4 Nov 2005 peter clever
3 Sep 2000 Rachel Koper whoah! i'm not sure....you've been reanimated by sorcerers!
28 Nov 2000 katchiller Tu est une mort mouche mouche. Je suis la mouchrolle.
22 Mar 2006 trev because you wrote it before you died on the computer.
your digital memory is still alive
who knew?
12 Jun 2003 Niha ...Well, I guess you´re just a bit smashed.
Sorry, it wasn´t my intention
22 Apr 2021 Виктор Хз
28 May 2002 drucila because your soul is flying in the weird net
18 Jan 2001 Leigh Death is no barrier in cyberspace, I simply press 'continue' and insert another coin
31 Mar 2007 corina mabuse only my essence which allows you to read my words still writes which you can read. since you can read you can understand that i am still dead or not i can be read and write. dead is only a state of living and living has many moments where all is not just being a flying insect
4 Oct 2007 caz your spirit is writing it
4 Apr 2018 Angelina I am so sorry
21 Nov 2020 trent rice paranormal activity
24 May 2002 Calico Dreams I have already written this, and since I have already done this before, and I hit a few links that took me back here I assume anything is possible, huh? So don't be surprised that you are writing anything, and don't be surprised that you are DEAD!
13 Jul 2018 Gena ..............................
19 Oct 2007 philippe hello, that a long time i am not see you how are you? i like your work tell me more
7 Jun 2016 Kill you I dont know you
31 Oct 2000 Adam Your fly is dead, you are not, it's OK rise to us NOW!
17 Feb 2007 shayn because you feel like it
13 Jul 2020 Ashley Your pencil is a ghost
2 Aug 2019 gary the hot soup You're not
7 Jun 2006 Jojo el gros HEUUU ze sais pas moi ze sais vraiment pas.... hihihi (rire gras)
20 Sep 2021 joemama god knows
4 Jun 2021 Carlin uranga Cuz u deead
18 Nov 2008 Sarah .......
11 Nov 2005 Velvet_Goldmine Hey Doll. Simple - you're using someone else's blackened soul as a channel. Trust me, I do it every single day!
Get well soon, please don't go any higher...come on be alive again, don't lay down and die.
Kisses...Velve XXX
26 Oct 2012 Amnesia dear mouchetter i would like to knows who nare you.
6 Apr 2000 Nick E. Ripley Ha! Dead..... the miracle of JAVA>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> the miracle of death
THE MIRACLE OF DEATH DEATH DEATH DEATH! miracle of might mighty mighty mighty
IT'S A MIRACLE!!!!!!!!!!! CALL ME jesus. jesus is a miracle.. he is gay
8 Mar 2007 Doctor Zaus you're the creation of your artist's intention
9 Jun 2006 kathy you were not alive before either
21 Apr 2000 shwan why? how? when? where? do you ever ask yourself these questions? do you ever think before you draw your next breath? do you know what sensation you're going to feel with your next drawing of air? or is it air drawing? what is a drawing? what is air? why does air exist? why do we exist? laugh all you want...l aughing is good... but do you laugh when you die? do you die when you laugh? can you cry when you die? should you laugh when you cry? do you know? do you know me? do you know yourself? am i the one? do you want to draw me? into the circle or with a pen? ask your self when it was... and think the next time you think.....
23 May 2017 hugo i'm in love with you
29 Nov 2000 amanda sharp u came back to avenge your death. u came back to kill me
20 Apr 2017 boopy doopy stop flying on my plate and trying to wash your hands on my fucking lunch
16 Sep 2007 Kuborion You are a poltergeist?
2 Sep 2008 gana through your voice...
28 Apr 2008   because you are not dead at all
23 May 2017 Cesar You're a ghost in my computer
13 Jan 2001 Willie Williams You are a ghostwriter.
6 May 2020 Лплм Так надо. Мегя заставили!
25 Jan 2005 Ha you forgot to tip the boatman on the river styxx
7 Nov 2019 1923 Since you aren't dead.
15 May 2008 maxi because you are a faggot
20 Dec 2019 Александр Познакомлюсь с девушкой,пишите https://vk.com/webxacker
5 May 2019 Player 158974 It's quite possible that you are still "alive" and not "dead". I can't really tell cause I'm not a fly... Anyways, you're gay!!!!
