar. He will betray you to Satan.
23 May 2017 daniela i don't now
22 Jul 2017 john you arent writing it
6 Mar 2019 nma ...........
25 Feb 2001 y If you ponder this_-__-_-__-_-__-_-_____012#
14 Feb 2006 Anna ...............
23 May 2017 Fuck Because you're some fly who just turned into a fucking ghost
25 Jun 2001 Kimmo Your ass is still alive and you have keyboard uder your ass then your moving... actually dancing. your moving your fat ass. Then with good luck you just type this fucking shit!
23 Jul 2001 fabio sorry my dear, you are so beautiful
7 Apr 2015 tgt-4 Alive.
9 Jan 2001 Christos You bitch! you pretend you're dead..