4 Jul 2001 dusten because there is not death on the net. silly! just on or off, one or zero.
28 Sep 2000 greg It's been so long since I killed you last. I just had to do it again. You e-contacted me from the after life, so I came back. And you were alive! Is this some sort of trick?
29 Nov 2001 Emmedia you're not writing this - the script is... the code is alive
24 Jul 2016 Killmenator You write from the underworld. Or your soul moved to another person.
22 Apr 2008 pr becouse you have a power of John Paul II !
22 Mar 2006 trev because you wrote it before you died on the computer.
your digital memory is still alive
who knew?
27 Apr 2002 sam You are a computer fly and they cannot die
6 Jan 2019 GRFNKL rYou- paN'DTs mort K=robot mouche v_olt
1100 0001 1000 0101 0011 0110 1001 0110
26 Apr 2005 C Because you are programmed to do so!
15 Nov 2016 n no idea how you can do this
31 Jul 2003 gust because your death is black illussion
26 Jan 2017 deadnilas You are not dead
27 Feb 2018 Karolin Maybe because in hell you have wifi connection.
I would like to be dead too, though.
26 Dec 2018 stephan вообщем я не знаю может я тебя убил за то что ты хочешь что ты сотрешь меня ты дура как так ты могла тупая
18 Mar 2006 edgar Well sometimes people protest for the things they are not corfortable with and always persist on doing things their own way.

YouR are DEad so What........ I will be TOo...
30 Aug 2001 The Glenn Life is the painful inconvenience that breaks up the bliss of non-existence.
11 May 2005 Jenn duh////
22 Mar 2018 InFlai PIDARKA
19 Nov 2008 matardif {}[[[[89[9[[[[[[[9[[[[[[99[9
23 May 2017 Sam You're not actually dead because, well, you were never really alive in the first place. Sorry.
22 Sep 2001 amanda because you don't exist
8 Apr 2005 CJ you live therefore you die.
you cannot live without dieing
you cannot die without living
you are coexisting the living and the dead
21 Jan 2001 annasette you are not dead
28 Sep 2000 Bob Chère Mouchette, you know so little of your own being, it is so sad, so touching. I did not kill you, I released you. How could you possibly imagine that to eat another's food and then vomit it was any kind of existence? Now you live in the world of Squashed Beings, flatter, but much less trouble to us humans.
23 May 2017 Garborg You are able to write this because that's what I want to see. You are able to tell me I'm a killer, because that's what I want you to tell me. You are dead because I want me dead.
20 Sep 2000 geo Perhaps, you have found a wrinkle in the space-time continuum through which your energy has ventured forth. The experience of reading as an activity that kills time (and you, too, little one) requires an active imagination; an imagination that experiences a non-local event, such as those which may allow a homing pigeon to find home or for aboriginal peoples to find lost family members in their dreams, and for I to experience the death of your I.
19 Jan 2001 Jay cuz you sucked my dick and my cum saved ya from dying!
17 Nov 2005 dfnreugfih I dont know it is very strange
13 Apr 2013 Alev You've become a zombie fly.
1 Dec 2013   because you're a ghost
12 Feb 2001 slayann overrated sense of existence makes you feel death doesn't let you do things in the afterlife-tsk-tsk!
7 Dec 2007 Androjinn flowers and coconuts are wonderfull!!!
14 Mar 2004 Rbk may be you are a gost... may be I am already dead... may be death is just a virtual way of life... Who knows?
23 May 2017 melissa mabye you never really die, only pass on to another world. (i don't mean heaven or hell)
6 Jan 2001 leroy you're a fucking clever fly
8 Sep 2000 Edward Robinson You will only write this so long as you have no fingers, since death is in reverse.
29 May 2018 Yiga Youre a computer
21 Oct 2003 Vishal you are french. shame. and you have a sad sense of humour. please, die! P.S Interpol are a bunch of incest performers.
28 Nov 2000 Patrick Chasteen i think you can write this because you are a ghost. ahhhh! scary. a ghost fly. don't see too many of you around. by the way did you here the one about the guy who had a fly in his soup? it got scalded and drowned to death. have a nice day.
23 May 2017 Tali You're not dead, I'm no killer!
17 Feb 2003 gloria you are not dead for good
7 Jun 2016 Kill you I dont know you
23 May 2017 prinka that's your misunderstanding. you are not dead yet! you can fly again as a fly!
3 Nov 2018 vova30marta Крч я тебя не убивал тебя убил Jeff The Killer
31 Jan 2017 Ryan Redmond Maybe you are trapped in the Matrix, searching for the Oracle, so you can escape. We've been waiting for you, Mr. Anderson.
28 Feb 2018 Earnest Your body and mind are different. A soul leaves its dead body and keeps on living. It seems as if your soul is in this site, ARG or whatever you call it
5 Apr 2000 Shawnny Wanny What's wrong? Have your shadows started whispering?
Have the puddles in your visions become trenches?
17 Nov 2003 rudolf you are nuts, you are a ghost
23 May 2017 Ally Yang You already know that maybe you will die beacause you said to use the icon, showed "It's me", that I'm here, like Click Clik.
26 Aug 2000 thomate même au paradis des mouches il y a connections haut débit et crayons feutre à gogo
17 Apr 2004 γιώργος δεν έχω ιδέα
23 May 2017   parce qu'on ne l'est pas!
2 Oct 2000 gregory You are just a bunch of electrons. And my teacher told me that nothing get lost... it's just actions-reactions over and over...
23 May 2017 todd Dead does not entail anything beyond not being living. It's possible to be dead by conventional definitions, yet still functioning (to the extent of being able to write an e-mail) like some kind of freak. But, let's face it, you're not really dead and were never alive.