8 Jul 2019 DEAD FLY No
7 May 2018 the cat curiosity killed the cat
3 Dec 2018 catra you’re alive but sleeping
1 Dec 2001 Emmedia code is alive
24 Jan 2021 Margo Porres Maybe you are not dead, you're just crying
7 Jan 2018 Jo Ann because ur a ghost now
23 May 2017 JJ Because your aren' t dead. You aren' t a fly your are a abeautifull girl. A big kiss from a spanish girl.

Pd Sorry by my horrible englis
23 May 2005 jane all you are is a fly!! no one cares about flies you only live for 24 hours, and obnoxious.
29 Jan 2003 hanibal arrête donc de chialer!
19 Mar 2001 amil You are not dead
19 Aug 2003 nacho because i killed your body... but not you soul
11 Nov 2001 mneky you predicted that i was going to kill you since we all press on buttons... you wrote it before
16 Jan 2009 LAu .....
30 Oct 2020 Slima You are a ghost?
29 Mar 2002 taco anus plantation
21 Jan 2002 Jenny Really beats me...
23 Mar 2020 Robert Sorry me
14 Mar 2004 Rbk may be you are a gost... may be I am already dead... may be death is just a virtual way of life... Who knows?
24 Jul 2001 luis you're a big fat liar
19 Sep 2018 Anon135 I don't know
3 Jun 2018 *inhales* Nigga u gay
19 May 2016 a don't know
5 Sep 2006 keta23 hehehe u can i m sure
9 Feb 2001 Connie Because you are not just a reminder of my sorrow, you are the replacement for it. Without the burden of your triviality, I can relish in the comfort of my ego. Your soul lives forever in my heaven.
25 Feb 2020 Marcos You live through the internet
19 Oct 2001 francesca either i am dead or i feel the deads, which is the same thing because when dead i'll have no peace. pretty much as what you are going through, sorry dude.
8 Dec 2020 не ну на фи&#107 Хер тебя знает
11 Jun 2017 .... nunca mueres
23 Oct 2001 Andrew You can't.
5 Sep 2006 jin no dead
20 Jul 2020 FatCunt69420 eat my ass and call me daddy, cotton picker
2 Mar 2021 ......... I dont Fucking Know Lady
22 Apr 2001 nath. Ne pleure pas, grâce à moi tu vas rejoindre l'âme de celles qui se sont suicidées sur mon pare-brise hier soir. Tu pourrais dire merci!
20 Oct 2000 Josh Keene You're not dead, you just think you are. But obviously, you're not, even though you think you are... dead, that is. You're not dead.
27 Oct 2000 William E. Rumsey you just got knocked the fuck out! but you got better.
26 Sep 2000 Mike Now I know the real answer. You are not a fly, but you are a internet-part. You, fly, are a button. Every time people click on you, you will be pressed and "die", but not really. This is because you are on a read-only server.
5 Sep 2006 JAMES T. KIRK you are a fucking zombie, a nasty undead little fly... and you became immortal after eating from a nice decorated plate of ambrosia, you beautiful little venus-fly
30 Aug 2021 me? j
28 Nov 2000 Yucef Merhi (www.WizArT.oRg) Oh my little fly, I didn't want to kill you, so write now I am sad. This is not you, it is the master of your dreams trying to cheat our fears.
10 Apr 2006 Cheers You have precomposed a narrative to be read upon your demise.
9 Aug 2000 Eric Graham Well, because in your mind you think you are fly, which is pretty low. You must not think highly of yourself. At least you could have picked a cow or something with legs or a flower.
16 Mar 2018 Stacy Fuck
10 Mar 2018 Patrick You're not dead. You never existed in the first place
15 May 2000 Myatt, David because energy never dies.
19 Oct 2000 james it's a cyber thing!!!
23 May 2017 Isabella Well,since you are able to ask me how to write this you're not dead.AND STOP CRYING,please.
15 Jun 2019 earring ..............................
8 Aug 2020 eety You're a ghost..
5 Jun 2020 Jammy Ghosts
15 May 2000 Angie Dickinson You are only dead if you want to be dead...
26 Nov 2003 rodrigo poque esta es una mierda
23 May 2017 Samantha You're Lain.
27 Sep 2005 nora winstanley ur lying about being dead?
23 May 2017 sascha it's so simple
it is not YOU who writes
fly, dead or alive, doesn't matter, has no BRAIN.
1 Feb 2001 looster You live on through me.