20 Dec 2003 petra you can do just anything you wish - as long as you stay dead
12 May 2001 Dan Because a scientist halfway around the world discovered that you CAN indeed write back from the dead within a five minute timeframe. Since it has only been a few second since your death, you are still able to communicate with world for five minutes. This phenomena occurs only in small children, flies, certain weasels, and Mouchette herself. Should any of the aforementioned beings die, they will have five minutes to tell everyone about their death. Since death is the opposite of life and light is the opposite of dark, the life that is removed from the dying being is being transferred into the darkness where light may never shine again. So then if death is light going into darkness, then must life be light coming from darkness. But while in darkness, scientists have not been able to prove if the light is still bright, nor have they been able to prove that darkness is still dark in light.
8 Jul 2017 .......... because ur a ghost
14 Jul 2000 Stefaan De Gendt Little Fly,
Je computer blijft leven! Je blijft verder leven in je computer en op het net.
21 Nov 2014 jewcunT 666
17 Feb 2001 Chad Well, very simply put, it would involve the keys on a keyboard marked with the symbols "T," "H," "I," "S," "N," "C," E," "^Shift," "'," "M," "D," and "A." Unless you have a well trained Chicken. Chickens are very versatile and intelligent creatures. Unless you turn them into McNuggets. Then they're tasty and dead. Like you... mmmmmm... buttons....
30 Jan 2004 peter Because you a fucking fly
18 Apr 2001 Odd Eirik I don't think you're dead. I think you're just sleeping. And you write in your sleep things like: "How can I write this since I'm dead?"
By the way: I'm sorry I killed you. How many times have you been killed before?
11 Dec 2003   en intégrant un corps étranger de façon spectral
30 Sep 2004   salut mouchette! tu n,est pas morte puisque tu parle! crois tu en la réincarnation? ou la vie après la mort? peu importe! on ne saura jamais vraiment
14 Feb 2005 kered because i can
8 Dec 2006 Fantasy Tears Is this really happening? Could this be true?
5 Jul 2015 ash I have no idea
20 Nov 2000 Rick Because love is stronger than death.... And you obviously love to write.
8 May 2018 dead writer the dead can write
8 Aug 2000 Waylain Creed Your soul got tangled in telephone wires as it bounced upward. Causing you to be transmitted to type to me. Since I was the last person to contact/kill you
5 Apr 2009 edy you are not dead... you are in the matrice...
20 Nov 2000 kat Because i have guilds and you are living in my fantasy. So stop crying, you pissme off
21 Sep 2005 Chantal Because ur sum super freak with special powers???!!!
2 Sep 2016 trinity because you aren't dead :) be happy. maybe we can be friends
9 Dec 2003 Adil how__________________________
15 Apr 2001 blabla It's not me it's the holy ghost
31 Jan 2009 melissa because im a vampire, and now you are, dumbass fly!!!!
23 Mar 2008 Irelo! life and death are both so fragile and ephemerous
16 Apr 2001 bOTTE Celli Mouchette is aan't dromen,
want ze was zo vliegjes_moe
(be)sloot dacht ze voorgoed
al haar faccetjes toe/-
grote server houdt getrouw de wacht
tot het einde van de vliegjesnacht
10 Apr 2000 Pedro Fernandes You have written it before you died, and passed the message on to someone else you relied on, and very rightly so, since the message is now reaching me.
8 Jan 2002 Kevin Kelterborn When you died, you went back to the matrix. So you didn't really die, you just 'think' you did. And now you're in my computer. By being in the matrix explains you flying over my plate. You, like Neo, learned how to manipulate the Matrix.
27 May 2018 jon you're not dead
23 May 2017 cathy did you go ahead ...... you'r dead
4 Jan 2012 AnneLaure it's not really weird, when I hear you laughing like crying
8 May 2008 Didier Désolé mais je t'ai encore eu. Mais tu ne peux pas mourir tu es virtuelle. Tu resteras toujours là pour être tuée par les "écraseurs" de mouches. Je viendrais t'écraser de nouveau, je te le promets.
20 Jun 2002 Luis do flies write at all?
9 Apr 2000 Frank Agozzino you came back as a computer
9 Oct 2017 Vincent You aren't really dead. You've been gone for so long.
23 May 2017 Bjorn Larsen don't know
13 Apr 2003 Alex You are friends with Jon Edwards
4 Feb 2002 Heiko je t´ai tue parce ce que je suis le grand tueur Heiko, et je ne peux pas faire autrement que tuer. Adieu mouche, dieu ait ton ame...
28 Nov 2000 Kurt Roberts You are dead, yes? Buzz off. I don't like liars.
13 May 2010 irene sorry
24 Jan 2017 Sarah because you were already dead inside eyyyyyyyyyyyyy
22 Oct 2007 Aleks You are not really dead! i have not killed you! It was just a dream! Your wicked imagination and your dream!
5 Apr 2000 albert melfo Silly fly! -- you're not really dead, because you weren't really a fly -- you were a flying button! Silly fly!! {*bisou*}
27 Sep 2000 phaerohe Killed you once, killed you twice, would kill you again if you weren't so nice
28 Nov 2018 Louise Meunier je ne sais pas
1 Jan 2011 ........... Why do you weep precious, for flies have no tear ducts from which to loose those heavy drops. I meet thee with a grin. Now I'm sure your mother would have said something important to you right about now... her hands placed gently on your shoulders, her thumb stroking a stray lock of your hair. She would whisper something in your ear... just before her grip would tighten around your neck. She would later sip a fine merlot whilst contemplating your disposal.